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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 714

Chapter 714 You Have Been Having Insomnia
In the afternoon, they had a row and later played with the children, so Roxanne
didn’t pay much attention to Lucian’s countenance. But as she scrutinized his
face at that moment, she discovered that his insomnia in the past few days
might have been pretty severe, for there were distinct dark circles under his
eyes. Besides, it was rare for him to sleep so soundly.
Even during the few times when we slept together six years ago, he had always
been a light sleeper, so much so that he’d immediately jolt awake whenever I
drew close to him. Then, he’d get off the bed and leave.
Recalling her experience six years ago, she sighed inwardly as she regarded
the man sleeping soundly in front of her. “Mr. Farwell?” Roxanne called out to
him softly, hoping to wake him up so as to facilitate the treatment process.
Regretfully, there was absolutely no reaction from Lucian. After hesitating for a
few seconds, Roxanne gingerly reached out and rested her hand on his wrist,
which lay limp at the side.
No sooner had her fingers come into contact with his pulse than she noticed him
frowning, as though he was on the verge of waking up.
The instant she saw that, her heart jolted, and she reflexively tightened her
fingers around his wrist. In the next heartbeat, she realized what she had done
and hastily wanted to retract her hand. Alas, it was already too late.
While sleeping, Lucian groggily sensed someone approaching him. Just when
he was about to open his eyes for a look, he felt a hand grasping his wrist. He
instinctively grabbed the hand and pulled the person into his arms.
“Uh…” Caught off guard, Roxanne was yanked into his embrace. She groaned
unconsciously before reaching out to break free from his hold. “It’s me, Lucian!
Let go of me!”
Lucian frowned slightly when he heard that voice, finding it rather familiar.
Lifting his eyes, he was greeted by the sight of Roxanne sitting on his lap
uneasily, struggling in a panic.
He was already irritated as he was awakened when he finally managed to fall
asleep after having had insomnia for several days in a row.
Thus, his gaze darkened when he saw her showing aversion to him. At the
same time, his grip on her tightened, rendering her immobile.
“What are you doing?” Roxanne’s brows promptly scrunched together. Sensing
a dangerous aura from the man, she wanted to escape, but she was no match
for the man’s strength.
Just as she was about to say something else, his strong arms locked onto her
shoulders and forced her to turn around.
In an instant, she was faced with the man’s grim expression while sitting on his
“Don’t misunderstand. Essie said you’ve been having insomnia recently and
begged me to—” Roxanne attempted to explain things, flustered.
Unexpectedly, Lucian’s frown deepened before she had even finished speaking.
“Keep quiet.” He was suffering from a terrible headache due to insufficient
sleep. For that reason, he frowned irritably at the noisy woman before him and
reached out to cover her mouth.
Because of his actions, Roxanne’s voice screeched to an abrupt halt. She
remained frozen in his arms for a long while, not daring to move a single muscle
for fear that he would do something intimate again.
When she fell silent, Lucian’s expression eased considerably. He then closed
his eyes for a while before he awakened fully.
As soon as he spotted Roxanne, who remained completely still in his arms, his
gaze glinted darkly.
Perhaps because of his inherently devilish nature, her expression had him
gripped by the desire to tease her.
That aside, she was seemingly frightened by him and hadn’t yet noticed that he
was already fully awake.
As realization dawned upon him, a fleeting smile flashed across his eyes. He
slowly leaned toward the woman in his embrace.

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