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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020 Aggrievance

Lucian’s phone rang when he arrived at the hospital entrance. It was the landline from home. “When are you coming back, Daddy?”

Estella’s demure voice sounded from the other end as soon as he picked up. “I’m on the way,” Lucian replied softly. “Go to sleep first, I’ll be home to see you soon.”

Estella promised and hung up quickly after that. It was already late at night when Lucian arrived back at his manor. Then, he made his way to Estella’s bedroom as soon as he got home just like how he had promised her.

To his surprise, he found the child still awake. She watched him enter indignantly without saying a word. Lucian frowned. “What are you angry about this time?”

“You’re back so late!” Estella complained. I would love it if Daddy spent all night with Ms. Jarvis, but he was with Ms. Pearson. I dislike her! Counting in the travel time, it would not take him more than an hour to make it back.

Lucian’s brows twitched at the child’s complaint. The child had never complained when I was out all night caring for Roxanne. It was obvious that both women were given very different treatment.

“I ran into Mr. Pearson and Ms. Walker,” he explained patiently to the child while suppressing his exasperation. Estella’s cheeks remained puffed with displeasure.

Lucian knew the child would not be deterred from speaking with him about Roxanne, so he did not bother explaining further.

Estella was still considering how to talk to her father, but his reply never came.

However, she was not going to give up that easily after spending all night mulling over it.

Then, Estella steeled herself to begin, “I don’t want Ms. Pearson to be my mommy.”

Lucian agreed with an indifferent expression. “I know.”

“I want Ms. Jarvis!” she added quickly, staring at her father.

Estella’s reaction did not surprise Lucian.

His brows furrowed, and his gaze at his daughter turned grave.

“Don’t be mad at Ms. Jarvis, please, Daddy?” Estella begged forlornly.

Lucian fell silent for a long time before standing up from the bed.

“Daddy!” The child reached out to grab his shirt when she thought her father was going to leave.

Lucian merely stood on the spot. His gaze fell onto her little hand.

Though Estella knew her father had always accommodated her, it seemed to her that he had become really angry this time.

Aware of that thought, Estella let go of her grip with an aggrieved expression on her face.

“You promised me, Daddy.”

What’s more, he was the one who suggested it. Now Daddy is going back on his word.

Lucian’s gaze softened at the sight of the child being close to tears.

Several seconds later, he leaned over and caressed her head comfortingly.

Pursing her lips, Estella avoided his gesture.

Helplessness flashed across Lucian’s eyes.

“There are no guarantees when it comes to relationships. I need to think through this.”

Well, just think about that woman’s attitude toward me.

Without giving the child the opportunity to speak, Lucian leaned over, tucked her in, and turned to leave.

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