LOS HIJOS DEL CEO Por Jeda Clav Chapter 4

Chapter 4. Natural process.

When Marco saw her leave, he could not control his annoyance, she was the most daring and rude woman he had had the misfortune to meet, it caused him to go after her and spank her as if she were an infant, to see if that way she would learn to respect him. and he would have done so, if not for one of his lawyers and friends stopping him.


—Marco, think carefully about what you are going to do, if you lay a finger on that woman in front of witnesses, you don’t know what legal problem you could get into, and even if you can come out victorious in any lawsuit, you will have a bad time, plus a scandal. it can have a negative impact on companies —he thought for a moment, took the folder and added.


“Besides, when she signed, she did it without realizing it and ended up doing it with the entire file of documents, so Lía Ontiveros, it’s in your hands whether she likes it or not,” Liam pronounced with satisfaction.


“Then I’m going for her!” Marcos exclaimed, smirking as he walked behind her, he would like nothing more than to subdue that hateful woman and he was going to do it, regardless of how much it cost him.


When he arrived together with her he was entering the elevator, he pulled her from behind and covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming, he held her tight to prevent her from running away from him.


Meanwhile, Lia was furious, hitting right and left, however, the strong hand held her tightly, she couldn’t scream because her mouth was pressed. When he saw how they walked, he tried to free himself again, that’s why without thinking about the consequences for a single moment, he opened his mouth wide and hit a big bite on his hand, immediately the cry of pain was heard and the The man ended up letting go of her as if she were a sack of potatoes, just as they entered the office again, again the young woman tried to run towards the door to escape, but Marcos blocked her way by standing in front of her in a threatening manner.


“Are you a wild animal to bite me?!” —He shouted annoyed, at the same time he took his hand, to check the damage caused by Lía’s teeth.


-And who are you? A troglodyte? For you to be carrying me as if I were your woman, she blurted out quite upset.


-Well no! And I’m thinking about it, because I don’t want to join my genes with a crazy person like you —she expressed making a gesture of evident annoyance.


“What are you going to unite your genes with mine?” medicate crazy! If I don’t even want to work with you, despite having selected me, much less will I want to have a child with a beast like you…” Suddenly she closed her mouth, as a suspicion grew within her.


Immediately the memories of what happened on the day of the interview appeared as if a dam had been broken, the evaluations, medical tests, psychological tests, IQ tests, each discovery was fitting together perfectly as if they were puzzle pieces and the truth ended up making its way into his mind, armed with the hypothesis, his eyes widened disproportionately.


“Were you looking for a woman to be an egg donor?!” He asked, taking a few steps back in fear, while his mind was opposed to any proposal presented by that man.


It was difficult for her to process that the job offered by her company was about donating her eggs, without waiting for an answer, she continued speaking.


—I’m sorry, I’m not interested in donating my eggs, and even less so to a man as hateful as you, with you I absolutely want nothing, much less to have a child.


“Didn’t you just listen to me?” Do you think I want to have a child with you? —he explained, apparently dissatisfied with the woman in front of him, but the truth is that he felt hurt by Lía’s rejection and indifference towards him, just for that he wanted to force her to have his son, because nobody despised Marcos Estebans .


Her attitude annoyed him, her way of despising him as if he were insignificant, to tell the truth she was the first woman not to fall for his obvious attractiveness and that took him out of his comfort zone


—Then, we have nothing to argue about, why did you go looking for me if you don’t want me as an egg donor and I don’t want to give them to you either? We agree on something and as it is, we have nothing more to say to each other, but goodbye —she spoke, returning to the path towards the exit.


-Stop! Mark exclaimed. Do you think this is a game? In case you haven’t realized this is the reality, you can’t leave, because not only did you sign the confidentiality agreement, as you didn’t realize, in the middle of the sheets, they had carbon paper separators and you ended up signing all the documents. Legally you must not only give me the eggs to fertilize them, but you must also lend me your uterus to implant it and achieve pregnancy.


-What?! You are completely crazy, I am not going to give you my eggs, nor am I going to allow them to be fertilized with your sperm in a laboratory, much less I will allow it to be implanted, it is good that you understand this once and for all Marcos Estebans, I am not going to give you a child, even if you were the most beautiful and richest man in the world. Do you understand or should I repeat it to you in another language? he asked curiously.


—The one who has not understood this well is you, number one, you signed the contracts…—before she could continue, Lía interrupted him.


“I didn’t know what I was signing, because I didn’t…” She fell silent when she realized that the words she was about to utter were not at all favorable to her.


“Nobody forced you, this room is equipped with cameras and audios, which are available to verify that you signed voluntarily, free of all pressure and coercion,” he said mockingly. Two, there is a clause, which obliges you in case of non-compliance to pay the sum of five million dollars, unless the refusal occurs in the pre-pregnancy phase…


“I don’t have that kind of money to pay for it!” Why do you think I’m looking for a job? If I had that money I wouldn’t be in a financial bind right now, it’s impossible for me to comply with that clause —she declared, unable to hide her fear.


“If you don’t pay, because you don’t have to answer, then you’ll have to pay with jail,” he declared, feeling pleased when he saw the expression of defeat on the young woman’s face.


“I can’t go to jail!” I would die being locked up, I love being free, what kind of contract did your lawyers make me sign? You can’t do this to me, there must be some other solution, she pronounced anguished.


—Nobody made you sign anything and you know it, it was you who did it, therefore the only solution is to fulfill your commitment, to have my son —he spoke in a triumphant tone.


—It’s in vitro fertilization —more than a question, it was an affirmation, she took a jug and poured herself a glass of water, to pass the anguish, while Marcos watched her without losing detail of her expression.


“No, you’re wrong, the fertilization and implementation will not be artificial,” the CEO calmly indicated.


-What do you mean? she asked fearing her answer.


—Very simple, the process to have it must be natural, traditional, conventional —Lía looked at him surprised—, that is, exactly as a man and a woman have babies, are you understanding me or should I explain with dolls —at his words , the girl spit out the water filling her face, before the angry expression of Marcos.


“Attitude determines choice, and choice determines results.” J.Rohn.

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