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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016 Even A Hairline Fracture Is Worth it

“Sorry, I… was thinking about something earlier, so I accidentally missed the step,” Aubree murmured in feigned contrition after Catalina had helped her onto the couch.

Standing behind the two of them, Lucian said nothing to that. Aubree’s heart sank, and she hypocritically remarked, “I probably twisted my ankle by accident. Let me rest for a while before going over to Mrs. Farwell’s place to tell her about your condition.”

Having said that, she acted as though she was afraid that he would worry and flashed him another smile. She initially thought that her comment would garner the man’s sympathy.

At the very least, he would allow her to stay over that night. To her disappointment, Lucian merely bobbed his head blithely. Subsequently, he crouched before her.

For a moment, she was at a loss.

A heartbeat later, a sharp pain came from her ankle, upon which her expression instantly changed.

“Does it hurt?” Lucian queried in a deep voice, a hand grasping her injured ankle.

Gritting her teeth, Aubree nodded fervently.

In the next instant, Lucian dropped his hand off her. “It’s likely a fracture.”

When Aubree heard that, her eyes lit up, and she ventured, “Is it that serious? Then, can I…”

Before she could finish her utterance with her request to stay the night at the manor, Lucian cut her off.

“Have Dr. Elswick make a trip here and check her over,” Lucian instructed Catalina, shifting his gaze away from her.

Humming in acknowledgment, Catalina immediately contacted the family doctor.

Aubree wanted to make another try, but Lucian’s voice sounded once more.

“If it’s severe, you might have to go to the hospital. Stay still and sit here to wait for Dr. Elswick to come and check on your injury.”

On the whole, those words could be considered an expression of concern.

However, Aubree knew all too well that he was merely fulfilling his obligations as the host. Otherwise, his tone wouldn’t be so icy.

If I hadn’t taken a tumble at his doorstep, he probably wouldn’t even have bothered to inquire about my condition.

At that realization, she couldn’t help recalling how the man kept Roxanne company for the entire night when the latter fell sick.

With the comparison between the two, a tidal wave of resentment surged within her. The expression on her face grew considerably grimmer.

Lucian, on the other hand, had already sat down on the couch next to her. Right then, he was checking his emails on his phone.

It was abundantly clear that he planned on having the family doctor deal with her injury.

His impassioned look had the envy within Aubree blazing all the hotter. Yet, she was also aware that it wasn’t a good time for her to speak.

Almost half an hour passed before Sonny finally arrived.

“What’s the matter, Catalina? Who did you say was injured on the phone just now?”

Hastening over, Catalina pointed at Aubree on the couch. “Ms. Pearson tripped and fell at the stairs. Go and check on her, quick.”

Sonny had been the family doctor of the Farwell family for many years, so he was naturally acquainted with Aubree.

Hearing that she was injured, he quickly stepped forward with his medical kit to check her over.

Soon, Aubree’s painful groans filled the air.

Withdrawing his hand, Sonny concluded solemnly, “I’m afraid it’s a hairline fracture. I can’t treat this.”

At that diagnosis, a glimmer of surprise flittered across Aubree’s eyes.

Oh no, a hairline fracture… I merely wanted to put on a show to stay the night at the Farwell residence. Never had I thought that I’d sustain such a severe injury. But on second thought, I’ve already fractured my arm previously. As long as I obtain the results I want, even a fracture is worth it!

At that thought, she lifted her eyes and looked at Lucian with hope.

“It might be best that I remain immobile, considering my injury. Can I intrude on you for tonight and stay here at the manor?”

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