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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018 She Will Not Mind

“Daddy!” Estella urged a moment later when she did not receive an answer from her father. Shaking himself out of his reverie, Lucian nodded resignedly at his daughter.

Only then did she let go and watch him go down the stairs. Aubree was beside herself with anxiousness as she waited downstairs and remained in doubt as she watched Lucian descend the stairs.

That little b*tch’s private word with Lucian is obviously trying to get him not to send me to the hospital. Aubree was aware that Lucian spoiled Estella and was even delaying marrying her because of the girl.

I wonder if I would have to go to the hospital alone because of her. Aubree could not quell her racing heart, even when Lucian stood firmly before her.

Lucian turned to address the family doctor. “I must trouble you with Ms. Pearson, Dr. Elswick.” Aubree’s eyes widened at those words when she realized she was correct in her hunch that he did not intend to keep her company.

“Do you hate me that much, Lucian?” Aubree hung her head with feigned injurt and summoned her tears. Lucian grimaced impatiently. “I’ve contacted your parents, and they will pick you up from the hospital soon. I’ll keep you company here while we wait.”

Aubree glanced up with a frown. “It’s late. I don’t want them to worry.”

Lucian had already turned and marched toward the entrance. “They should be on their way and would be even more worried if they did not see you at the hospital.”

Gritting her teeth angrily at those words, Aubree stood up with the doctor’s help.

“Be careful, Ms. Pearson. Take your time,” Sonny said in concern.

Aubree did not even glance at him. Every step she took was increasingly more forceful as if trying to fracture her ankle.

Sonny watched her and was rather worried, but upon realizing that she would not heed his advice, he promptly fell silent.

There was another bout of rejection when it was time to enter the car.

In order to prevent any unforeseen circumstances, Sonny was to accompany Aubree to the hospital.

With respect to hierarchy, he was supposed to occupy the front passenger seat while Aubree and Lucian sat behind.

Nevertheless, when he arrived at the car, Lucian was already seated in the front passenger seat.

Sonny carefully helped Aubree into the back seat before gazing at Lucian. What is this?

“Mr. Farwell, this is—”

Lucian returned his gaze through the rearview mirror. “Sit down. Ms. Pearson wouldn’t mind.”

Sonny then turned his gaze gingerly toward Aubree, who refrained from gritting her teeth in consternation to smile nonchalantly at Sonny. “Please sit. I need you to help me out.”

Sonny was flattered by those words. “That’s my job.”

At last, he climbed nimbly into the car and seated himself beside Aubree.

To avoid annoying Aubree, he surreptitiously leaned toward the door to place as much distance as possible between them.

Fortunately, the journey was smooth, and the car stopped outside the entrance of the hospital soon after.

Lucian was the first one to exit the vehicle.

Sonny followed closely behind, then turned around and helped Aubree.

Gina and her husband had been waiting for a long time by then and hurriedly came to greet them when they saw Lucian.

“What happened, Lucian? How did Aubree hurt herself?”

Then, she glanced around and added anxiously, “Where’s Aubree?”

As soon as she spoke, she saw her daughter appear with Sonny’s help.

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