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Lucky Girl: Sweet Love, Eternal Passion By Q. NICHOLSON Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Are You Working As A Prostitute

Beep, beep, beep!

The loud ringtone of a mobile phone pierced the silence of the girls’ dormitory that evening.

“Cherry! Answer the phone already! What are you waiting for?” The girl next to Cherry Shaw gently nudged her.

“Oh, right!”

After answering the call, Cherry stood up and said to her friend, “There’s a package for me, I’ll just go and get it.”


After a while, she came back with two well wrapped gift boxes, but she looked a little embarrassed.

“Wow, these gift boxes are gorgeous! What’s in them? Are they gifts from your boyfriend?” The other girls immediately surrounded Cherry curiously.

With an embarrassed smile, she held the boxes tightly in her arms and replied, “It’s nothing. They are just clothes I bought online!”

When the other two girls who didn’t get along well with Cherry saw her hiding the contents, one of them scoffed, “Fine, fine, but by the look on your face it’s probably something unpresentable!”

Cherry didn’t give a damn about their opinion; she continued to smile vaguely.

Her roommate and best friend, Joy Lodge, approached her and whispered, “Cherry, what’s going on? What’s all this fuss about?”

“Joy, can you give me some time alone in the room? I need to get changed,” Cherry replied awkwardly.

Joy asked in a puzzled tone, “What’s up? We are all girls here. Haven’t we always got changed with other in the room? Why are you so shy all of a sudden?”

“Joy, please. I’ll explain later!”

“Huh? Okay, fine. You owe me big time for this! Dinner is on you next time!”

Joy found some lame excuse to get the other girls out of the room. Finally, Cherry was left alone in the dormitory. She stared at the boxes with a bitter smile.

There was a pair of high-heels and a V-neck dress, along with a note asking her to wear them on Ron Frost’s bachelor party that night.

Cherry got changed and looked at herself in the mirror. To her, the dress was way too short. She didn’t like the way she looked in this dress.

She didn’t like the way she looked in this dress.

Just as Cherry was adjusting the dress, the dormitory door flew open and the three girls gawked at her from the doorway, with snacks in their hands.

Their jaws dropped as they stared at Cherry in her dress. Her back was smooth and delicate, and the dress hugged her slender waist. The V-neck showed her excellent features. Her exposed legs looked even more beautiful with the high heels.

Cherry was the most beautiful girl at the Regal Dance Academy, a well-known beauty among the students and teachers. She had always been treated like a goddess by her classmates, but seeing her in this flimsy dress…

Joy blushed in embarrassment and asked nervously, “Cherry, why… Why are you dressed like this?”

The other two, who were clearly jealous of her beauty, looked at each other and then one of them said sarcastically, “Cherry, are you planning to seduce someone with that outfit?”

The other one said more viciously, “Are you worki

ng as a prostitute? You seem to be dressed appropriately for the job. I bet you’ll be worth a lot of money in many circles.”

“Ha ha! I didn’t think that the purest, most beautiful girl in our academy would stoop to this!”

Hearing their sarcastic taunts, Joy roared, “What the hell are you talking about? You have no idea what’s going on! Don’t just jump into conclusions!”

“Oh, please! We know you two are good friends. But that doesn’t mean you can stop us from saying what we think.”

“Yeah! We have the right to speak our mind. Plus, we are telling the truth. The college goddess has turned into a prostitute!”

The other girl cut in with a sneer, “I am definitely posting this on the campus Internet. The men who are into her need to know what kind of person she really is. Their goddess doesn’t need them to pursue her so tenaciously. She will wear anything to make herself the center of attention!” Laughing, the two girls turned around and left.

“Stop! Don’t you dare spread rumors!” Joy ran after the girls angrily.

“Forget it, Joy. Let them be. We don’t have the right to silence others,” Cherry said calmly. As she spoke, she threw a coat over her shoulders.

“But Cherry… Why are you dressed like this? Are you going out wearing this dress? Don’t tell me you’re going to see Ron!”

Cherry nodded indifferently and said, “Our engagement party is in three days. He asked me to attend his bachelor party tonight.”

“What?! Do you still intend to marry him? Why, Cherry? Do you love him so much that you would sacrifice your future for his sake?

I could understand why you wanted to marry him before. He was charming, handsome and rich. Although he had some bad habits like many other men from rich families, he was still a prince charming for many women.

But since he became disabled after the car accident, he would never be able to walk without assistance again, and his handsome face was also burned terribly. He is a completely different man now. He has to cover half his face with a mask when he goes out. No girl would be willing to marry him now. Marrying him will leave you in a place like hell!

And all that wouldn’t have mattered if you really loved each other! I wouldn’t have even bothered to say anything if that was the case. But it’s obvious that he doesn’t love you, Cherry. He doesn’t care even about you. I have seen him intentionally humiliate you in front of others. He is a psychopath!

You could have anyone you want. You are beautiful and smart. Why do you have to marry a man like him?

Did he force you to wear this dress too?” Joy questioned angrily.

With a bitter smile, Cherry remained silent. After a short pause, she said, “There are always some things in life that you have to do, even unwillingly.

Let’s talk later. It’s getting late. He doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

Cherry grabbed her purse and left the room, leaving Joy in a daze. To her, Cherry seemed so helpless and her words were filled with bitterness.

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