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Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012 What Exactly Are You Planning

At a single glance, Jack saw right through his parents. Exasperation inexorably swamped him. “Since you’ve investigated Ms. Jarvis, I’m sure you already know that she’s an exceedingly outstanding doctor.”

With regard to that statement, Titus and Priscilla had no rebuttal. During the investigation, they had already learned that Roxanne studied under Harvey and was even his top student.

That alone was sufficient for them to acknowledge her medical attainments. However, that didn’t mean they could accept the fact that she was a divorcee with kids.

Jack could tell that his parents were still influenced by public opinion, so he had no choice but to continue explaining things to them helplessly.

“I reckon you’re both aware of the project the Damaris family established recently.”

In response, Titus and Priscilla nodded noncommittally.

Despite being away from the Damaris residence most of the time, they still kept themselves informed about the Damaris family’s activities.

At that, Jack nodded in satisfaction. “Since you know of this project, you must know that Ms. Jarvis is also one of the members involved.”

Everything was fine before he mentioned that, but the instant he did so, Priscilla’s face darkened once more. “I heard she also obtained the opportunity by…”

By selling her body.

Before she could vocalize the rest of that comment, Jack interrupted testily, “That’s just a baseless rumor. Hadn’t Jessica apologized?”

When Priscilla heard that, her expression turned even grimmer.

Jessica had been her ideal candidate for a daughter-in-law throughout the years, but she had never imagined that the woman would do such a thing.

In consideration that it was her misjudgment, she didn’t say anything further.

Subsequently, Jack continued, “Although I’m taking the lead in this project, Grandpa was the one who chose the collaboration partners. He selected Ms. Jarvis because she showed outstanding performance in the medical consultation. He even personally discussed the collaboration with her.”

Surprise flashed across Titus and Priscilla’s eyes when they learned that she passed Hector’s selection.

In other words, he’s also aware of Jack’s interaction with her? If so, why didn’t he put a stop to it?

When Jack saw that his parents were still misconstruing things, a headache assailed him.

His parents had been immersed in improving their medical skills all these years. Consequently, they were seemingly dense when it came to other matters.

More accurately speaking, they couldn’t be bothered to give much thought to anything else.

That also made it extraordinarily taxing for him to clarify things to them.

“While the Damaris family is a century-old prestigious family in the medical field, its strength is still lacking when it comes to certain aspects even now. As the heir of the Damaris family, dating is definitely not my priority at present, so you can both rest easy,” Jack assured patiently.

Speaking of the current situation of the Damaris family, Titus and Priscilla were finally willing to put their thinking caps on.

Judging from his usual temperament, he indeed couldn’t have possibly been so hasty to date that woman. But… if it’s not love, why must he maintain such close ties with her? Larry is also a good choice for a collaboration partner!

Priscilla had always been a straightforward person, so she demanded right then and there, “In that case, what exactly are you planning?”

A meaningful smile bloomed on Jack’s face. “You’ll naturally know when the time comes.”

That reply of his had both Titus and Priscilla bewildered.

Alas, Jack didn’t give them any opportunity to ask about it further.

“All right, I’m going upstairs to report the results of today’s medical consultation to Grandpa. Go and rest since you’ve both just come back.”

After saying that, he got up from the couch. Before going upstairs, he didn’t forget to urge, “Don’t listen to all those gossips out there regarding the matter between me and Ms. Jarvis.”

There was nothing Titus and Priscilla could do about it, so they had no choice but to nod in acquiescence.

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