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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 Other Obligations

The couple scowled. Though they knew of Lucian’s intention to cancel the wedding, they did not expect him to be that harsh to their daughter.

Lucian had already explained over the phone that Aubree might have a hairline fracture, and despite knowing the severity of her condition, he did not even bother to help her.

If somebody had taken a photograph and circulated it, their engagement would have become a joke. The couple’s minds raced with the best course of action before resigning to humble themselves. “What happened, Aubree? How did you hurt yourself so badly?”

Not seeming to notice Lucian’s cold attitude, the couple directed their concerned attention to their daughter and took over Sonny’s job in assisting her.

Aubree allowed her emotions to run rampant at the sight of her parents. She scowled, refusing to answer them.

Sonny stepped forward to speak out. “Ms. Pearson had fallen down the stairs, and her ankle is hurt. It’s not serious and she is going to be fine with a couple of days in a cast and rest.”

Gina turned pale at those words. “How could you say that a fracture is not serious?” Aubree gave her mother a meaningful gaze at the latter’s hostile tone.

Upon realizing she had said something wrong, Gina suppressed her anger.

The full extent of Aubree’s injury was ascertained after paying a visit to the orthopedic specialist and taking an X-ray.

The group watched as Aubree’s foot was put in a cast.

Lucian glanced at the time and frowned. “Now that you’re here, Mr. and Mrs. Pearson, I should get going.”

At that, he inclined his head at the two elders before turning to Sonny. “You will be responsible for following up on Ms. Pearson’s progress. Expedite her recovery.”

Naturally, Sonny promised without hesitation.

“Lucian!” Gina called to stop him as she glanced at her daughter and then at Lucian’s departing back.

Lucian’s stride faltered as he turned around. “Is there anything else?”

Gina gave a dry laugh. “Look at how badly injured Aubree is. Besides, her father and I have been busy of late and may not be able to handle her. Why don’t Aubree stay with you—”

Before she finished her sentence, Lucian interrupted, “I will send somebody to care for her if need be.”

Gina gulped and turned to face her husband with a furious expression.

Samuel knew what his wife was up to and chimed in at once, “That’s not what we meant. Besides, we won’t feel at ease having an outsider care for her.”

Their words could not be more explicit: they hoped Aubree would be allowed to stay at the Farwell residence.

As Lucian was still courteous enough to give them due respect as elders, Samuel was reasonably confident that Lucian might agree his request.

To his surprise, Lucian rejected him casually.

“In that case, I can send her to my mother’s.”

In an instant, the Pearson family of three was dumbstruck.

However, Lucian had still shown respect to the two elders by providing a reason.

“I’ve been swamped of late. Besides, I need to care for Essie. I have my own obligations to attend to.”

Upon realizing that their plan had fallen apart, Gina and her husband gritted their teeth and swallowed the indignity.

Gina simpered, “There’s no need to trouble Mrs. Farwell. I’ll take care of Aubree at home these coming days.”

Lucian nodded noncommittedly. He turned and left after nodding once more at the two of them.

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