IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 9

Chapter 9 


After Caspian left, I stayed in the same position in the middle o f the bed, hugging my knees.

I was hoping he would come back soon. But he didn’t.

Why did I have to ruin everything tonight? We were in a good place but then I couldn’t keep my stupid mouth from talking.

I wanted to tell him about Riley blackmailing me, about the blood pact from our parents so he could claim me, but the words got caught in my throat when he started growling. I got scared.

I didn’t know what I was scared of. I was sure I wasn’t scared o f Caspian. Maybe I was scared that if he felt something for me too, we would both get heartbroken. And he was the last person I wanted to hurt.

As Riley told me, there was no way out of this pact. I was stuck being his forever. There was no possible way I could have Caspian for myself.

I didn’t have the energy anymore. I just wanted the floor to eat

me up.

I kept checking the window to see if he was somewhere down the street below. He was nowhere there and I was starting to worry.

The food was getting cold, and despite the hunger I felt earlier, I had no appetite to eat at all. Instead, I dialed the receptionist’s number and asked for one bottle of red wine. The female who answered the call gave me choices, but I had n o idea what they were, so I asked her to bring me the cheapest one they had.

I asked for the price, and their cheapest was fucking expensive, but I think I have enough on my card to cover it. But the female said she would add it to Caspian’s bill instead. I didn’t have the power to argue, so I just agreed. I would just have to give my card back to Caspian once he returned.

I didn’t know how long i’d been drinking when my body started to refuse to take more. And then it happened. Every drop of wine I drank wanted to come out. I was throwing up everything in my stomach, and I was a complete mess.

And then Caspian came, just when I didn’t want him here to see me like this. Seriously, Selene? You keep mocking me when I haven’t done anything wrong in my life.

But everything went into a blur after he came. The next thing I knew, I was wrapped in Caspian’s arms as he pulled my body closer to his naked cheat under the shower.

My eyes widened when my front hit something hard as our bodies collided. I knew what it was, but I dared not look down. Instead, I let my eyes roam over his perfect features. Caspian i s so perfect. His blue eyes were staring deep into mine,

piercing through me so that I couldn’t keep staring.

My gaze dropped into his chest, and I could feel hunger flaring in my eyes.

I didn’t know where I got my courage to speak up, but somehow I did. I wanted to feel his body against mine. And if I didn’t do it now, maybe I would never get the chance.

“My shirt is dirty too, I should take it off…” I said in a raspy voice, without taking my eyes off of him.

Caspian didn’t say anything, but I saw his eyes swirl into full black.’It was all the confirmation I needed.

I slowly pulled my shirt off my body and threw it to the side. I should feel uneasy because I’ve never been naked with anyone, but the way Caspian was staring at me like I was some precious thing he didn’t want to let go of was boosting my confidence.

He was still holding me by my waist as his eyes took in my naked body. And for the first time since I found out I was meant to be Riley’s Chosen, the urge to give in to my desire was growing stronger by the minute I was in Caspian’s arms.

“You can kiss me if you…” I didn’t even have time to finish my words as his lips crashed into mine.

His hand moved up to my nape, holding it gently in place as he kissed me hungrily. I sucked in a breath before I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him back

and pouring all the emotions I had kept hidden all these years.

Tingles were shooting all over my body, despite the water cascading all over us.

A soft moan escaped my lips when his hand went to my thighs and lifted them up. I followed his lead and wrapped my legs around his waist as he turned us around and pressed my back against the cold tile walls without breaking our kiss.

Time stood still as his lips brushed against mine. His tongue parted my lips, seeking entrance, and I let him. He was devouring my mouth with so much passion and gentleness. And all I could think of at the moment was him and how easy i t was to let go of myself when I was with him.

Andrea…” He mumbled against my lips before he broke our kiss and leaned his forehead against mine.


“Did I do something wrong?” I bit my lower lip as I tried to look at him, but it was hard to focus with our faces so close to each other.

“No. You didn’t. I’m just trying to control myself.” He answered without opening his eyes, and he was breathing harder.

I leaned my head lower towards the nook of his neck, letting m y lips brush against the area where a mated mark should be.

I suckled the water droplets on his skin softly while he took a deep intake of breath.

“Caspian…” I could feel my eyes drooping, but I wanted to talk with him.

“Hmmm…” He hummed his answer as his palm brushed my naked back, and it felt good.

“When I get my wolf, I will mark you here…” I said it in a low voice, as I continued to suckle the skin of his neck.

I felt his body stiffen as his hold on me tightened. It took a moment before I heard him speak. “You want to mark me?” His voice sounded amused.

“Uh huh… If you let me, I promise I won’t make it painful.” I said with a determined voice. I would mark him if I could.

“I can take the pain, Andrea… but fuck!” He said the last word a bit loudly, almost with a growl, that my body jolted in response.

Oh, Goddess! Did I make him angry? What was I thinking when I told him that?

It must be the drink that made me this aggressive.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” I pulled away from his neck and tried to wriggle out of his hold, but he wasn’t letting me.

He pressed my back against the wall and cupped my face with one hand before his lips crashed into mine once again as he continued to hold me off the bathroom floor. This time he was

kissing and biting me so bruisingly hard that I felt blood mixing against the water pouring on us. I knew my lips would be bruised and swollen by tomorrow, but I didn’t mind.

I held onto his neck tighter as I kissed him back with the same intensity, my mouth trying to fight for dominance, but he wasn’t letting me.

He moved his hips so that his hard cock ended up pointing below my ass. Delicious tingles spread throughout my legs and up to my core at the contact. I wanted to feel him. More of him.

With our bodies pressed together against the wall and the water cascading over us, I let my lust for him take over my


I let my hips grind into his hard erection. Caspian growled in between our kisses and gripped my ass tighter, squeezing them as he kissed me deeper and harder before he moved his mouth away from mine and dipped it into my neck, and started sucking, sending shivers of pleasure down my spine.

“Caspian… Please…” I moaned like a wanton. I didn’t know what I was asking for as I kept grinding my throbbing core harder into his, leaning back my head against the wall with my eyes closed as my hand coiled into his hair, gripping it tighter a s he continued to suck and nibble my neck.

He started dry humping me before a sound of ripping fabric reached my ears and the boxer I had on me dropped onto the floor. I was completely naked in his arms.

“Oh, Goddess!” I snapped my eyes open when I felt his cock almost at the entrance of my wet, throbbing pussy. I wanted to feel him inside.

A low growl erupted from his chest before he pressed his forehead against mine, his breath running through my face. “I want to fuck you, Andrea…”

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