IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 2

Chapter 2



I woke up late, and it was all Caspian’s fault. He kept me awake all night.


I chuckled as I walked with a faster stride through the corridor of my dormitory.


It wasn’t Caspian’s fault, it was all mine. I couldn’t help thinking about him, especially after the way we talked on the phone last night. By the time my mind was tired, it was almost dawn. I only got a couple of hours of sleep as a result, but I wasn’t complaining. It wasn’t every night that I got to hear his voice. In fact, it was only last night that I got to talk with him, so let me enjoy the moment while it lasts.


Because it wasn’t going to last long.


“Andrea!” I heard a voice calling after me.


I spun around and saw Celeste approaching, a big smile on her face as she batted her eyelashes at me.


Celeste worked as the receptionist in my dormitory, and since I didn’t really hit it off with humans my age, I tried making friends with humans who were older than me. And Celeste was one of them.


“Good morning, Celeste! I would really love to chat with you, but I’m running late.” I was shifting on my feet, ready to dash off but she wasn’t letting me go.


“I know that! Because I’ve been waiting here for you to pass by since thirty minutes ago.”


“Why? Did I do something wrong?” My mind flew to the girl last night, did she tell the headmistress of the dormitory that I was on the phone too long?


“You and your pessimistic mind. Of course, there’s nothing wrong! But lover boy is here!” She pointed at the small waiting room on the other side of the reception hall, her brows wiggling so that I couldn’t stop my eyes from rolling.


There was only one lover boy that got Celeste all hyped up. Riley.


I let out a deep breath and looked at her, “I’ll be late then for my first class. Would you mind making an excuse letter for me? Anything to save my ass. I want to graduate next week. Please.”


“Anything for you, my dear! Now go! And don’t keep the hot guy waiting! Or his eyes might falter and land on me!” She giggled and made her way back to her desk as I let out another sigh before heading to where Riley was while clutching my bag tightly.


How I wish Riley’s eyes would wander somewhere else, anywhere but on mine.


Riley opened the door even before I could make my presence known. He must have been watching from the glass wall.


Riley could make any girl turn her head at him just by merely standing, and I wondered why he was wasting his time on me. He was good-looking, sporting long, sandy brown hair, a perfect chiseled nose and jaw, and a body everyone would die to touch. Except me.


There must be something wrong with me.


“Hi!” I smiled weakly and sat on the single couch inside the room. “What are you doing here?”


“Just thought of visiting my Luna.”


“Riley, please.”


“It’s bound to happen, Andrea. Why are you trying to avoid it?”


“Not until I’m 18. So please don’t pressure me. At least, let me have a choice while I still can.”


“Fine. So about your Graduation Ball…”


“Caspian is coming with me?”


“Why?” It didn’t slip my eyes when a scowl formed on his face.


“He’s my guardian,” I replied nonchalantly although my heart was beating faster.


“I don’t think your classmates will bring their father or uncle to the Ball.”


“I don’t understand why I needed to explain it to you.”


“I’m your future Alpha, Andrea.”


“You said it yourself. Future Alpha. Not yet. I still get to decide for myself. So, please… ” I let out another sigh. “I need to go now. I’m late for my class.”


“Don’t let Caspian touch you, Andrea. I swear if he ever lay a finger…”


“Shut up, Riley! Caspian isn’t like that. And besides, he never thought of me that way. I’m just simply a sister to him or worse a burden.”


“And you, Andrea? What is he to you?” He was gritting his teeth. He knew the answer and I wondered why he kept asking the same question over and over.


“I guess the answer doesn’t matter at all. It will never change anything. I’ll go to my class now.” I stood up, clutching my bag as I made my way towards the door.


“I’ll see you then, at your Graduation.”


“No! You’re not coming on my graduation!” I spun around abruptly, my eyes glaring at him.


“And why?” His brows furrowed, lips pursing into a thin line.


“Because I said so.”


“And how the fuck would I know what happened to you after graduation? How would I contact you? Besides, I told you, you could come home with me.”


“I have a pack, Riley. I will go home to that pack. And besides, I don’t think Caspian will ban you from going to or calling to his pack. You can visit me there!”


“Andrea… Please don’t make it hard for me.”


“And me? Do you think this is easy for me? You’re leaving me with no choice!” I snarled at him before walking out of the visitor’s room.


All these years, I tried my hardest to be nice and respectful to Riley, but the closer to my eighteenth birthday, the more difficult it became to control my outburst.


There was nothing wrong with Riley.


Through the years, he had never shown me anything but understanding and respect. He agreed with the boundaries I set for us, even if he was not okay with them.


And I tried to hold on to that because it was the only thing left to me – to make a decision for myself until I turned 18.


After that, I would no longer be me. I would be owned by someone I never wanted to be with.


My family used to belong to the Silver Moon Pack under Alpha Melvin, Riley’s father.


My father was an ordinary warrior and was mated to my mother, an Omega of the pack.


After my mother died, my father did everything he could so he could transfer to another pack. And he has chosenCaspian’s pack. Caspian’s father, Alpha Gustav, was the Alpha for the Blue Meadows Pack at the time.


My father and Alpha Gustav became life-long friends, so it didn’t puzzle me when he chose to transfer to his pack.


But it was only when it was time for us to leave Riley’s pack that the real reason unfolded why he wanted us to move away.






Andrea – 14 years




“Hurry up, sweetheart. Alpha Gustav’s men are already waiting by the border. And you will get to see Alia every day.” My father’s voice was happy, and it made me glad as well.


He hasn’t been the same since my mother died. And I fully understand him. I was lost without her too, and we were just trying to get by and survive without her.


I smiled as I picked up all the bags that I was supposed to carry and glanced up at the living room I grew up in. I would miss everything about this place, especially since it was the only place I had memories of my mother, and now I would be letting it go completely.


But I was happy to move away.


I never really felt that I belonged in this pack. I never had friends here. Girls my age were ignoring me all the time, or worse, throwing insults my way when there was no one around us. It was only because Riley, the Alpha’s son, was vocal about his feelings for me, and it was riling up the other girls who were crushing on him.


Not that I cared. I never liked Riley that way.


My eyes were set on only one boy, the next Alpha of the Blue Meadows Pack, Caspian. And it was the reason I was happy to go away from here and move to Caspian’s pack.


“I see you’re ready to go.” A booming voice snapped me out of my thoughts as my head spun towards the door. I saw my father freeze in his spot before he bowed his head in respect to the man by the door.


“Alpha,” My father’s voice was shaking, and it baffled me.


Why was he afraid of the Alpha? He always seemed to be a nice man to me.


Alpha Melvin nodded at my father in acknowledgment before his eyes drifted to mine. I smiled at him and bowed down, to which he returned with a warm smile.


“I want a word with you,” The Alpha’s attention was back on my father, and my father just nodded before he turned around and ordered me to go to my room.


Without any words, I walked towards my room and closed it, but I didn’t close it enough so I could hear their conversation. I wanted to know why my father sounded scared of the Alpha.


“You know, leaving my pack doesn’t mean you can undo what is bound to happen.”


“Alpha, please. I would do everything and just let it slide. I was drunk. I didn’t know what I was doing.”


“What’s done is done. Once she turns 18, I want her back in my territory. And make sure she’s untouched.”


“Alpha, please. We could destroy the blood pact with another blood pact. I will offer my life in exchange for Andrea.”


“You’re free to go. Your service is no longer needed here.” The Alpha’s voice was cold as he turned around and left without any more words.


My father was still frozen in his spot, and as much as I tried to understand their conversation, I was still lost.


Were they talking about me? What would happen once I turned 18?


“Papa…” I called for my father, my voice breaking as tears fell down from my eyes.


My father was crying, and it was breaking my heart.


“I’m sorry, I failed you. I’m sorry.” Papa mumbled under his breath as he clutched his hands on his chest, his body dropping to his knees.


“I don’t understand, Papa. Did you sell me to the Alpha?”


My father shook his head, and I let out a sigh of relief, only to be crushed more.


“I entered a blood pact, Andrea. I committed you toRiley once you turn eighteen as his Chosen Mate.”


My whole body shook as his words sank in. No! No! Not Riley! Please!


“I’m sorry. I was too drunk. I didn’t know what I did. I’m sorry…”


I didn’t hear the rest of his words as my body hit the ground and, soon enough, darkness took over.




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