LOS HIJOS DEL CEO Por Jeda Clav Chapter 3

Chapter 3. Very High Dignity  

Lía could not believe that it was the same man with whom she collided at the door of the building, the same day of the interview and did not hide for a single second the great displeasure caused by his presence, because that day she felt belittled by the arrogant attitude To her.


At the same time, he was thinking how could such a clumsy woman have been selected after such a meticulous selection process? Well, he had appointed the best professionals in the different fields, to carry out the evaluations, who not only had a wide capacity, but also shared a loyalty towards the Estebans Veliz, mainly towards him.


-Sorry! Though I have no idea he’s dealing with this job, just knowing that this man…” She pointed her finger at him dismissively. And I’ll work in the same space, I don’t want to know about it —he spoke boldly, at the same time getting up from his seat, however, he still hadn’t walked two steps away, when the voice of one of the lawyers stopped her.


“Miss Ontiveros, are you sure you want to leave without listening to us?” Do you really want to walk out of here not knowing what she agreed to when she signed this contract? If her answers are affirmative, it’s quite strange —asked the man taking her folder, which was signed by her with haste, in a fit of impulsiveness.


Turning around, she identified him as the lawyer, named Liam, who regarded her with a stiff expression on his face.


For a moment she hesitated, because she did not like that they wanted to impose things on her, so her first reaction was to run out of there, but not before sending them to the devil himself or ignoring them completely, but when she saw the expression of the man who entered last and with whom she collided days before and who seemed to be in charge of everything, a small scare invaded her.


“Let her go Liam!” Perhaps she does not care that the Estebans companies, due to breach of contract, can act against her and deprive her prematurely of the only asset she has, necessary to pay the debts of her recently deceased parents, or failing that listen to us and make a decision based on our conversation —Paul added with a smile, although this lacked sincerity and kindness, it appeared to her as a simple gesture of mockery.


“How do you know that?” How did they access that personal information? —She asked distressed, also feeling a little afraid to hear from her lips, everything related to her family and economic situation.


“Definitely, you’re very ignorant and you’re underestimating us,” the man spoke, looking at her again with that arrogant attitude, “Do you think you’re getting involved with anyone?” Let me make it clear to you once again, You are dealing with the Estebans conglomerate, and not with any employee, I am the CEO, the top executive, as well as the main shareholder, Marco Estebans Véliz Zuloaga —she pronounced arrogantly.


For a moment, Lía felt shocked, even intimidated for a couple of seconds, at having to face one of the most powerful men in the country like this, however, when she reacted, she shook her head vigorously to simulate her surprise and not show surprise. no sign of weakness, on the contrary, she feigned indifference, showing him how little importance this had for her.


-So what? Should I feel flattered to be in your presence? Bow to you and bow down to worship you as if you were a god? I don’t think you deserve that, because I don’t see anything special in you, or different from any man.” She lied because she really thought the man was too attractive and if it weren’t for the lout, she would win his admiration, although she didn’t intend to give in. no way, not even for the most beautiful man in the world.


It was inevitable to see the expression of surprise of the lawyers, because nobody treated the CEO that way, everyone respected him and went out of their way to please him, in addition, the clenched jaw of Estebans Veliz, grinding his teeth, who upon hearing his words and seeing himself For the first time belittled by another person, he clenched his fists and dangerously approached Lía in a threatening manner.


“Do you want to continue living?!” He asked indignantly, the young woman shrugged her shoulders indifferently and that increased her anger. Apologize and retract your words, so I’ll have compassion on you, if you don’t, you’ll have to face the consequences, because I’m not responsible for my actions.


“I will not retract my thoughts!” You may have a lot of money, fame, power, riches, but keep in mind, with everything and that, it does not reach my dignity, because it is unbreakable, no one can trample on it even if you are very high —he spoke fiercely, while he turned to turn.


“Take one more damn step and I swear you’re going to find out who Marco Estebans Veliz Zuloaga is,” he snapped furiously.


However, Lía’s anger was not minor, she did not lower her head to anyone, or anything, she was daring and she loved challenges.


“What don’t you know but threaten?” Well, there is a very accurate saying that says “dog that barks does not bite” and you are clearly one of those, I am not afraid of you, and I do not intend to let myself be intimidated by you, if you want, dare to stop me, who inspires respect does not need to threaten -pronounced with a smile of apparent contempt and began to walk towards the door, not even bothering to close it, because his intention deep down was to drive the powerful CEO out of his mind.


When she thought she had gotten rid of the man, just as she reached the elevator she felt she was pulled backwards, at the same time a hand covered her mouth, to stifle her screams, meanwhile, she tried by all means to free herself from the strong grip.


“Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you didn’t even know. These are what make the mechanism flexible, what makes you go beyond the norm.” Cicely Tyson.

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