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IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 27

Chapter 27 


Caspian left to talk with Alpha Jacob and Beta Gavin

Alia and Beta Paul were my company for the rest of the night, and everything was going smoothly until Riley approached us

I didnt want to create any scene, so I begged Alia and Beta Paul to let me talk with Riley after he promised he would not d o anything to hurt me or force me into something

He asked for a dance, and so I gave in. I wanted to talk with him too. Maybe he would change his mind and just let me go

How are you?I asked him

Waiting for the day until you come home...” 

“Riley... Are you not going to change your mind?I asked him, biting my lower lip as we slow danced to the music

You know, I won‘t. I‘ve been waiting for this my whole life, Andrea. I know you didnt like me, and just the way I saw how you were wrapped in Caspians arms tonight, I know I have a lot of work to do to take your attention away from him, but Im ready for it. I didn‘t come this far just to give up now.

Youre breaking my heart, Riley...” My voice broke. He was so determined to have me. Why me?” 


I don’t know. Sometimes you just fall. And the next thing, you know you can’t survive without that person anymore.” 

“I like Caspian...” 

I know. Youve been telling me that for the last three years. It doesnt change anything.” 

Youll just get hurt.” 

Im used to it...” 

I wish I could love you back...” 

You have to try harder...” 

Riley, if I try, if I try really hard and still cant do it, will you let me go? Not now, but maybe someday?” 


I want answers, Riley.” 

Do you think Caspian will wait for you? Im sure when he finds his mate, hell forget about you.” 

I dont want the life youre offering me, Riley. Someone else deserves to be your Luna, not me... Shes out there somewhere

How sure are you that youre not my mate, Andrea? What if you are? Will it be easier for you to accept me? And what kind o f life would you rather have? Caspians Luna? He was interested in you because youre reachable right now. But


was the one here from the very beginning, and I promise you, once we’re mated, I will prove to you every day that I am worthy to be your mate. Just one fucking chance, Andrea.” 

I cant... Im sorry.My hold on his arms tightened as I stopped the tears from flowing down. Hes not letting me go, and I was already losing my stance

All I could think of was Caspian. And that he would be left alone

I was still lost in my own thoughts when a low growl marred the air, and I knew where it was coming from. I dropped my hands from Rileys arms, but his grip on my waist tightened. I wriggled free from his hold as my eyes searched for the man I was longing to see and saw him walking out of the ballroom

Andrea... You dont need to go after him. He knows youre mine.” 

Stop! Stop!I placed my hands on his chest and pushed him hard away from me. No one fucking owns me!I glared at him as I left him in the middle of the dance floor, where Beta Paul met me halfway and took my elbow, taking me away from the ballroom towards the nearest exit

Am I in trouble?I asked him as we walked with double strides

You and me. Its just a matter of telling whos going to die first. I think Ill be the first one though...His words were like a joke but his expression was so serious that I was convinced I was in deep trouble.

I saw Caspian heading for his car, and I immediately took my arm away from Beta Paul and ran after him, not minding the uneven pathway that was making it hard for me to run with m y high stilettos

I wanted to explain everything about what he saw, but his anger was getting the best of him. He raised his voice at me, and my mind just stopped functioning until I felt my body being ushered inside the car

Beta Paul drove us back to the hotel, but no one said a word during the onehour ride

As soon as the car stopped, I unbuckled my belt and stepped out of the car, not looking back as I sped off towards our room

I was pissed off at him, but I knew I needed to explain my side. However, I wasnt in the mood to do any explanation right now. Trying to explain to a man who doesnt want to listen was like trying to explain to a tree its useless and stupid

I slammed the room door shut as I stepped in. Sooner or later, he would come in and he would have no other option but to listen to me

And so I waited

But he didnt come

It has been an hour since we arrived and he has not returned to our room

I had calmed down already and I understood where he was coming from. I couldnt blame him, but I wanted him to know I was doing my best too, in my own way, for Riley to let me go

I was hoping I could make him see how much he means to me

But where the fuck was he

I tried to reach his mindlink but it was turned off

I had just gotten off the shower and was still in my bathrobe when I reached the Betas mind

Where is your Alpha? I can‘t reach him.’ 

Here. In my bed, sulking like a little boy.‘ 

Is he not coming back to our room?‘ 

‘I have no idea and I dont think he would answer me if I asked him. Ive thrown in hundreds of questions and I didn’t get any answers at all.‘ 

Do you want to sleep here in my room?‘ 

Holy shit! What the fuck are you thinking? Do you want me dead by dawn? No! Im not sleeping with you

‘What the fuck are you thinking? I meant to say sleep here and Ill go there since Caspian doesn‘t have a plan to return here. Well trade rooms

Fuck! I thought you had already lost your mind. Next time, can you fully explain everything and not just throw in some 


half-questions? You’re going to give me a heart attack.’

This made me giggle. Despite the heaviness in my heart, I was thankful Beta Paul was making me feel a little better. So? Can I go there?‘ 

Im not really sure its a good idea. Caspian is really pissed off

I know. But I think I can manage that. Just come here if youre ready to trade rooms.‘ 

Okay, Im pretty sure I want to trade rooms. I have no plans to hug a sulking Alpha the whole night. Just give me a moment.‘ 

He cut off the mindlink, and I picked up the night robe I brought with me and put it on, leaving me naked inside

If he didnt want to listen to me tonight, maybe being naked would make him shut his mouth for a while, so I could talk with him

I was already done fixing the whole room, so no clothes and things were scattered when a knock came by the door

I opened it and found Beta Paul leaning on his shoulder at the door pillar

Im ready to sleep.He said, smiling. Are you sure you can handle the Alpha?” 

I just nodded my head and opened the door wider for him

Okay. Ill leave the mindlink open and just call for me if he 

decides to kill you, so I can save you on time.”

Whatever,I chuckled as I passed by him

Andrea...He called after me, making me stop on my track as I tilted my head to look back at him

Just a heads up. When hes angry, he can ignore the shit out o f someone. So its up to you if you can survive that. That man i sa stone if he wanted to.” 

I smiled weakly at him, Thanks for the reminder. Goodnight, Beta Paul.” 

Goodnight, Drea. And good luck.” 

I didnt reply anymore as I headed towards the other room. I think I needed all the luck in the world tonight. But I wont be leaving this place without him talking to me

I opened the door to the room where he was and it was empty, but I heard the cascading water from the bathroom. He was in the shower

I took a deep breath and took a look at myself in the available mirror

This was it. There was no turning back

It took a while before the shower was turned off and the silence filled the room. Only the beating of my heart was heard as I stood almost near the door, waiting for him to emerge from the bathroom

The door opened and Caspian stepped out with his sweatpants and shirt on. A towel in his hand as he dried off his hair. His eyes drifted to where I was, but he didn‘t look fazed. He must have smelled me before he came out.

What are you doing here?He asked with a voice as cold as ice

I want to talk to you.” 

I want to sleep already.” 

Okay, so then we‘ll sleep,I answered, swallowing hard as all the confidence I had was slowly slipping away

He threw the towel on the hamper before sitting at the end of the bed, looking at me with a face void of any emotions

Youre not sleeping here.” 

Yes, I am.” 

This is it. I reached for the rope of my robe and untied it slowly without taking my eyes off Caspian

I saw his eyes squint as he followed my movement, but he didn‘t say anything, but I could hear his breathing change. I was affecting him, and it was the confirmation I needed as I reached for the collar of my robe and let it slip off my body

A growl vibrated from his chest as it fell down and pooled on m y feet

I was completely naked and I could see my Alpha’s eyes dilating into full obsidian black. His wolf wanted me. He wanted me. And that was all that mattered tonight

I let a seductive smile curve on my lips, hiding the nervousness I felt inside. It was now or never. Im all yours, Alpha...” 

Get dressed! And get out!” He stood up from where he was sitting as his breathing became hitched while his gaze swept all over my naked form

I walked towards him, biting my lower lip as I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, ignoring his anger. He would have pushed me away if he didnt want this, but he didnt

Instead, he moved swiftly and pinned my body against the wall, with my arms over my head

Is this what you want, Andrea?His voice came out hoarsely

His breath was brushing against the skin of my neck, sending pleasurable tingles in between my thighs as he pressed his bulging erection onto my wet core before tilting his head to look me straight in the eyes

I stared back at him, my eyes boring deep into his. I want you, Caspian. All of you...

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