IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 5

Chapter 5 


I was rushing Miranda and Kate because I wanted to go to the ball on time, but they were still not done with their preparation.

In the end, we arrived late. The party had already started, and most of our batchmates were already eating and dancing.

My eyes wandered around the big ballroom, searching for one person. My Alpha.

I knew I could easily mindlink him if he was here, but a part of me wanted to see if he kept his promise not to pay attention to anyone but me.

And then I saw him. Alone, not minding the crowd around him, he was already looking at me as if I was the only person i n the room.

My heart dropped, and I guess my underwear too, at the sight o f him. Caspian was wearing a light blue shirt under his suit. It almost matched the color of my gown, and it did nothing to hide the bulkiness of his chest. He looked perfect! His hair was perfectly brushed up and he shaved his face, making him look way younger.

It didn’t escape my ears the murmurs and whispers of some of my female batchmates about him. Of course, he was the most

handsome man in the room, and I couldn’t wait to be in his arms.

I carefully, but excitedly, made my way across the ballroom. M y heart was giddy at the way he looked at me. He didn’t take his eyes off me the whole time until I reached him.

He set his drink down on the table behind him and put one hand in his pants pocket while the other flew into my cheek, his knuckles brushing against my skin.

“Hi!” I said as my eyes voluntarily closed, while my breathing hitched with the way he was caressing my cheek with his knuckles.

“You looked beautiful.” He said this in a hoarse voice before he dropped his hand away from my face.

I snapped my eyes open before widening my smile at him.” And you, too.”

I couldn’t keep my heart from thudding loudly. He was staring at me as if he was looking at me for the first time.

And as much as I just wanted to stand here and just stare at him, my stomach betrayed me as it grumbled. I bit my lower lip as I felt my cheeks burn.

Caspian chuckled as he placed a hand on my back and guided m e toward the buffet table.



After we ate our dinner, we talked for a while before he let meg o with Miranda and Kate to dance with some of our classmates. I was having fun only because I knew Caspian’s eyes were on m e the whole time.

I gulped the remaining drink in the glass before setting it back on the table. Some of our batchmates sneaked in alcoholic drinks, and that’s what I was drinking.

Compared to them, I have a higher tolerance for alcohol, but that didn’t mean I would never get drunk. I still don’t have a wolf yet, so I might still get drunk. But I wasn’t worried. Caspian was here, and I knew he would never let anything bad happen to me, so I might as well just enjoy the night away.

A classmate passed by and handed me another drink, and I gladly took it.

Are you bored? I can go back there.’ I mind-linked him. I’ve been going back and forth to him and to my friends the whole night, and I didn’t hear any complaints from him. He wanted me to enjoy this because he said I might not be able to see

them again after this.

‘I’m okay. I’m enjoying looking at you while dancing. I just don’t like it when some male tries to grind on you.’

I chuckled before I responded, making sure my eyes were on the floor so no one could see my eyes with flecks while my mind linked with him, ‘But I don’t let them. I’ve been good at holding them off.’


‘I know. I was just telling you. I didn’t say you were entertaining them.’

‘But is that jealousy I detect?’ I mimicked the way he said it earlier.

I heard him laugh in my mind, but then he didn’t say anything after that. It went quiet.

My head tilted up and snapped in his direction, and my nose started to flare.

I took a swig of my drink, drinking all of it as I kept looking at where he was.

Miss Shannon was standing in front of the table where he was sitting, blocking my view of him. She was gesturing with her hands and arching her body as she laughed.

She was fucking irritating me.

I took one more drink. I was counting in my head, and if she doesn’t go away soon, I would storm there and blow fire on


But then she moved away and went to the refreshment table just as I was about to go there.

I saw Caspian looking at me, a solemn expression on his face.

‘I didn’t do anything.’ He said it in my head, but I wasn’t calming down, even if I was trying to breathe easily.


I ignored his mindlink as my hand grabbed another glass of alcoholic beverage while my feet made their way towards him.

I saw him stand up from his chair as he wait for me.


‘I didn’t do anything.’ I told Andrea through our mindlink.

I felt fucking guilty when I saw her, but I didn’t do anything. Shannon came and asked if I was bored and wanted company. I told her Andrea was about to head back and just wanted to spend time with her.

I should have told her Andrea is not my sister but she immediately said she would grab us some drinks and she would stay with me until Andrea comes back, and left without waiting for my response.

And now Andrea was on her way here with an annoyed look on her face.

She let out an annoyed sigh as she stopped in front of me.

My eyebrow perched high as the smell of alcohol reached my nose. Was she drinking?

I looked at the glass in her hand before I asked her. “I thought they were not serving alcoholic drinks?”

She just shrugged her shoulders, a guilty look crossing her

face. “My batchmates sneaked in some. Do you want one? I can grab one for you.”

I shook my head as my lips pursed into thin lines. “You don’t have a wolf yet. You’ll be drunk soon.”

She rolled her eyes at me and started giggling. “I know. You worry too much. I should be the one worried because I might end up alone without a date if Miss Shannon steals you from m e!” Her last sentence was already laced with hatred.

“I think you’re drunk.” I chuckled, crossing one hand across m y body while the other hand held onto my chin, my eyes never leaving hers.

“And I think you’re flirting with her.”

“I’m not. She came here and asked if I needed anything.”

“And what did she offer? Her pussy? She might be thinking you need one tonight.”

My eyes widened at her words. “Andrea…”

Fuck! She was talking about another female’s pussy, but all m y thoughts went to her. If I wanted some pussy tonight, it definitely wouldn’t be from another female.

“Maybe I should put her in her place.” She said, wiggling her brows.

“And how are you going to do that?” I asked, trying to suppress the grin from tugging at my mouth. She was

definitely drunk already.

Her expression darkened before she smiled widely. “I’ll tell her you’re not my brother.”

“Okay. And? I don’t think it will do anything. So what if I’m not your brother?”

She let out a loud huff as her forehead creased, “I’ll tell her you’re my boyfriend and she should stay the fuck away from you before I cut off her throat!” She said it so fast before she spun around and was about to head where Shannon was, but I was able to grab her wrist and pull her back.

“Hey! You can’t tell her that.” I said in a hushed tone.

Pain flashed in her eyes at my words. She swallowed before opening her mouth to speak. “Why can’t I tell her you’re my boyfriend? Because it’s impossible for you to like me?”

What the fuck was that? She certainly had no fucking idea how much I liked her.

“No. Not that. I mean, you can’t just go and tell your teacher you’re going to cut her throat.”

“Oh!” Her mouth was shaped into an ‘o’ and her innocent face looked so sexy that I felt something twitch in my pants.

My eyes saw movement at a distance, then I saw Shannon in m y peripheral view, heading towards us.

“Shannon is coming here. Say what you want to say, but don’t

threaten her, okay?” I told her in a soft voice, brushing my thumb across the corner of her lips.

Her eyes widened before they started twinkling mischievously, and before I could guess what was going on in her mind, she cupped my cheeks and pulled my face towards her, crushing her lips against mine.

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