LOS HIJOS DEL CEO Por Jeda Clav Chapter 1

Chapter 1. Looking for a Job

Lía Ontiveros reviewed the accounts over and over again, as if deep down she expected a great miracle to happen or she had been wrong, but it wasn’t like that, everything was clear, there was no other interpretation, she was bankrupt, because His parents left him a millionaire debt and not even the inherited assets could be enough to face the debts with the creditors.


She sighed helplessly, getting up from the gnawed chair with much more force than she intended, achieving that due to the momentum used, the seat fell backwards making a resounding noise when hitting the metal, with the shiny wooden floor, however, she She ignored it, didn’t even bother to pick it up, she was too depressed and low on energy to do so.


He began to walk from one side to the other, at the same time he put his hands to his hair in a gesture of desperation, while he thought of a solution that would allow him not only to pay the debts, but also to cover the expenses.


He looked at the small office, whose walls were covered with wooden shelves, where various collections of books of different literary genres by classic, contemporary and modern authors rested, he was saddened by the decision he had to make, despite this, he had no other alternative , because even of them books he had to get rid of.




Taking into account the value of the house, which amounted to one million three hundred thousand dollars and the debt of seven hundred thousand corresponding to the mortgage, added the funeral expenses and the various pending loans, the sum amounted to two million dollars, selling all valuable goods, there was still a shortfall of seven hundred thousand dollars, I was unemployed and with no one to turn to, because when you fall from grace and the only thing that accompanies you is debt, friends and family flee to your right and in she was in that situation, with no one, practically alone in the world, despite being surrounded by many people, for a moment sadness invaded her, tears threatened to well up, but she held them back.


She had to be strong because her parents would have wanted her to be that way and she owed them, she would do everything possible to overcome that bad streak, she was not characterized by being a coward, if not quite the opposite, she was a determined woman, she never ran away from problems On the contrary, he faced them.




He left his father’s office, came to the living room and saw the newspaper under the door, he grabbed it, despite this, he did not open it, he put it under his arm and walked towards the kitchen, he put it on the counter while he looked for something in the fridge to eat, after searching for several minutes, he only found a couple of eggs, a piece of hard cheese, some tomatoes, some parsley leaves and half a liter of milk, he took out everything he found and put it on the counter next to the kitchen.


He began to chop the tomato and parsley into pieces, he looked for a frying pan, but when he went to turn on the stove, it didn’t, because the gas had gone out, he sighed helplessly, he couldn’t believe his bad luck, from the moment he They called her to inform her about the death of her parents, her life was falling into decline, becoming a disaster, nothing was going as planned and that caused her frustration.


He searched the kitchen cabinets and found a piece of bread, although a little hard, however, his hunger was intense, his stomach began to growl, apparently he had a concert and needed to put something in his mouth, because otherwise she ran the risk of fainting, besides, not eating caused her to be in a very bad mood and made her gross.


He poured the milk into a large glass, took the stale bread and moistened it, immediately put it in his mouth, feeling delight at eating something as simple as that, but as they say, necessity has the face of a dog and in the face of adversity the little things are what one ends up valuing the most.


After eating that simple food to calm the noises in his stomach, he took the newspaper and began to look at the ads, because he needed to find a job, not only to cover his basic needs such as food, pay for water, electricity, but also was enough, to create a debt payment plan and look for a new place to live; she stopped looking in the newspaper for a couple of minutes and scanned the space feeling sad that she was forced to get rid of the place where she grew up and was so happy with her parents, this time, she couldn’t help the tears running down her face, she wanted so much not having to get rid of the house, however, he had no other solution, after a brief moment he quickly wiped away his tears with the back of his hand.


He turned his attention to the classifieds section again, specifically in relation to jobs, took the pencil that was located behind his ear and began to underline the most important ads, until he found one that caught his attention.


“You are looking for a young person between 20 and 25 years old, single and without any love or family relationship, good looking, healthy, open-minded, daring and outgoing, to work on an important mission, go to the Estebans Veliz Building, presidency, we offer a contract for one year, extraordinary pay and all food and medical expenses covered. We guarantee confidentiality.


When Lía saw the ad, it seemed incredible to her, everything was too good, for a moment she thought about what job that could be to guarantee such good benefits. “Could it be a prostitute?” She asked herself, frowning, she smiled at her thought.


“You’re crazy, Leah!” The Estebans Veliz company is one of the most serious in the country, it will not lend itself to any illegal matter that will ruin its good name and reputation.


In the end, after a battle with herself, she made up her mind, went to shower, looked for her only elegant garment, a beige body-hugging dress, brown heels, left her beautiful light brown hair loose in waves, put on makeup highlighting the green color of her eyes, she only applied a compact powder on her face without adding lipstick, her earrings and a small gold chain, both gifts from her parents on her last birthday, she couldn’t help a small groan of frustration coming out of her mouth , because every little object, even looking at yourself in the mirror reminded you of them, it was difficult to go on with so much pain, although it was clear that you had to do it, despite being very easy to say, but quite complicated to execute.


She looked at herself in the mirror once more, she felt strange because she wore jeans, blouses and sports shoes, her style was always informal, at twenty-two she was a backpacker, a free soul, she traveled entire countries with only one bag of luggage behind her. her back, and carrying with it barely what was necessary to live, she gave another sigh similar to a sob and raised a prayer to heaven, took a bag that had belonged to her mother, added her things to it, without any order, grabbed the keys and He left the house.


He had to walk a couple of blocks to get to public transportation, but unfortunately the lack of habit in wearing these clothes meant that as soon as he walked the first block, his left shoe began to hit him.


-Devils! He exclaimed as he checked himself and noticed a blister on his foot. Now the only thing left for me is to see a bird flying and throw its pig at me—she blurted out annoyed and as if heaven had said amen, indeed a bird passed by and dropped its feces on the girl’s arm, who watched the animal’s mischief with disbelief.


—This is incredible and there are still people capable of saying that this is luck. Luck? This is bird poop, really disgusting,” she said out loud angrily, while people looked at her curiously as if she had gone crazy, however, she didn’t pay attention to them, she looked in her bag, because she always carried toilet paper with her, she took a bit and it cleared up.


She kept walking, already a little discouraged, however, her expression changed when she reached the stop, just at the same moment when the bus was parking, she couldn’t help but flash a big smile.


“Thank you, Diosito, you finally add one in my favor,” she got on the bus and it was full, so she was standing up, practically like a sardine in a can, tightly packed, although, to her relief, all those around her were women, which he thanked because sometimes, they were men, and they had no qualms about laying their sex0 on women.


After thirty minutes of travel, he arrived at his destination, got down in a hurry, straightened his clothes and continued on his way to the luxurious building, with light blue crystals, which looked imposing, regal, standing out among all as a symbol of money and power. , before continuing the walk to his destination, he bought coffee in one of the nearby coffee shops, because to start his day with energy, he needed a good dose of caffeine.


With determination she walked inside, but the construction had so much fascination on her, to the point of not being able to stop looking at it, that’s why her eyes were up, until suddenly colliding with a hard body, who held her to prevent her from falling, before Stammering out an apology, she fell silent with her mouth open, looking at the man and the coffee stain left on his suit and shirt.


-Excuse me…


His brain suffered a reset, when he looked at his face, he went completely blank, the words he was going to pronounce were forgotten when he saw a beautiful male specimen, tall, blonde hair, with intense blue eyes, square jaw and thick lips, with a severe expression, but drawing a grimace that revealed perfect white teeth, while in the girl’s chest, her heart pounded and her face paled as a result of shock.


—Do you have visual problems so you can’t see where you’re walking? —asked the man with a thick voice, causing a shudder throughout Lia’s body.




“There is no man who, invested with absolute power to dispose of all human affairs, is not a victim of pride and injustice.” Plato.

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