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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017 Petty Tricks

In the meantime, Estella was getting hungry from waiting, so she let herself out the door. As soon as she arrived downstairs, she heard Aubree express her intention to spend the night.

Alarm bells sounded in Estella’s head. She waddled over to her father’s side. Daddy and Ms. Jarvis had not reconciled, and she would be even angrier if she finds out that Ms. Pearson is going to spend the night here!

Even worse, Estella feared her father would have Aubree become her mother. The child gazed at her father with wide, unblinking eyes and conveyed her thoughts without uttering a word.

Lucian met Estella’s eyes and caressed her head comfortingly, then turned his gaze to Aubree. Aubree’s heart thumped audibly at the realization that Lucian’s answer was not what she wanted to hear.

“You should go to a hospital for that. I wouldn’t be able to explain myself to my mother if your condition worsens.” Lucian’s tone was cold.

After he spoke, the man stood up from the couch.

Estella immediately grabbed her father’s trouser leg and followed him closely behind.

Gazing after the departing father and daughter, Aubree glared maliciously at the little figure beside Lucian.

That little b*tch again!

A moment later, Aubree redirected her gaze at Lucian. “Could you come with me to the hospital then, Lucian? I’m a little scared.”

Lucian glanced sideways at her with a jeer but upon considering it, nodded mutely.

As she had fallen in his house, it was only polite that Lucian sent her to get treatment.

“Daddy!” Estella tugged on her father’s trouser leg, looking all reluctant.

Daddy accompanied Ms. Jarvis all night at the hospital when he sent her that time. I’m afraid Daddy would do the same for Ms. Jarvis.

Lucian gazed down at his daughter next to him before inclining his head at Aubree. “Wait a moment.”

Then, he took Estella up the stairs.

“Don’t go to the hospital with her, Daddy!” Estella said while puffing up her cheeks as soon as they arrived upstairs.

Though he knew what she was hinting at, Lucian was still amused. “Why not?”

Estella leaned closer to her father with the most forlorn look she could muster, and her tone became meeker.

“I know you’re still mad at Ms. Jarvis, Daddy, but you’d promise me that you would ask for my blessing if you were to find me a mother.”

Estella sounded very hurt.

Lucian frowned in puzzlement at those words.

Initially, he assumed that the child would mention Roxanne again, but he was surprised when she gave a different reason instead.

I have to admit that her reason couldn’t have come at a better time.

Lucian placed his hand firmly atop Estella’s head and caressed her soft hair. “I’m only sending Ms. Pearson to the hospital,” he said gently. “I’ll be back very soon.”

Estella gazed wide-eyed at her father, still looking skeptical.

However, Lucian did not explain further.

A moment later, the child relented. “Then you’d better hurry back, Daddy,” she chirruped. “Otherwise, I’ll be scared tonight.”

Lucian’s brows furrowed imperceptibly at those words.

I wonder if that woman had taught Essie how to employ such petty tricks.

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