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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 Because Of This Evil Woman

Lucian cast a look at Archie and Benny indifferently. A strange feeling inexplicably welled up within Archie and Benny when they met his gaze. The look in Daddy’s eyes when he regards us seems to have changed.

In fact, they felt that the man seemingly didn’t want to look at them for long, his gaze only staying on them for a brief moment before leaving in the next heartbeat.

“Mr. Farwell?” Benny couldn’t help venturing. Lucian merely inclined his head a fraction. “Ms. Ward will wait with you both.” Having said that, he held his hand out at Estella once more.

Estella was reluctant to leave, but she could tell that her father appeared to be angry. After a moment’s hesitation, she ultimately reached out and took his hand.

Archie and Benny, on the other hand, could only quieten down and watch helplessly as Lucian left with Estella. “Is Daddy mad at Mommy, Archie?” Benny stared at his brother pitifully.

Archie remained expressionless, but disappointment glinted in his eyes. That was also the only possibility he could think of.  After all, Lucian kept Roxanne company by her side every time she was sick.

But this time, he was sick, yet she didn’t even bother inquiring about his condition. Daddy must be pretty disappointed…

Meanwhile, Lucian brought Estella into the car. His gaze swept over Archie and Benny at the gates of the kindergarten. Then, he slowly started the car.

When they had driven out a distance away, Estella couldn’t resist asking, “Are you mad at Ms. Jarvis, Daddy?”

Lucian’s brows creased, and he didn’t answer that.

He could guess what she wanted to say, but he wasn’t in the mood to listen right then.

Unaware of her father’s thoughts, Estella continued in a cute voice, “She didn’t mean to keep away instead of visiting you. It must have been because she was busy with work.”

She was sad about the fact that she hadn’t seen Roxanne in a long time, but still, she chose to comfort him.

Ms. Jarvis is already avoiding us. If Daddy is mad at her on top of that, I don’t know when they’ll make up.

At the end of the day, she was still yearning for Roxanne to be her mother.

Lucian wasn’t at all surprise to hear that.

If it were in the past, he would’ve played along with her and consoled her.

This time, however, he merely frowned. His voice was also a touch chilly. “We’ll talk about this another day.”

Such an attitude made it clear that he was planning to evade the matter.

Estella’s cheeks puffed up. Despite her reluctance, she still zipped her mouth obediently. As she glowered at his back, she mused inwardly.

Daddy must be mad at Ms. Jarvis, or even livid. Hmm… what must I do to have them make up?

She was rather troubled by the situation.

Before she could figure out a solution, the car had already come to a slow stop before the Farwell residence.

Lucian alighted from the car before turning back and carrying Estella out.

Just when the two of them were about to head into the mansion, the door was opened from the inside, upon which Aubree walked out.

At the sight of her, Lucian’s expression changed slightly.

Estella was likewise shocked, and her face scrunched up.

Don’t tell me, Daddy is suddenly mad at Ms. Jarvis because of this evil woman!

“Lucian, Essie, you’re back.”

As though blinded to their change in expression, Aubree went up to them with a bright smile.

Behind her followed Catalina, who wore an exasperated expression.

Aubree came to visit out of the blue that afternoon, claiming that she wanted to check on Lucian’s recovery.

It went without saying that she had no authority to kick the woman out, so she could only allow her to stay.

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