IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 19

Chapter 19 


I have never felt so low and unimportant as I feel right now. Being the Alpha of one of the strongest packs on this side of the country, almost on par with the Black Shadow Pack, I never had to be thoroughly searched just to be allowed entrance into another territory.

In fact, I never once went to any territory without any advance notice. But I was doing it now, and I was letting them treat me like I was a threat to them all because of one woman.


I grew up without knowing who my mother was. All I knew was that she left before I could even talk. All I had was my father. And although he was strict and a control freak, he did love me in his own way.

And then there was Andrea. She was around all the time. Her mother, up to the moment she died, was one of the cooks in the packhouse. And that’s where I met Andrea.

She was two years old when I first saw her, and ever since, my young heart had always reserved a special place for her.

She was the only female I allowed to enter the walls I created t o steer away from any females around me.

The fondness grew into something else through the years.




14 years old


10 years old


13 years old

“Hi!” I greeted her as I moved away from leaning against the wall outside her school building and approached her.

Her little body jumped at the sound of my voice before she let out a scowl. “Don’t do that. You know, I get startled so fast.” She let out a huff while clutching her shoulder bag in front of her body. “What are you doing here?”

“Waiting for you,” I answered as we started walking. “So we can go home together.”

“You don’t need to. I can walk home on my own.”

“It isn’t safe, and what can a ten-year-old do if someone tries to grab you?”

“No one will do that. Besides, Marcia and her friends are ignoring me because you keep talking to me.”

“Ignore them. We can hang out all the time.”

“But I want to have female friends.”

I just let out a sigh and let her lead the way home. She didn’t say anything more until we reached the packhouse.

“I’m going home.”

“Your mama is still here. Come in first, I’m sure she made some snacks for us.”


I stepped ahead of her, but when I reached the front door and didn’t feel her presence behind me, I turned around in time to see her slowly sitting down on the steps.

What are you still doing there?”

“Who is that?” She asked in a soft voice, and my eyes followed her line of sight.

Standing a hundred meters to the side of the packhouse was m y father and another Alpha, with his son.

“Alpha Gustav. He’s the Alpha of the nearest pack from our territory.”

“No. The boy with them.”


“Nothing. I have never seen him before.”

And it was after that that I noticed the change in her.

Andrea was never the girl who took the time to dress up or put on fancy clothes. One of the reasons I liked her was her simplicity

But whenever Alpha Gustav came to the territory with his son, Caspian, Andrea would always end up around the packhouse, dressed up in her best dress with ribbons in her hair.

I didn’t say anything. I just observed how she was smitten by the Alpha’s son.

I was secured because, despite all of Andrea’s efforts, Caspian never smiled at her. Nor did he pay any attention to her.

Until that fateful day when Andrea was twelve. I found them u p in the tree by the meadow. Caspian had Andrea in his arms, clutching her tightly with his eyes closed, while Andrea was resting her head on his neck.

My heart was crushed that day, but I didn’t tell anyone what I saw. It was then that I knew I was losing her completely.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” My father grabbed my arms to stop me from thrashing around my room. I was in a rage. My sixteen-year-old self couldn’t accept that a fifteen year-old had taken Andrea’s attention away from me.

“Enough!” My father’s voice was cold and determined, but I wasn’t scared. I never feared anything except losing her.’ What’s going on?”

“Caspian! I don’t want him inside the territory from now on!” I shouted as I shoved off my father’s hand from my arms.

“Did you have a fight with him?”

“No! It’s about Andrea! She likes him, and I know he likes her


“Riley! Enough of this Andrea nonsense! In two years, you will meet your own mate, and you’ll forget about her!”

“I don’t want my mate! Who says the Goddess can decide for u s? Look at you! Where is your fucking mate?”

My father growled, and I knew I had reached my limit this time but I wasn’t cowering.

“That fucking mate is your mother! Stop disrespecting her!”

“You’re impossible! She left you, and yet you still can’t seem t o forget about her. I don’t want a life like that! I want my own Luna and I will only have Andrea.”

“Riley! Enough! We’ll discuss this once you turn eighteen. Calm down. I’ll see what I can do about Caspian.”

“No. I’m not calming down! I want a guarantee that Andrea will end up with me!”

“What do you mean?”

“I will ask Andrea to be my Luna.”

“Are you insane? Andrea is just twelve. What does she know about engagement and union?”

“I don’t know.” I lugged my tired body and sat down at the

end of my bed before palming my face. “I don’t know, Dad. I can’t lose her. I really want her.”

“If I can fix and betroth Andrea for you, what happens if you find your mate and end up not wanting Andrea anymore?”

“It’s not going to happen. I don’t want any other Luna except her. Or you can go find another Alpha to take my place.”

Although I was serious about my threat, I didn’t know that my father took it seriously.

I had no idea my father was working on a plan to tie Andrea’s fate into mine..

I only found out on the day that she was about to leave with her father and move to Alpha Gustav’s pack, Caspian’s pack.

I was inconsolable that day. I was blaming my father for allowing the transfer. I was losing her completely.

I had just turned eighteen by then and was capable of scenting my mate, but I wasn’t looking. I didn’t want my mate. My heart was set on one female, and my father simply let her slip from my grasp.

And that was when he told me about the blood pact.

I didn’t believe him until I saw the contract signed in his and Andrea’s father’s blood.

I have mixed emotions. I knew this was wrong, to force her. But I wanted her.

I didn’t have to use the blood pact unless I was left with no choice.

And then Caspian gave me hope when he sent Andrea away.

I spent the first year trying to woe her in the best way I could.

I was there with her most of the time, not minding the six hour drive back and forth just to see her almost twice a week. I would take her to the shop so she could buy everything she needed from her personal items to the things she needed for school.

She was nice to me, but I knew she didn’t feel the same way

I learned the hard way that sometimes, you can’t teach your heart, the same way I couldn’t stop myself from obsessing about her.

And then I got restless and told her about the blood pact. And t o my surprise, she was aware of it. She asked me if there was a way out of it. I told her there were none.

I lied.

There was a way out, but there was no way I was letting her know about it.

I was selfish. I knew that. But I only have one shot of happiness, and I wanted to grab it.

She told me she had accepted it. She accepted us. She said she would try, but even if she did, there was no change in her.

She still couldn’t find it in her heart to love me.

And now that she was back in Caspian’s territory, I knew it would only take a matter of time before she completely fell for him again. And that was the day I was dreading.



“We’re here.” Beta Paul’s voice snapped me out of my own thoughts as my eyes gazed drifted to the front of the car.

We stopped at the front of a big packhouse, and standing outside it was Caspian, with a solemn expression on his face. I knew I wasn’t welcome here, the same way he wasn’t welcome in my life.

I made my way towards the man I loathed the most and extended my hand for courtesy as I stopped in front of him.” Good to see you, Alpha Caspian.” My voice came out cold.


He looked at my hand before taking it to shake it firmly.” Alpha Riley, anything you need from my pack?” His voice matched the coldness of mine.

“I was hoping I could talk to you in private.”

He cocked his head to the side. “In my office then.”

Our Betas were about to follow us, but I stopped them. “I want to talk with Alpha Caspian alone.”

I saw Caspain nod at his Beta before he walked straight to his office with me trailing behind me.

Once we reached his office, I closed the door and didn’t waste any more time.

“I’m here for Andrea. I want her back in my territory once she turns eighteen. Or, if you’d rather send her away now, I’ll be glad to take her with me today.”

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