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IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 16

Chapter 16 


I was eager to come home after being away for the whole day with my Gamma. I left Beta Paul in the pack house because I couldn’t trust my Gamma around Andrea at this point.

By the time we reached the packhouse, it was dinner time.

Both Andrea and Beta Paul were missing from the dining table. Paul said he was eating dinner with his parents while I couldn’t reach Andrea’s mindlink. But based on what the helper said, Andrea was just upstairs and told her she wasn’t that hungry yet.

As soon as dinner was over, I left the Gamma on the dining table and proceeded to the third floor. I couldn’t wait to see Andrea.

I missed her and I did everything I needed to do on the other side of the territory, so I didn’t have to go back there tomorrow and could spend time with her in the packhouse.

Her scent enveloped me the moment I neared her room, and I couldn’t stop the excitement brewing inside me.

Was this how it feels to have someone to go home to?

A smile was still tugging on my lips as I placed my knuckles on her door, knocking softly. “Andrea?”

My heart fluttered as I heard movement inside her room and then the door opened.

The expression on her face wiped the smile off my mouth and was replaced by worry and confusion.

She was scowling. Her eyebrows hiked up as she tilted her head to meet my eyes. Her eyes were dead, with no emotions a tall.

“Yes?” Her voice was cold and, for some reason, it brought chills down my spine.

I never get frightened easily, but the way her voice sounded was scaring the fuck out of me. Did I do something wrong?

“You didn’t eat dinner,” I said in a low voice as I forced a smile on my mouth.

She rolled her eyes at me before she spoke. “I’m not hungry. It’s not like it’s the first time I didn’t have dinner.”

“Is there something wrong?”

“No. Is there something wrong?” She repeated the question back to me.

“Can we talk?”

“Aren’t we talking?”

She was confusing the hell out of me and I was slowly losing m y patience.

“Inside your room.”

“No. I’m not letting anyone inside my room. Say what you want to say here. I want to sleep early tonight.”

“What the fuck is going on?” My voice raised and I saw her body jolt, but her face still showed no emotions.

“Can you tone down your voice?” He snapped at me and attempted to close the door in my face, but I was faster. I slipped my body inside her room before she could push it closed

“Hey! I told you I don’t want you inside my room!” She opened the door wide again, her eyes glaring at me, and I finally snapped!

I grabbed the door and slammed it shut. My face tilted down to look at her. “Tell me what the fuck is going on with you? Did I do something wrong? Are you mad that I was away the whole day? I was working with Carlos! Go ask him if that bothers you?

“Why the fuck would I want to know what you’re doing with your life? The hell I care, Caspian! Now if you have nothing more to say, get out!” Her finger pointed at the door as my wolf, Zion, took over.

He was furious, and before I could control him, I already cupped Andrea’s cheeks and spun us around, pressing her back against the wall before I crushed my lips into hers.

She was motionless for a second before her hands started to ram into my chest. She was wriggling her body away from me, but I wasn’t letting her go until she bit my lips and I tasted blood.

I pulled away from kissing her. Pain was flashing across my eyes while her face was showing nothing but anger.

“Stay the fuck away from me! Just because you’re the Alpha here doesn’t mean you can just do whatever you want!”

“Tell me, what the fuck did I do wrong?”

“Nothing! Nothing! Let’s just cut the crap and move on!”

“Move on! You were fucking weak in my arms last night, and I’m not going away until I get my answer!”

“You want answers? Here’s your answer, I don’t like you! I have Riley. And whatever happened last night, or the other night, just forget about it! Because it meant nothing!”

“You’re fucking lying! I know what I saw and felt! You can’t deny there’s something between us!”

“I’m just returning the favor, Caspian. Now get lost.” Her voice was low now and her gaze dropped to the floor, her finger pointing to the door again.

“What? Returning the favor? For what? For all the money I spent on you? Is that what it was? What are you now, a fucking whore who’ll use her body…” I regretted it the moment it left

my tongue, but I was not able to stop myself before her little hand reached my jaw.

She slapped me. And it stung.

But the pain was nothing compared to the pain that crossed her eyes. It was only for a split second before it turned into a rage.

“Get out!”

“Andrea, I’m sorry…” I tried to hold her shoulders, but she was slapping my hands away. “Please listen to me. I didn’t mean to say that: I just want to…”

I continued to apologize, but she wasn’t hearing it.

“Get out! If you don’t get out now, I’ll go, and you’ll never see me again here! Out!”

I let out a sigh as my eyes started to sting. Tears were threatening to fall, but I was fighting it, “Can we talk tomorrow?”

“No. I don’t want anything to do with you and your pack! I’ll b e out here before you know it! So just get off my back and just let me live!”

I couldn’t fight her anymore. With defeated shoulders, I turned around and opened her door.

I took one last look at her, but she was already heading towards the center of her room. She didn’t even glance back at all.

I closed the door with a heavy heart.

What did I do wrong?

I went straight ahead to my office while sending a mindlink to my Beta to come back as soon as he was able to.

I swiped the whiskey glass standing on the shelves before grabbing a bottle of rhum. I usually didn’t find pleasure in drinking, but my body and mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening. I needed something to hold on to. A fucking rhum was the only thing I could find right now, aside from the temptation of punching a hole in these walls around me.

I gulped down the rest of the alcohol in my glass as I walked towards my desk, my mind still clouded with confusion. Something happened while I was away, and I was hoping my Beta could answer me.

I threw the glass against the adjacent wall before slumping into my chair at the exact moment my Beta opened the door.

“Whoah!” His eyes widened as he followed the movement of the flying glass straight into the wall. “Chill, man! What the fuck is going on?”


“You tell me. What the fuck happened with Andrea? She was okay when I left her and now she was fucking irritated to see m


My Beta took a deep breath before he rested his back against the wall and placed his hands in his jeans pocket. “Maybe it has something to do with Riley?”

“What do you mean?”

“Riley called this afternoon.”

I could feel my eyes dilating as I hissed at my Beta, “Why the fuck did you give the phone to her?”

“I didn’t. She was here at the office doing those.” His finger pointed at the documents sitting on the single round table at the far end of the office. “And when I came back, I heard her talking with someone, but it was hard to understand since I was outside the room.”

My breathing hitched as I tried to calm my wolf. I was on the verge of shifting, and this wasn’t a good sign. Zion could create havoc when threatened, and that was the reason I rarely let my wolf out. He was my exact opposite.

“And then I told her if she was still with Riley, and she said yes. I thought I’d push her buttons more and make her choose between you and Riley because I saw how she was controlling herself around Tanya, so I was fucking sure she would choose you. But then it backfired and she said, nothing will happen between you and her again.”

My heart was crushed by my Beta’s words.

“I’m sorry, man. I tried. I think I’ll bring in Tanya last night to make her jealous, so she can make up her mind about you and

just drop Riley. But it looks like she’s still sticking with him.”

I rested my elbows on my desk and palmed my face. I could feel my heart constricting my air ducts. I needed air.

Without words, I leaped from my chair and opened the big window at the corner of the room, and jumped out, summoning Zion out as the rumble in my throat deepened to a snarling growl.

I let my wolf run under the moonless sky, grieving the loss of the female who was never ours, to begin with.

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