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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 What Had Happened Between Them

Meanwhile, at the research institute, Cayden rambled incessantly about Lucian’s merits while helping to transport the medicinal herbs. Regretfully, Roxanne remained unmoved.

At the end of his rope, Cayden took his leave after transporting the medicinal herbs and left. On his way back to Farwell Group, resentment brewed within him.

Even when he went into the CEO’s office to report back to Lucian, his face was as black as thunder. “What’s with this expression of yours?”

Glimpsing his assistant’s expression, Lucian frowned, thinking that Roxanne turned down his help. Only then did Cayden snap back to his senses. He chuckled guiltily. “Nothing.”

Seeing that he didn’t want to speak of it, Lucian didn’t press him for an answer, merely inquiring, “Have you sent the medicinal herbs over?”

Cayden suppressed the grievance within him and replied succinctly, “Yes. Ms. Jarvis received it personally.” He initially thought that his employer would have questions since he mentioned Roxanne.

Unexpectedly, Lucian acted as though he didn’t hear it, nodding expressionlessly. “Got it. You’re dismissed.” That’s all?

Cayden was stunned for a long while, finding it incredulous. When Lucian remained silent, he sheepishly spun on his heel to leave. While he walked out of the office, he wavered about telling the man about Roxanne and Jack riding in the same car.

But upon imagining Lucian’s expression after learning about it, he couldn’t help shuddering. Hence, he silently nixed that idea. Even when it was time to get off work in the evening, Lucian never mentioned Roxanne anymore.

It was as though that batch of medicinal herbs was meant to signify an end to their relationship.

Sitting in the adjacent assistant’s office, Cayden watched as Lucian walked out of his office with a face devoid of expression and took the elevator directly when it was time to get off work. A mixture of emotions roiled within him.

Is Mr. Farwell… really giving up on Ms. Jarvis?

Needless to say, Lucian knew nothing about Cayden’s thoughts.

Nonetheless, his feelings somewhat aligned with the latter’s conjectures.

Ever since he fell ill until that present day, Roxanne’s reaction had disappointed him beyond words.

He felt that he had already sacrificed enough and lowered himself sufficiently to make up for his mistakes six years ago.

Yet, she remained unmoved.

Therefore, he felt that he needed to stop for a while and carefully assess what was lacking between them.

He mulled it over throughout the drive. Soon, his car slowly came to a stop at the gates of the kindergarten.

Archie, Benny, and Estella hadn’t been let out of school yet.

For once, he waited for them at the gates.

Sometime later, the children walked out in a line under Pippa’s lead.

They seemingly caught sight of his tall figure at once.


It was the first time Estella saw her father that early, so she should be thrilled. However, she appeared listless.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Ms. Jarvis. I heard from Archie and Benny that they’ve also tried persuading her, but she refuses to meet me. I wonder what had happened between Daddy and her now.

Little did she know that the subsequent events would be even worse than she had imagined.

When the children had walked over to him, Lucian held his hand out to Estella. “Let’s go home.”

Hearing that, Estella snapped her eyes up and gaped at her father in surprise.

“But Ms. Lane isn’t here yet.”

In the past, they had always waited with Archie and Benny. Only when the boys had left would Estella do the same.

At the side, Archie and Benny were also perplexed, not quite understanding Lucian’s meaning.

Previously, Daddy left with Essie right away because he was sick. But now, he has obviously recovered!

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