IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 24

Chapter 24 


I was looking at the contract that was signed in blood by Alpha Melvin and Andrea’s father inside Riley’s office at the Silver Moon Pack territory, trying my best to memorize everything t o make sure I didn’t forget any details.

Riley was left with no choice but to let me inside his territory when one of the council members reached out to him and told him to show me the contract since I was Andrea’s legal guardian.

“Twenty million. I’ll transfer the money as soon as I reach home.” I rolled the scroll and placed it back on his desk, my lips pursing into a thin line as I waited for his response. I didn’t have twenty million in my account, but if I touched Alia’s money, I would be able to come up with that amount.

“No. Not a chance.”

“How much would you want to have?”

“The amount listed there. And the only reason I’m accepting that amount is because it was written on the contract. Otherwise, I would not trade Andrea for any amount of money.

“You’re fucking delirious!”

“As you are! Give it up, Caspian! She’s never going to be yours!

I slammed my hands onto his desk as my eyes dilated into full black. Zion was already in a rage, and if I let him take control, i t would be a major disaster. I knew his men were outside the office, and I was the only one allowed entrance into his territory. My Gamma was left at the border, and although I wasn’t scared of anything, I needed to get out of here alive for Andrea

“This has nothing to do with me! You’re a fucking asshole for pushing yourself into someone who clearly doesn’t want to be with you!” I spat at him, letting my anger course through my words.

Riley stood up from his chair and slammed his fists into the table as well. Our faces were now facing each other with just his big table between us. His face mirrored my emotions, and although he has the upper hand in the situation we’re in, I won’t stop telling him how much of a fucker he was.

“It fucking hurts, right? Let her go and let her choose who she wants to be with!”

“And you think she’s going to choose you? She hated you, Caspian! She hated you for sending her away and the only reason she was sticking to you was that she thought you were the only one who could help her out of this!”

His words fucking struck something. I had to remind myself

that this was not about me. I tried to shove off the devil in my head telling me everything Riley said was right. Regardless, if Andrea was using me or not, I would not let him get his hands on her.

“Does it hurt?” He chuckled and stood up straight, placing his hands in his pocket. “Andrea is going to be my Luna. Unless you sell your soul to come up with the money to buy her out.”

My hands coiled into fists. Fifty million for her freedom. All the private properties I own won’t be enough to cover this, and I would never even consider selling out my people. Riley’s father knew what he was doing when he put this amount on the contract.

“You forgot one more thing on that contract.”

“Her fated mate? Do you think she will find her mate? What do you think are the chances of her meeting her mate in my territory? You forgot that mates seldom belong to the same


“I will find her mate even if it’s the last thing I would do.”

Riley laughed loudly before he shook his head, a smug grin on his face. “You’ll never see her again once she turns eighteen. I’ll make sure of that.”

“Fuck you!” I launched on him and coiled my hand onto the collar of his shirt, aiming to punch him in the face, but I stopped myself at the right moment.

I swore to the council that I would not touch Riley, and if I wanted to be on their good side, I had to keep my words. I didn’t want to jeopardize my chance of taking Andrea away from this fucking blood pact.

Riley closed his eyes, waiting for the impact before he slowly opened them.

I shoved him off before walking towards the door. I wanted to get out of here already.

“Caspian…” He called after me, his voice back to his usual tone. “I know we were never really friends. We didn’t even get the chance to. But just so you know, I didn’t have any bad intentions towards Andrea. I will never enslave her or hurt her. One day, I’m sure Andrea will find it in her heart to love me. I just need a chance.”

I looked back at him, my eyes narrowing at him. “You can never justify your actions by telling me all your plans and hoping that one day, she’s going to love you back. If you really love her, you’ll let her have the life she wants. But I know you won’t because you’re fucking selfish!” I told him before I slammed the door shut on my way out.


My heart was heavy knowing the blood pact was real, and despite knowing there was a way out, I couldn’t find it in met o rejoice because I was running out of time.

I was silent on the ride home. My Gamma didn’t ask anything, and just let me on my own.

My mind was going haywire trying to understand how fucked u p this thing was.

Either way, Andrea would never end up with me. But at least if she found her mate, she would have another option.

I kept reminding myself that this was not about me. But I couldn’t stop the pain from overtaking my whole being.

I hope things weren’t as complicated as this. I wished she was an Alpha Female instead, and I would have the right to fight for her. But in this case, we were both at the losing end.

And my time with her was limited.

I closed my eyes as I stopped the tears from falling. I was never emotional. I thought I didn’t have any feelings left after the massacre of my own people more than three years ago.

Andrea was making me weak. I didn’t want to lose her.


Riley’s territory was just less than thirty minutes away from the territory border, and it had been three hours since Caspian left. I was hoping he got the answer that we were looking for.

Beta Paul stayed behind with me at the pack house. According t

o him, Caspian wanted him to look after me. And although I didn’t see the necessity of doing it, it warmed my heart that Caspian was looking out for me.

I spent the whole time at his office working on filing the archives when I saw the files of my parents. It was nothing unusual. The files I was working on were of members. Most were older members, so seeing my parents’ files was nothing surprising

A smile curved on my lips as I dusted off their folder, pulling it into my chest like it was real, like it was them that I was hugging

I placed the folder carefully in front of me and opened it.

Antonio and Rhea Milton. My name came from their combined


The first tear fell at the sight of their 1×1 pictures. I presumed these were taken when they were both fifteen.

Filings of the members of the Silver Moon pack would usually start when members reached the age of fifteen. I believed it was a universal routine as well.

My mother was beautiful. Her wavy hazel brown hair complemented her brown eyes and her small, luscious lips.

I ran my fingers over her picture, letting my fingers trace her nose and her lips. I missed her.

I smiled as I continued to read her files. Her mother was an

omega too. My eyes then stopped at the description of her father, my grandfather. He’s human.

I was about to read more when the door to the office opened, and I immediately shut the folder a little too abruptly and lifted my face to look at the door.

Caspian entered the room, smiling at me, but it wasn’t his usual smile, it didn’t reach his eyes. It only meant one thing, it didn’t go well with Riley.

I smiled at him and stood up from my chair, making my way towards him with careful steps. I wanted to ask about the contract, but I knew he would tell me if anything. I just wanted him to feel better right now.

I coiled my arms around his waist, tilting my head up to look a t him, flashing him my sweetest smile. “I missed you…”

“You did?” His hand reached for my butt, squeezing it once before lifting me off the ground.

I nodded my head, my arms now clinging to his neck as my legs wrapped around his hips. “Alpha Jacob called earlier. He said, he just wanted to remind you about his birthday gala in two days.”

“I know. I was on the phone with Gavin yesterday too. And you’re coming with me.”

I smiled at him before kissing his lips. I didn’t think I would get enough of how his soft lips tasted.

He pulled away from kissing me, and I whimpered in response, but I saw the solemn expression on his face, and it was scaring me now. “Riley is going to be there.”

“But… then maybe it’s better if I don’t come with you.”

“No. I’m not leaving you here when I’m thirteen hours away.”

“But I don’t want to see Riley.”

“I’m with you. He can’t touch you in there. But if you don’t want to go, we can skip it too. Although, I wanted to have a word with Jacob about your situation.”

I gulped. He was giving me an option, but I knew that whatever he needed from Alpha Jacob might help me. I just needed to trust Caspian.

“Then we’re going. It’s just that I’m afraid that Riley might stake his claim on me in there.”

“I’m not leaving you alone there. He can’t stake his claim on someone that doesn’t belong to him.” I saw possessiveness flaring in Caspian’s eyes as he said those words while moving u s, pressing my back against the cold wall.

I moaned as his lips found their way into my neck, sucking and nibbling my soft spot.

He growled lowly, against my skin, as a shiver of tingles rushed all over my body. “I’m going to show him who you belong to…”


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