IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 4

Chapter 4



I couldn’t keep still in my seat throughout the ceremony. I could feel my neck burning and I knew it must be Caspian staring at me.


When I told him to pay attention to me, I didn’t mean keeping his eyes glued to my back for the whole ceremony. But I wouldn’t deny that the thought of him staring directly at me was making me giddy.


I should be scared right now, right? Because it’s a creepy act to keep staring at someone, but it was far from what I was feeling.


I wanted his eyes on me.


When I saw Miss Shannon talking with him earlier, I was beyond furious. Jealousy was eating up my senses. She was well known throughout the campus for opening her legs to good-looking men who wanted to get into her pants. And Caspian is definitely good-looking.


My blood was boiling from the way she was staring at Caspian. She was making her move, and I wasn’t sure if Caspian found her attractive, because even if I didn’t like her, I wouldn’t deny that she was really sexy and had a pretty face.


But I wouldn’t let her succeed in seducing him. Not my Caspian.


As soon as the ceremony was over and everyone started crowding on the big stageto get their pictures taken, I carefully moved away from my batch mates and let my eyes look for him. I needed to get to him before Shannon’s filthy hands got to him.


But I didn’t need to look much, Caspian was already making his way towards my path and we ended up standing in front of each other. His face mirrored the smile curving on my lips.


“Hi!” I said, not knowing what I should say this time.


“Hi! This is the part where I was supposed to give you the flowers, but you took them already.” He chuckled as he smiled wider, his dimples deepened, and my heart started drumming inside my chest.


His eyes were boring into mine, so I was losing my focus.


I giggled, trying to snap myself from my own bubble, “I think it’s the part where you would say, Congratulations! You have finally graduated! I don’t need to spend too much money on you now!”


Caspian laughed heartily, and despite the crowd all around us, I could hear his laughter like it was the only sound around me.


He moved closer as his arm snaked around my waist, pulling my body closer to his. I felt his hand raise to cup the back of my head and press it towards his chest. I let my nose fill with his scent as I wrapped my arms around him. He really smelled good.


“Congratulations, Andrea. I’m glad I could finally take you home.” His voice was low and deep, and despite the sincerity in his voice, I couldn’t help but feel sad.


I was finally coming home. This was all I ever wanted.


But for how long? Sooner or later, Riley would come and claim me.


“Hey! Are you with me?” I heard Caspian’s voice snap me out of my thoughts.


I shouldn’t be thinking of Riley today. Just Caspian.


I nodded and pressed my head more into his chest. “You’re not going to turn me into a slave so I can pay for all the expenses of this boarding school, right?”


“Hmmm… You actually gave me an idea. Making you my slave sounds like a lot of fun.” He chuckled as he hugged me tighter with both arms, and we just stayed there hugging each other while the crowd moved all around us.






“Are you sure you don’t want me to pick you up so we can go to the ball together?” I asked her as I locked the car trunk after putting most of her things inside that she would be taking home with us to the packhouse.


We were standing in the parking lot of the dormitory where she was staying. She wanted to prepare for the ball together with her friends while I head back to the hotel where I checked in this morning to prepare as well.


“You can also prepare in the hotel. I can book you your own room.” I added.


She shook her head and smiled at me, “I’ll be fine here. I don’t want you to spend money on me. And my friends will help me with my hair and make-up, not that I’m going to put so much.”


I smiled back at her as my hand raised to her cheek, and I let my knuckles brush her soft skin. “You don’t need any make-up, you’re already beautiful.”


Scarlet tint slowly crept up her cheeks as she dropped her gaze to the ground. “I’ll see you then at the ballroom at seven?”


I nodded my head as I moved towards the passenger seat of the car and opened the door, pulling out the cellphone I had placed on it earlier before I drove here.


“Take this. Call me if anything.” I handed her the phone and her eyes widened as she looked at me.


“I don’t need a phone. I’ll just stay here. I’m not going anywhere except the ballroom.”


“It’s for my own peace of mind. My number is in there. You can return it to me once we drive back to the territory if you don’t want to have it. I just want to make sure you can reach me anytime you need or want until I see you tonight.”


She nodded her head and bit her lower lip as she took the phone from my hand, slipping it into her pocket.


“Thank you. See you later.” She smiled warmly before she stepped back.


“Later, then.” I smiled at her before moving to the other side of the car and waving at her before slipping into my seat.


She knocked on the window by the passenger seat. I rolled it down and found her smiling, her eyes twinkling mischievously. “Try to behave until you see me in the ballroom, okay? Don’t let the girls and women there swoon at you.”


I chuckled and gave her a salute with my hand, “I’ll behave, ma’am.”


“Good! Don’t forget the invitation. The one I slipped into your chest pocket. Otherwise, they won’t let you in.” She was beaming happily. I wished I could keep her smiling this.


“I won’t forget it. I will see you there.” I tapped my hand over my chest pocket as I smiled back at her. “Go! I’ll wait until you are inside the dormitory before I drive off.”


She nodded and waved at me before turning her back and running towards the entrance of her dormitory.


I watched her form become smaller until she disappearedinside the building.




The party had already started when I arrived. The place was swarming with humans, but I also saw some staff that are werewolves.


I think I had met most of them, but it was probably my Alpha aura that was stopping them from approaching me tonight.


But seriously, I didn’t mind. I just wanted to unwind, forget about being an Alpha, and enjoy the night with Andrea.


I let my eyes wander around the ballroom, hoping to see her. She was still not here.


I tried sending her a mindlink, but I couldn’t reach her. I was already tempted to call her, but I was holding myself back. It was only 15 minutes past seven o’clock. She might be already on her way here. I just needed to be patient.


I grabbed a drink from the refreshment table, ignoring the stares I was getting from some of the students. I saw Shannon on the other side and the excitement on her face when she saw me, but I ignored her and turned my body in another direction. I wanted to stay true to my words with Andrea. My attention would be solely on her tonight.


And then I saw her.


She was accompanied by two females, who I guess were her friends, as they entered the double door entrance, but my eyes only saw her.


Her light blue-grey v-neck princess dress with embroidered fabric accentuated her thin waist and hugged her hips perfectly before they flared out into a long A-line skirt. And just like what she told me, her face was almost bare from make-up. She only had a natural touch-up, and red lipstick, making her luscious lips stand out. She let her hair loose into big, flowy curls, with a few strands cascading over her flawless face.


I held my breath as I took in all of her. She was indeed a beauty, and I was blessed to be the one beside her tonight.


Her eyes scanned the whole ballroom, looking for something until they landed on mine. Her lips curved into a beautiful smile as she made her way towards me, crossing the middle of the room. It didn’t slip my eyes as more males started to turn their heads toward her, and I couldn’t help the hiss from escaping my lips at the jealousy flaring inside me.


I wanted to run and snatch her in the middle of the ballroom, but I bid my time. I didn’t want any attention tonight. Her attention alone was more than enough for me.

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