LOS HIJOS DEL CEO Por Jeda Clav Chapter 6

Chapter 6. Mocking the Estebans

Marco was seething with anger, he slammed the table hard, clenching his teeth in anger.


—How did all those people manage to hire the same demon and that this one came out perfectly in everything? she questioned with a steely expression.


“Don’t complain too much, because even if you want to hide it, you like that very demon,” Paul pointed out mockingly.


-To me? Are you crazy! Nothing is further from reality, how am I going to like a haughty woman? That I don’t know self-conscious to speak everything that occurs to him in that mind of his? With those eyes the color of bird poop and…Shit@! His friends laughed at Marco’s expression.


“Did you realize you’re screwed?” Do you like that woman? Liam questioned him.


“Don’t talk nonsense, her attitude only bothers me, but I would never fall in love with a woman like her.” He saw the raised eyebrows of his friends, who looked at him mockingly. Don’t look at me like that, I already told you I don’t like her! — He exclaimed, although his friends the same, they didn’t believe him.


“Then why does it bother you so much?” If you don’t mind, you should treat her with indifference,” Paul said, looking at him suspiciously.


—Because she challenged me with her attitude and I can’t stand it when someone wants to minimize me, I’ll make her swallow her words and make her fall in love with me, and then use her as she wants and in the end despise her —he smiled with satisfaction, imagining that happening, he closed the eyes and the scenes unfolded in front of him.


“My master, do you want something?” Lia said, bowing to him, looking down at her.


“If I wish, take off my shoes and kiss my feet!” she exclaimed firmly.


Lía looked at him adoringly, knelt in front of him, took off his shoes and began showering him with kisses, her body trembled at his contact.


“Get up and take off your clothes! She ordered, immediately she got up, looked at him with eyes full of excitement and spoke in a honeyed tone.


—How do I order my master! She — she took off her clothes one by one, while her excitement grew when she saw her stripped of clothes.


-Come here! —She walked until she reached her side, Marco made her bend down and took her nipple between her lips, making her moan, however, a strong shake of her took him out of that reverie. ”


-Framework! Framework! Devil man, what are you thinking? Why don’t you listen? It was Liam’s voice that snapped him out of his pleasurable thoughts, and he couldn’t help but get angry at his inconvenient interruption.


“On what I’m going to do to subdue that woman.” I will not attend the meeting, because I will locate Miss Ontiveros,” she added formally, and so that no one questioned her, she left the room before, walked to the elevator and went down to look for the car with the driver and Lía.


—Ernesto, I’ve decided to go with you —when he entered and didn’t see Lía, he was immediately worried and asked about her —Where is the girl?


 I don’t know sir, I thought she would come with you, when I got here she hadn’t arrived,” the man justified himself.


Marco clenched his hands with an obvious expression of annoyance, he began to count mentally to see if that would prevent him from losing control and exploding with anger, when he felt calmer, he called Paul and without giving any explanation he spoke demandingly.


—Send me Lía’s cell phone number, apparently that demon woman finds it hard to follow instructions, but she’s going to listen to me, she’s got me high! — She ended the call and patiently waited for the message from her friend, in less than a minute she received the message back.




“Ernesto, I marked the address I’m going to give you on the GPS, and take me there,” he ordered firmly. This woman will learn to respect me, whether by hook or by crook.







Lía left the Estebans building, apparently accepting all the conditions, however, it was not like that, she did not think she was crazy to submit to all that torture exposed by Marco, nor was she crazy to lend herself to have a child and give it away, as if it were a puppy of a domestic animal.


Therefore, he ran out, got on the bus while dialing his friend Hermes, to his relief he answered the first ring.


“Hermes” she spoke, she was hardly attended to, because to tell the truth she hadn’t contacted him for a couple of years, she should feel ashamed for calling him, however, sometimes the need makes you hard-faced, they also grew up together.




—Leah! Are you? How long woman? So I ‘m good? the man asked curiously. 


“I need to meet a few blocks before I get to my house, I’ll leave you in charge of the sale and everything, I’ll make a private document to order you, I need to leave urgently,” she spoke, feeling a little nervous.




-In that way? Are you running from something? He questioned worriedly. 


“Let’s see each other now and I’ll tell you everything that happened,” was his reply.


Thirty minutes later they met, and he told her everything; Hermes began to recriminate her.


“Are you crazy?” How dare you sign a contract with Estebans of that magnitude and run away from him, that man is the owner of this country, that family has the


absolute power and when he realizes your escape, he will look for you, you will not find where to hide and although he could well look for another candidate, from what you have told me, you became a challenge for him.




“He won’t realize I ran away until he’s not very far from here, I was supposed to come in his car with the driver, but I left him waiting and they’ll stay there, roots will grow out of him, because I’m not even remotely thinking of fulfilling that deal, for very surname Estebans that bears the stiff. 


She spoke smiling as she walked arm in arm with her friend and she was so entertained that she did not notice the car stopped in front of her house and even less that the man was waiting for her outside and listened to their entire conversation, with a clear expression of annoyance, but when it was too late.




“So you have fun making fun of the Estebans with your little boyfriend?!” She —she snapped controlling her growing anger, she didn’t understand why that woman had the ability to exploit the worst of her emotions. 


Listening to him, she turned pale, apparently all her blood escaped from her face, without thinking for a second, she ran away from Hermes as if she had been found doing something wrong.




-You? How did you get to my house?! She exclaimed, looking at him in disbelief. 


“No one is so brave that they are not disturbed by something unexpected.” Julius Caesar.

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