IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 21

Chapter 21


As soon as Beta Paul sent me a mind link that Riley was already out of the territory, I rushed out of my room and headed for the forest.

I wish I had a wolf so I could run freely, but running with my feet wasn’t bad either. I ran until I reached the place Alia had once shown me when we were younger.

She told me not to tell anyone about this place because Caspian has not let anyone around here unless warriors need t o run past this area while patrolling. Caspian might be upset if he found me here, but’I couldn’t think of any other place I could let my soul out at the moment.

My heart was bleeding despite the relief that Riley wasn’t taking me with him today, because I knew my days were still numbered.

Sooner or later, he would come for me. And by then, I wouldn’t have any choice but to leave this pack and start a new life with him.

I leaned my hands on the ground behind me and tilted my face up to the sun, letting its beautiful rays run against my skin. I basked in the warmth that it was giving me, taking as much as I could because I didn’t know when I would be able to do this again.

The flowers danced in the breeze as broken twigs and dry leaves snapped.

Someone was approaching. And I hope I was right, that he was the one who followed me here.

I felt his presence before I could even smell him.

Damn this nose I have. I think I had the worst nose ever. I couldn’t even smell someone unless I dove my nose on them.

I let my eyes flutter, adjusting to the beam of the sun before I completely opened them, tilting my head to the side to see Caspian looking at me.

Relief washed over my features as I saw him. He went after me.

And then I saw the sadness in his eyes. He pitied my situation, and despite knowing I was in a bad place, I didn’t want that look in his eyes. I didn’t want him to pity me.

Tears started to well in my eyes, but I blinked them back before they could fall. I won’t be crying. Not in front of him.

“Hi!” I smiled at him, letting my eyes feast on his features before a frown formed on my face. “What happened to you?”

I reached my hand up to his cheek and touched the cut on his upper lip, brushing my thumb against his lips gently. It was healing, but it was still visible.

He smiled and held my hand in his, kissing my knuckles without taking his eyes off of me. “I bumped into a tree.”


“He hit you…”

“I hit him just as badly.”

“I’m sorry.”

“For what? That I got hit? It’s been a long time since I went for a brawl. It’s actually felt nice to hit someone back without feeling any guilt afterward.”

I swallowed as I pulled my hand from him and hugged my knees against my chest.

“Why didn’t you tell me? About the blood pact.”

“I didn’t know it would mean anything.” I took a deep breath waiting for him to say,something. When he didn’t, I continued talking. “When you sent me away, it only gave Riley a reason t o come after me. And I thought since he was the only one who wanted me, then maybe it wouldn’t be that bad to end up with him.” I said in a low voice.

I felt his body go rigid beside me as his hands coiled into fists.

“I didn’t send you away because I didn’t want you here. I was a new Alpha. I lost almost everything after the attack. The whole army was cut in half. My father, the Alpha, and his Beta died in the battle, and his Gamma was heavily injured. I, Paul, and Carlos were thrown into the position earlier than we anticipated. We wanted to think we were ready, but we’re not.

And then, there’s Alia. And then you. Alia was sixteen, and

despite being stubborn, she knew how to keep herself out of trouble.”

“Are you saying I caused you trouble?” I snapped at him with my eyes glaring at him. “I was, the most behaved person I know. Aside from Alia.”

I knew that sounded like a stupid statement but I didn’t know how to express my sentiment that I was brought up nicely by my parents and I rarely caused trouble for anyone.

He chuckled and raised his eyebrows, “You didn’t let me finish. You broke the magic already.”

“Magic? What do you mean?” I asked, returning his with my own hiked brow.

“Nothing.” His eyes drifted away.

“Fine. Then continue talking.”

“I can’t anymore.”



My body jolted as he cursed under his breath. Did I say something wrong?

“I’m sorry. I won’t interrupt you again.”

“That’s it! You’re trouble. You just say one thing, and I can’t think straight anymore. I didn’t send you away because I

didn’t want you. I sent you away because I wanted you badly. All of you! And I was afraid that if you stayed while I was picking up and mending my pack, I’d lose my mind trying to figure out how to avoid you so I wouldn’t get distracted.

You were only fifteen, but when you fucking smiled at me, I would lose my concentration and forget things I needed to do then. I couldn’t handle that. I have too much responsibility on my shoulder and I was scared if you were around, you would be my scapegoat and in the end, I might just hurt you. You were the only sunshine in my fucking life that time and I was scared that if I hurt you or I crossed the line, I might totally lose you.”

He was blabbering. He was saying so many things, but only one thing stuck. He wanted me. All of me.

I let his words sink in.:He wanted me then. And everything else in my thoughts vanished.

I closed my eyes for a while before letting a wide smile curve o n my lips.

“And now? Did it change? Does the Alpha still want me?” My voice came out soft and I didn’t know where the sexiness came from, but I was purring inside.

I moved my body and kneeled in front of him, my hands holding on to his knees for support.

Caspian swallowed hard as his gaze shifted to mine. He wasn’t smiling, but he wasn’t frowning either.

“I want answers…” I told him as I bit my lower lip, my eyes scrutinizing his.

“I can’t have you.” His voice broke, and before I knew it, his shoulders started shaking as he fought the sobs from coming out. He coiled his arms around my body and pulled me closer t o him.

I ended up sitting on his lap, straddling him with his head resting on my chest, as he sobbed softly against my bosom.

My mouth opened in shock. I almost forgot the ordeal I was in with his revelation. I forgot I was not a free woman.

“Caspian…” I let my own tears fall. Not because I was not a free woman, but because the man I wanted to shield from this pain was already hurting because of me.

“I want you, Andrea… I never stopped wanting you. And it’s

looked at me. Both our faces were wet with tears now. “Tell m e you want Riley, and I will let you go. Even if it kills me. I want you to be able to choose who you want to be with.”


He cupped my face, wiping the tears from my cheeks with his thumbs. “Just give me one reason, one reason and I will move heaven and earth to take you out of that blood pact. Answer m e, baby. Do you want him?”

I shook my head as my body started to shake. “I’m scared,

Caspian. Riley is not a bad person, but I don’t want him. Help me… please.” I finally said it.

I finally asked for his help, and despite the heaviness in my heart, a part of me was relieved that I was able to say those words that I was so scared to say, that I needed someone to help me out of this.

Caspian leaned his face closer to mine. With his hands still cupping my cheeks, he peppered my face with soft kisses, mixing our tears together. “I will… do… everything… little minx… to take you… away… from that… shit hole… Okay?”

I nodded my head with my eyes closed while my hands held on to his chest.

“We’ll find a way. You.and me.” He leaned his forehead against mine, his peppermint breath running against my face.

For the first time in a long time, I had hope. I believed him.

And even if, in the end, we don’t succeed, knowing that I won’t be fighting this battle alone was enough. I have Caspian by my side. That alone was enough.

“Kiss me, Caspian.” I clutched his shirt tightly as I opened my eyes, staring directly at his.

“Are you sure?” He swallowed as his piercing gaze searched for something in my eyes.

I nodded my head. My hands, clutching his shirt, were trying t o pull his body closer to mine, but he wasn’t bulging.

“I thought you said you didn’t want anything to do with me?” A smug grin slowly crept into his mouth, and from the way he was smiling, I knew he was teasing me.

I rolled my eyes playfully at him before I spoke, “I’ll count to five, if you don’t kiss me by…” And my words were cut short when his lips mashed against mine, his hand cupping the back of my head, holding me in place as he devoured my mouth.

He was kissing me hungrily and bruisingly hard as if he wanted to destroy my lips, but I just let him. I was taking all of what he was giving me while giving him everything I had.

“Andrea…” He growled in between our kisses, as I felt the wetness pooling in my core. His voice alone was sending delicious tingles in between my legs. “I can smell your arousal.

He pulled away from kissing me and shifted my body around, s o I was sitting on his lap with my back against his chest. My whole body was too weak with his kisses that I just let him guide me.

He parted my legs wider before he tilted my head to the side and captured my lips again with one arm coiled against my body, holding me close to him.

His free hand slipped under my dress and went straight into m y wet panties, slipping them to the side so he could access my wet pussy.

I moaned against his lips as his fingers brushed against my pussy folds before he parted them open and slid two thick fingers inside without any warning. I gasped, my lips parting, a s I rested my head against his shoulder while his fingers started to fuck my throbbing pussy.

I could hear the sound of my own slickness as he kept ramming his fingers in and out of me harshly. “Fucking wet, baby… This is Caspian’s pussy, right? This one is fucking made for me…”

His voice was so sexy and possessive that if he asked me to sell my soul to him right now, I would give it all to him. Anything h

e wanted.

I was moaning and whimpering under his touch. “Yes, my pussy is yours. Just yours! Oh, Goddess!”

I opened my legs wider and lifted the skirt of my dress over my hips so he could see what his fingers were doing on me. My bare pussy was open for him to see.

“Fuck!” His voice was raspy and full of desire, as my head lolled back in ecstasy while my hips bucked to meet his every thrust. “You’re mine, Andrea.”

I felt his fangs grazing over my neck as I closed my eyes. Rationality was out of the window, I knew no one is allowed to mark anyone under the age of eighteen but if Caspian marked me today, I would think about the consequences tomorrow.

“I’m yours… All yours!” I moaned as he growled before his fangs sank into my arm, at the same time that my body shuddered into a full orgasm. “Caspian!”


Author’s Note: 

Andrea wasn’t marked – Caspian directed his fangs into her arm instead. Just wanted to make it clear. :D

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