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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 715

Chapter 715 Acted On Reflex
Terrified by Lucian’s sudden movement to the point that she didn’t dare move,
Roxanne reacted like a petrified cat when the man drew close to her. She
desperately tried to break free, but he effortlessly seized her hands and locked
them behind her back. No matter how hard she struggled, she couldn’t break
“Wake up, Lucian!” Her eyes brimmed with panic as the distance between their
lips diminished. Even her voice had grown a touch tense. Unfortunately, Lucian
remained unmoved and continued leaning closer to her.
Only when the distance between them was so negligible that they could sense
each other’s breathing and Roxanne was so nervous that her heart almost
stopped pounding did she sense the man finally drawing to a stop.
Heaving a sigh of relief, she cautiously turned her face and studied his
expression to ascertain whether he had awakened. The moment she did so, she
met the man’s clear gaze.
“Sorry. I was still half-awake earlier.” Masking the mirth in his eyes, Lucian put
on an apologetic expression. As he said that, he released his grip on her hands
and allowed her to leave his embrace.
In all honestly, he wanted to continue teasing her. But after seeing her reaction,
he felt that he should quit while he was ahead.
Before Roxanne could even lambast him, he had already apologized. For a
moment, her expression froze. She couldn’t quite decide between throwing a fit
and forgiving him.
She was stunned for some time before she realized that she should leave the
man’s arms before all else. With that thought in mind, she bit her lip and lowered
her eyes as she got ready to stand up.
Unexpectedly, she had been too apprehensive earlier and didn’t dare budge an
inch. Adding to the fact that she had been restrained for too long, her legs had
already gone numb by the time she tried to get up.
Before she could regain her feet, she swayed and toppled forward, falling right
into Lucian’s arms.
Never having expected such a delightful surprise, Lucian calmly opened his
arms and allowed her to fall straight into his embrace.
“How dare you!” Roxanne panickily struggled to pull away and glared at the man
who appeared all nonchalant before her. She wanted to reprimand him, but she
didn’t know where to start.
After all, she was the one who accidentally fell earlier. Furthermore, she
basically deserved it when he restrained her in his arms because she took the
initiative to approach him first.
She could already imagine the arguments the man would use to riposte her
before she had even started with her accusations.
Thinking about his possible reaction, she lowered her eyes and zipped her
mouth in frustration. Getting to her feet while clutching at the back of the couch
carefully, she remained standing there for a few seconds to get herself steady.
At the same time, her brain whirred at warp speed, hoping to forget the whole
blunder just now.
“I hadn’t been sleeping too well in the past two days. I’d finally managed to fall
into a deep sleep earlier, so I likely acted on reflex when you touched me
without warning. I’m sorry,” Lucian uttered airily.
Following his explanation, Roxanne appeared to have even lesser reason to
blow up at him.
In a nutshell, Lucian was trying to brush off his faux pas earlier by claiming that
she had disrupted his sleep.
They both stared at each other for a long time before Lucian decided to spare
the woman before him, thanks to his good mood. Arching a brow, he inquired,
“So, why did you suddenly approach me, Ms. Jarvis?”
Since Roxanne was still feeling irate inwardly, her tone wasn’t all that pleasant.
“Essie asked me to help treat your insomnia. But seeing that you were sleeping
so soundly earlier, I don’t think that’s necessary anymore.”
After saying that, she made to whirl around and leave, not in the mood to see
his face anymore.
She spun on her heel and walked a distance away, but the man behind her
remained unusually silent.
Finding it a tad strange, she glanced back over her shoulder in puzzlement, only
to meet the man’s dark gaze.
As their eyes locked, her heart lurched. She turned back and went to the
backyard without a backward glance.

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