LOS HIJOS DEL CEO Por Jeda Clav Chapter 5

Chapter 5. Genius and Figure

Marco gritted his teeth fiercely as he felt the water fall, then roll down his handsome face.


“What the hell did you just do?!” she exclaimed in an icy voice, as he took out a handkerchief and wiped himself off, though still watching her.


“What the hell did you just say?!” he uttered in the same tone.


Apparently her question caused satisfaction in him, he approached her like a predator stalking his prey and whispered in her ear.


“You’ll have to go to bed with me to fulfill part of the deal and until we have your little seed and mine, united in your pretty belly, we’re not going to stop trying,” she declared smiling.


“Well, get ready, because even if that damn contract is there, there are two things you’re not going to see, the face of God and you inserting your little thing to put the little seed in me, to end up in my belly,” he pronounced mockingly, raising his chin with arrogance.


His words caused displeasure in Marcos, he felt offended by calling his penis a little thing; without thinking much about what he was doing, he pulled her hard towards him, making her hit him with his chest and then take her by the neck and kiss her fiercely, while he felt the blood stirring inside him, not knowing if it was because of rage or excitement, but he needed to subdue her, he wanted her to surrender to him, however, unfortunately nothing prepared him for the pain he felt seconds later, when Lía kneed him in his private part, while smiling with amusement.


“Damn stupid! Have you forgotten who I am? She asked through clenched teeth with obvious anger.


“I don’t care if you’re the very king of the world, I don’t allow someone unpleasant, I kissed myself,” he said as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand in disgust.


“Don’t you remember your contract?” Paul asked Lía, looking at her with disdain.


—I want to see the contract signed, I don’t trust any of you, apparently you are people who like to humiliate people without resources, they want to impose themselves on the weak to show them their power, they were wrong with me, for me there are more important things than power and appearance, don’t think I’m the one whose pantyhose is going to fall off because of a handsome man with money—he pointed out with determination.


Paul took the contract folders and handed them to her, they all looked at each other nervously, while she without hesitation ran her eyes over the signed conditions, surprising herself in each one.


“Living with him until a year after the baby is born?” he asked the lawyer, ignoring Marco’s presence and raising his eyebrows in disbelief. I can’t stand living with this man for even a minute, because at the end of that time, surely one of the two will be dead, he is hateful, arrogant and snobs.


—And you are an ordinary, wild and foul-mouthed, I don’t like having connections with you very much —he spoke in a dry and contemptuous tone.


-Really? Well, for not wanting, you do it quite well, because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here forcing me to comply with this,” she indicated, mixing the contents of the folders. Knowing that I find you the most unattractive man in the world, he would be a thousand times more capable of getting involved with a beggar on the corner and not with you.” Looking at him with contempt, causing tension in the man’s body.


“F***ing woman, I’ll make her swallow her words”


“Oh woman, don’t spit up because the saliva will surely fall on you, you’ll end up crawling for me, no one has ever resisted,” he emphasized mockingly.


—Dream dear, it’s free! In my opinion, you just want to project your desires by passing them off as mine.” She left the clash of words and she directed her attention to the contract and minutes later she smiled with pleasure.


“I have always known that lawyers are not worth trusting, but that they will take their lies to such an extreme, ending even beyond my strangest thoughts, it is too much even for someone like you.” He finished reading and looked at them with intensity.


» It’s impressive, they’re even going to tell me what I’m going to eat, I shouldn’t see other men while the procedure lasts. What about you? Doesn’t the same apply? she asked curiously.


“No, it doesn’t apply to me, I’m a man, I don’t get pregnant, on the other hand, in your case, I have to be sure that if you get pregnant, the child will be mine.” He spoke as if she was short of understanding and they should explain precisely .


—It’s coherent, I’m not an irrational being and to tell the truth, since everything will be done in a little tube, I don’t care if you fuck half the country.


Her frank and spontaneous words shocked the men, because they had never been with a person capable of saying what was going through her head, without thinking, like her; however, the capacity of astonishment of the three arrived, when they heard her declare firmly.


“I’m going to fulfill the contract.” The trio of men looked at her in disbelief, although seconds later, upon verifying the certainty of her words, the corner of Marcos’s mouth rose in a gesture of satisfaction.


—Don’t say it as if it’s a favor you’re doing me, it’s not a feat that you do it either, you’ll do it because you have no other alternative, what you signed in a fit of impulsiveness, it doesn’t give you any other way out.


—It is true, otherwise I would not do it, however, it will be done as it says here, neither more nor less; look for the doctor, I need to know the process, so that later he can take the ovules from me and the tadpoles from you, look for the test tube, put them together and do the corresponding thing, because I’m not going to sleep with you, not even if the human species were about to become extinct and its preservation was in our hands,” he said with annoyance.


“Then, it will be done as you say, and you will have to go live with me, I will send you with one of my drivers, you have two hours to collect your things,” he pointed out, raising his eyebrows with an expression of delight.


“Okay, I imagine you must live in a big mansion, so I don’t have a chance to run into you, so I like it, because it will be like living far away from you,” he pointed out mockingly.


“What do you think? I’m going to give you a surprise because you’re going to see me very closely, every day.


—Well, actually, I don’t take anyone to my mansion, that’s why the place where we’ll be is an apartment destined for that, where only you and I will live, we won’t have any service personnel, if you were expecting to live like a queen You’re wrong, you’ll have to take care of yourself —added smiling.


-Seem right! Just as I hope you don’t believe in getting an employee as well, because apart from a surrogate mother for your child, I don’t expect to be anything else, do you understand? Now tell your driver that I’ll wait for him downstairs.” With that said, she left the room, as if she were a great lady and they were mere mortals, leaving everyone surprised.


“He who has faith in himself does not need others to believe in him.” Miguel De Unamuno.

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