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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1729

Chapter 1729 Worsening

Upon ending the call, Lucian went back to the laboratory. He managed to calm himself down after knowing that Roxanne was okay for the time being.

As soon as he entered the laboratory, he saw Estella grabbing Jonathan’s sleeves pitifully and asking in her piping voice, “Mr. Queen, is Mommy okay already? When will she recover?”

Looking flustered, Jonathan held a child in each arm and tried his best to console them.

For some reason, Benny and Estella seemed to be able to sense something because, when Lucian was holding them, they were sleeping soundly. The second Lucian left, they woke up groggily, and a few seconds later, they started throwing questions at Jonathan.

Jonathan was at his wits’ end. “Your mommy is going to be fine. You guys have only been asleep for a few minutes. Don’t worry…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Estella tearing up.

Jonathan panicked. He had no idea how to comfort them.

Just as he was starting to feel overwhelmed, he saw Lucian walking in. “You’re finally back, Lucian!” said Jonathan after breathing a sigh of relief. If he doesn’t come back, I think I’ll really drop to my knees and beg the kids to calm themselves down.

Lucian nodded gratefully in response. “Thank you.”

This time, Jonathan was eager to get the kids off of his hands. The kids look like angels! But who would’ve thought that they could be so hard to handle? Although I understand how they feel, I really don’t know how to deal with them. They had me beaten within minutes!


Upon hearing Lucian’s voice, Benny and Estella instantly wiggled out of Jonathan’s arms and ran toward Lucian.

Lucian bent down to carry them in his arms. Seeing how red their eyes were, he comforted them gently, “I’ve already called to ask about Mommy. She’s fine. Don’t cry anymore, okay? Mommy’s going to be sad if she finds out how much you guys have been crying.”

“Okay… W-We’ll stop crying,” the kids choked out and nodded before wiping their tears dry.

Jonathan heard what Lucian said and shot Lucian a concerned look.

When he saw Lucian nodding back at him, he finally felt at ease. However, he couldn’t help glancing at his watch. It’s already nine-something, and we still haven’t heard from Old Mr. Lomax. I’m dying to ask if they can develop the antidote by tonight, but I don’t want to interrupt their research.

Jonathan forced himself to settle down when he saw the state Lucian and the kids were in. They are way more anxious than I am. As the only outsider here, I really should stay collected.

Time ticked by, and instead of hearing from Peregrine, Lucian received a phone call from the hospital.

Lucian’s expression turned grim instantly when he saw the caller ID on his phone.

“Mr. Farwell, Mrs. Farwell is…” Zayne’s anxious voice sounded from the other end as soon as Lucian answered the phone.

At that moment, Roxanne’s face had gone pale, and she was sweating bullets.

At the same time, the readings on the instruments were soaring uncontrollably.

Before Zayne could even finish his sentence, Lucian could already guess what he was going to say.

Roxanne’s condition is worsening!

Lucian looked at the kids in his arms and suppressed his emotions. In a deep voice, he answered, “Okay.”

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