IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 23



It has been two days since Riley came and revealed the blood pact. I thought it would break Caspian and me apart, but it only made us closer.

We have not talked about what we are to each other because maybe we knew the reality of my situation, but despite the lack of confirmation of our relationship, I found myself satisfied and happy for the first time in a long, long time.

I woke up late today because we spent the whole night playing cards and getting to know each other. Although it might be boring for others, I actually found myself enjoying it because I was with Caspian.

I found out last night that he has not been intimate with any woman since he became an Alpha, or even gone on a date or spent time with females, although he lost his virginity at fifteen.

His revelation made me happy. All this time, I was conscious that my lack of skills in bed might turn him off. But he admitted last night that since it had been years since he had had any bed actions, he was also not sure if he still knew how t o go about it too.

With these memories from last night, I headed to the kitchen for a late breakfast with a happy heart.

Caspian and his Beta and Gamma had already eaten their breakfast and were already in the warriors’ area, so I knew I would be eating alone.

I was already sitting at the kitchen counter with my food when Tanya came in.

I rolled my eyes at her, but instead of responding to my animosity, she smiled at me and sat herself down in front of where I was seated.

“Hi!” She greeted me, the smile still plastered on her face.

I raised my eyebrows as I forked my sausage and looked at her, “Do you need anything?”

“The Alpha told me to ask you if you wanted help with archiving those documents. He said he wasn’t sure if you needed help, so I’d better ask you.”

My brow arched higher. Something was off. Why does she look happy?

“I think I can handle it. I’ll let you know if it becomes too much and I need help.” I told her without smiling.

“Okay. Anyway, tell me, is it true?”

“What’s true?”

“Well, I was in the city yesterday and a friend from Silver Moon Pack told me that Alpha Riley had already informed them that you’re going to be his Luna?”

My fork stopped midway before I dropped it back onto my plate. Did Riley lose his mind?

“So… That’s why he was here last time? To officially ask for your hand from Caspian?”

No wonder this bitch was happy. She thought she could have Caspian all to herself now.

I just shrugged my shoulder and started eating again. There’s n o way I would confirm anything with her.

“So, how was it? I mean, Alpha Riley is so fucking hot! You need to be on your toes to keep his interest in you, or else his attention will slip somewhere.”

How I wish his attention would have slipped somewhere else.

“I don’t know what you mean by how was it.”

“I mean, come on! We’re both females here. I know we didn’t have a great start, but only because I thought you were after Caspian. But after finding out that you’re with Riley, I realized I was being unfair to you.”

Is she fucking serious now?

“So how is he in bed? Was he hard to please? Does he like being sucked?”

“Are you seriously asking me about those things?”

“Why not? I’m just thinking maybe I can help you. I think I’m

good at it.” She winked at me and started playing with her tongue so it would appear like she had a cock fucking her mouth.

“No, thanks. I think I can manage.”

“Well, if he’s anything like Caspian, then I think he will like…”

“Stop. I don’t want to hear anything about what you did to Caspian or whatever you’re planning to do with him.”

“Hey! Chill out! Just helping. And besides, I just want to share with you what Caspian loves to do in bed.”

“I said enough.”

“Are you seriously pissed off? Tell me, do you like Caspian? Because despite people saying you’re with Riley, my guts are telling me that you want Caspian. Am I right? But sorry to burst your bubbles, I’m pretty sure he will never like you. So stick to your own Alpha and leave Caspian alone!”

That’s it. I was done.

“How sure are you that Caspian will never like me? Have you asked him? Sorry to burst your bubble too, but whatever you knew about Caspian’s preferences in bed may have become a little out of date by now. And you don’t need to tell me anything because I surely know what he wants in bed and what can make him orgasm. Oh, and I think he told me as well that I gave him the best orgasm of his life, so suck it out because it means I’m better than you!”

I told her in one breath. I had no idea where I got the courage t o say those words, but she was irritating the hell out of me.

Her eyes were glaring with anger as her claws started to come



And just when I thought it was the end of me, Caspian came in just in the nick of time.

“Morning… Is there something wrong?” He leaned his shoulders against the pillar of the kitchen entrance while his eyes shifted from me to Tanya and back to me again.

Tanya was sitting with her back to the entrance, so Caspian didn’t see her claws, but she immediately retracted them once she heard Caspian’s voice.

“Tanya just offered to help with the archives, but I told her I could do it alone. She’s about to go.”

I answered as I slipped off the chair and took my plate away from the counter and cleaned it in the sink before placing it in the dishwashing machine.

I didn’t hear any words while I was in the sink. And I was guessing if they were talking, they were doing it through their mind links.

Not long after, I heard movement and footsteps going away.

I leaned my palms on the sink counter before turning my head

back to see if they left together, biting my bottom lip to stop myself from cursing if they did.

My eyes met Caspian’s. He was still in the same position, with his fingers running against his chin as he looked at me, a boyish smile on his lips.

My heart skipped a beat at the look he was giving me, and before I could stop myself, I was already grinning widely as I spun my body around, leaning my back against the sink counter.

“Good morning…” I greeted him, and it didn’t slip my eyes the carnal look on his face as his gaze roamed my body.

I was wearing regular jeans and a fitted shirt. Nothing unusual, yet he was making me feel like I was naked.

He licked his lip before shaking his head, snapping himself out of his own thoughts.

“How was your sleep?”


“Good. Now, what did my little minx tell Tanya that she looked like she was about to cry?”

“Nothing.” I shook my head as my eyes grew rounder, suppressing my laughter.

“You’re not a good liar.” He moved fast, and in seconds, he had already grabbed my waist and was holding me against his body.

“I swear, I’m innocent…”

“Tell me, I want to know…” He dipped his teeth into my neck and began nibbling my skin.

I raised my hands up, coiled them around his neck, and closed my eyes as he started to suck my skin harder.

“Hmmm…” I moaned, and not long after, I felt something getting harder and pointing at my crotch. “Caspian…”

“Tell me… Or I’m going to take you here for everyone to see.”

My eyes flew open. Was he serious?

He laughed and pulled away from sucking my neck before sitting down on the chair beside him and pulling me into his lap, my back against his chest while his arms were snaked around my waist.

I was sitting on his erection and it was enough to wet my core.

“It’s fine. You don’t need to tell me. I was just kidding.” He said as he started kissing my neck again, his hold on me getting tighter to stop me from wriggling my body.

“Well, she started it…” I started in a hushed tone. “…she told me she knew what you wanted in bed and was about to say

something that you liked, and I didn’t like that, so…”

He stopped kissing my neck as I tilted my head to look at him.

His eyebrows raised as he looked back at me, “So?”

“So… I told her I knew exactly what you wanted in bed and whatever she knew about you must be obsolete already. She got pissed off. Her fault, not mine.” I rolled my eyes, and Caspian started attacking my neck again before I turned my head and captured his lips.

In no time, my body was moved and shifted. I was now sitting facing him, straddling him as we kissed each other hard, only t o be interrupted by Beta Paul.

“Alpha… That’s enough. You have things to do.” His robotic voice snapped us out of our own reverie.

Caspian pulled away from kissing me as we both snapped our heads to look at Beta Paul, who was standing by the entrance o f the kitchen, pinching his nose. .

“Why the fuck are you holding your nose like that?” Caspian asked him.

“Oh! I was just protecting myself from your anger. Because I smelled something before I came in and I don’t think you want me to smell that…” He answered without letting go of his fingers on his nose, but he was smiling.

My face reddened as it sank in that he might have been talking

about the smell of my arousal. Fuck rank wolves’ sense of smell! They could smell everything.

Caspian chuckled and pecked my lips before slowly lowering me down to my feet. “I have to leave the territory, Andrea. I just came up here to tell you that.”

“And then he got distracted.” Beta Paul butted in.

I bit my lower lip and tried to ignore Beta Paul as I nodded my head.

“Where are you going?” I asked Caspian as I smoothened his


His eyes darted to Beta Paul before they went back to mine.” I’m going to Riley’s territory.”

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