LOS HIJOS DEL CEO Por Jeda Clav Chapter 2

Chapter 2. Unexpected reunion

Lía stared at him for a couple of seconds, totally surprised by his words, she couldn’t believe how being so attractive could express himself in such a despotic way, that impressed her to the point of staying abstracted for a moment, without making any sound, until she saw the contemptuous expression on the man’s face.


“I’m sorry, sir, I was distracted looking at the luxurious building and I didn’t realize you were there, but you can give me your shirt and your jacket, I have no problem sending it to be washed,” he said, trying to be friendly and outlining a smile with which he hoped to appease the man’s irritation at having soiled his clothes.


However, the man’s attitude was not expected, who looked at her from head to toe with contempt as if she were crazy, and without saying a word he turned, leaving her alone as if she were someone insignificant, with whom he was not going to go. waste time paying attention to it; That attitude of arrogance displeased Lía, who could not control her tongue and expressed annoyance.


-Moron! He thinks he’s very interesting because he looks fairly passable, as if I liked appearances, I’m not as superficial as that —he snapped, waiting for the man to stop when he heard his insults, but he reacted as if he wasn’t with him, causing more irritation in the young woman, who in truth found him quite attractive, if unpleasant.


Lía sighed frustrated as she continued walking, thinking that she would not let anyone disturb her, she would focus on her interview, on coming out very well and thus guaranteeing that job, which was necessary to be able to solve her problems and continue her life.


She arrived at reception and spoke with the young woman at the information desk, who told her the floor and the office where the job interview would be held. Upon arrival, to her relief, they were waiting for her and before she could say a word, the girl did pass.


—Good morning, Miss Ontiveros, it is a pleasure for us to have you here, come in, the nurse will attend to you immediately, she is already waiting for you in the third cubicle, to take the samples and perform the respective tests.


Lía frowned puzzled, why would they do medical tests on her, if she wasn’t hired yet? She thought, frowning, however, she did not dare to ask any questions, she was afraid that they would find her distrustful and that it would harm her hiring.


—Thank you very much —was his simple answer, while outlining a smile of kindness, which was intended to simulate his growing concern.


She knocked on the door of the cubicle, immediately she heard inside, the voice of a woman inviting her to come in.


“Hello,” she said, feeling a little self-conscious. They sent me to go through this cubicle, although honestly I don’t have the slightest idea for what purpose,” she said, smiling.


The woman responded to his words with courtesy, emitted a smile, while a peaceful expression was visible on her face.


—Don’t worry, this is all part of the process, we need to evaluate several aspects, first, we need to know its weight and measure; We will also take a sample of your blood to carry out several laboratory tests and we will apply a survey, where we will ask you everything related to your family medical history, since it is necessary to evaluate your health status and verify that you are healthy.


—I don’t understand, do I already have the job? —The nurse looked at her for a few seconds with a little bewilderment, but she immediately saw her react.


—No, as I told you a moment ago, this step is necessary to see if you are healthy and fit to start working on this important project —despite answering all your questions with interest, you could see a little nervousness .


“It’s strange,” said the girl with humor, “I had never attended a job interview, where I felt like a breeding horse who is being evaluated for a career.” Although her words were intended to make the nurse laugh, it was not like that , this had the opposite effect, because a rictus of displeasure appeared on her face, even when she tried to hide it, that again caused a bit of distrust in her.


Despite this feeling, Lía remained silent, submitting to all the tests that had been and would have been, then they took her to a large room, where they informed her that a panel of three people would conduct an interview with her, that was the way it was, they asked her multiple questions and They gave him various tests, through which they hoped to evaluate his mental abilities, showing him a series of graphs, as well as reasoning questions.


With each new scrutiny, interview, test, her curiosity was increasing, everything seemed a little strange and suspicious, in the end she couldn’t contain herself and asked one of the women in charge of taking her from one place to another.


—Excuse me, could you tell me what so many exams and evaluations are for? I do not understand the purpose of this, what is the position to be held, which requires so much information? She pointed out with concern.


“It’s part of the selection, once we have the results in our hands, if you’re chosen, we’ll proceed to inform you immediately,” the woman stated calmly.


When will the results be known? She asked, unable to calm his anxiety and quell his curiosity for a few moments.


“In three days, if the results are satisfactory and you are selected, we will proceed to call you,” the woman spoke, quickly saying goodbye to her, at the same time that she received a new application, for whatever the job was.


Lía left there feeling a bit confused, despite wanting to be selected, she was suspicious of this hermetic, meticulous and strange process, “What kind of work required so much secrecy and such a choice of its workers?”, however , there was no point in wasting her time thinking about it, because all this would make her prejudice against the job and she would end up not accepting it.


For those couple of days, while waiting for the results, he was looking in the press for some other job offers, but none was as attractive to him, from all points of view, as the one related to the Estebans company, so instead of continuing on job search, gave up and spent the time searching in the basement of the house.


there he found a large number of objects, memories and furniture, which his parents had kept for years, many of which belonged to his grandparents, he threw away all those useless, although he could not get rid of some that brought him pleasant memories, for which he organized them to have them ready when he moved house.


Days passed and when the given term was already expiring, he received a call.


—Hello, good afternoon, would you be so kind as to communicate with Mrs. Ontiveros? she asked gently, a woman’s voice on the other end of the line.


—It’s me who speaks, how can I help you? —She answered without being able to hide his nerves, because he suspected what it was about.


—The assistant Anastasia Simone speaks to you, she called to notify you, that you must appear in an hour at the facilities of Empresas Estebans, on the floor of the presidency, of all the people presented in the interview, only you meet the required conditions —when listening At those words, she couldn’t help but feel emotional.


“Thank you very much, I’ll be there as soon as possible,” she responded excitedly, celebrating her good luck inside herself, because working in these companies was a privilege for few.


He showered and got ready in record time, he put on the same clothes used for the interview, because he had no other, because it was not his style, he only added different accessories, a belt, a bag and red shoes, fifty minutes later he walked towards the building, as soon as they saw her they recognized her and accompanied her to the presidency.


He entered the large meeting room, however, he was struck by the fact that there was a section of a table with three chairs behind and one in front where he was asked to take a seat, seconds after sitting down two good-looking men appeared, serious, tall, one Cinnamon skin, deep black eyes and the other, green eyes, light skin, both dressed in tailored black suits, both carrying a couple of folders in their hands.


“Miss Ontiveros, I’m glad I’m Liam Tuner and Paul Jericó,” said the dark-haired man, pointing to his partner. We are the lawyers of Mr. Marco Estebans Véliz Zuluaga, we will be in charge of answering each of the doubts related to this new job.


» The first thing to know is that you must sign a confidentiality agreement on everything discussed here, if you decide to accept the proposal you must sign another contract with the conditions and an annex attached to this contract, you cannot talk about this, if you want to hear from subject, it is necessary to affix your signature here.


“Can you advance me something?” How will I sign something without knowing what it is about? The man looked at her like she was stupid.


—I just spoke to you, after signing the contract, we will give you all the necessary information for your better understanding —he mentioned with a firm voice.


She made a gesture of annoyance, took the contract and signed it without reading it, looking at the man defiantly.


—You signed without reading! Paul exclaimed, surprised.


Immediately a voice was heard behind, which he had heard before, but refused to turn his eyes.




“Didn’t you read it and sign it?” This is incredible! She is the most intelligent of all the applicants and she was not even able to read the contract before signing it, I do not want to know the capacity of the others, of course after all, in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king —he stated with a voice snore


He walked slowly, however, when he reached the front of where she was, his countenance changed, they both looked at each other at the same time and exclaimed in unison.




“That’s how you really get to know people. In their reactions to the unexpected. Santiago Posteguillo.

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