IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 15

Chapter 15 


“Oh, Goddess!” She moaned as my fingers spread her pussy folds open and began licking in between. She tasted fucking good, sweeter than I thought she would taste, and I couldn’t stop myself from eating her.

She was like an addiction. I couldn’t stop myself from lapping and sucking all her juices, and when I was already satisfied with how much I had drunk from her, I started tongue fucking her.

She whimpered and wriggled under my hold while her mouth was cursing and saying incoherent words that were making m y lust for her shoot up.

She was a perfect mess, and the way her body was reacting to my assault on her pussy was driving my throbbing erection wild.

I rubbed her clit harder as I continued to fuck her with my tongue before I inserted a finger inside her, eliciting a moan from her as her body jerked up. “Caspian!”

“You’re tight, baby…” My voice was raspy as I mumbled against her wet pussy. Her slickness kept on leaking as my fingers slid in and out of her while my tongue was capturing all her essence.


And then her grip on my hair tightened while her legs clamped over my head as her body started to convulse as her orgasm exploded.

“Caspian…” She moaned in a sultry voice, and I tilted my head just enough to see her face. She was fucking beautiful, and the sight of her, while she was riding out her orgasm, was captivating

Hunger flared in my eyes as I licked and lapped her juices up to the last drop while my hand was coiled around my own dick, jerking myself when Andrea rose up from laying down.

She got down on all her fours and crawled in front of me. Before I could stop her, she had pried my hand away from my cock and replaced it with hers. And in no time, she was sucking my dick like she was hungry for it. My hand flew to her hair and gripped it tightly while I savored the feel of her wet and warm mouth as she started to bob her head up and down into my cock. I bucked my hips as I kept her head in place with my hand. Her eyes started to water as drool dripped from the corner of her mouth as my orgasm built up.

I kept fucking her mouth deeper until my muscles clenched and my cum exploded inside her mouth.

“Andrea! Fuck!” I growled before I pulled my dick away from her and wrapped an arm over her small frame, tucking her beside me before collapsing our bodies onto the mattress. Andrea was still licking her lips and her fingers as she wiped m y cum that drizzled out of her mouth as she scooted her head

into my chest.

What she did was unexpected, and I couldn’t help but marvel a t the female I was holding in my arms.


The sun was already up by the time I woke up, and Caspian was nowhere beside me.

Memories of last night flashed in my head, and I couldn’t help but grin at the wonderful feeling it gave me.

Caspian’s mouth and fingers were amazing. I have seen videos of women being pleasured in that way, and I never thought I would get to experience it and actually enjoy it. And I was happy that Caspian let me return the favor last night. I wanted to feel his cock inside my mouth, and giving him his orgasm was the most exciting part.

With butterflies in my stomach, I stood up from his bed and slipped on the pajamas that he took off of my body when my eyes caught sight of a note sitting on his table. I grabbed it as my heart fluttered.

He left me a note.

He would be on the other side of the territory, and he might be out for the whole day. He wanted me to reach out to Beta Paul s o he could discuss what I needed to do with the documents that they needed help with re-filing. But he was nice enough to add that only if I wanted to because he didn’t really ask me about it beforehand.

A smile crept onto my lips as I kissed his note before I happily went out of his room and into mine.

The day went by slowly, but I was still on cloud nine. Beta Paul told me where I could start and what I needed to do.

I was at Caspian’s office for almost the whole day, and despite enjoying what I was doing, I couldn’t wait for the day to end so I could see Caspian again.

But my daydreaming was cut short when the phone rang.

I contemplated whether I should answer it or not, but my mind was telling me it might be Caspian, and I couldn’t wait to hear his voice.

“Blue Meadows Pack. How may I help you?” I answered chirpily without introducing myself. It would be easier to find my way out if I didn’t know how to handle the call.


My heart thumped loudly as my eyes widened at the voice coming from the other end.



“Oh, thank Goddess!” His voice sounded relieved as he let out a deep sigh. “I was already worried that I would not be able to contact you.”

“Why are you calling?”

“Of course, I’m calling to check on you. When did you arrive there?”


“And where were you after your graduation ball? You didn’t go back to your dormitory, and I talked with Celeste the next morning. She said, you went and picked up your things before lunchtime. Where were you the whole night?”

“Riley, please… Stop!” I rolled my eyes and let out a huff.

“I swear to the Goddess if Caspian…” I cut him off before his voice could become higher.

“Stop! Caspian didn’t do anything!” I snapped at him.

“Did you fucking sleep together in one room?”

“No! He booked a separate room for me.” My heart was beating so loudly that I hoped he would never be able to sense my lies. “Stop suffocating me.”

“You still don’t understand how much I care for you?” His voice came out low and desperate. “Tell me what’s wrong with me? Am I not enough? I tried to be at my best for you. I fucking save myself for you, Andrea, and the thought of another man touching you…”

“Riley, please…” My words came out soft. He was making me ‘feel so fucking guilty again. “I didn’t ask you to do that for me…”

“I wanted to do it for you… Just give a fucking chance, Andrea.”

I didn’t know what to say anymore. My heart was crushed at the pain in his voice. Riley wasn’t a bad man, and I knew he cared deeply for me. But he was doing it the wrong way.

And my heart wasn’t beating for him.

“Did you tell Caspian about the blood pact?”


“When will you tell him?”

“Before I turn eighteen.” I knew I would tell him sooner or later. I was just looking for the right opportunity.

“No. I don’t want to wait that long. Tell him today or I’ll be the one to break the news to him.”

“No! You’re not going to do that!” I hissed. I hated that he was leaving me with no choice again.

“He needs to know so he can take his fucking hands off of you! The last thing I wanted was for him to mark you before…”

“Caspian doesn’t feel that way about me!”

“Stop defending him! Better tell him so he knows the consequences if he tries to take you away from me.”

“What do you mean?”

“He can be stripped of his Alpha title if he breaks a blood pact. There’s no way around it. And if he keeps messing up with you after knowing you’re fucking mine, then it’s the same thing and he will still be punished.”

My head felt dizzy with his words. I leaned my hand on the desk for support as my knees buckled.

“The same goes for you. But you surely know I would still save you from any punishment, but not Caspian! So he better gets his act together and leave you alone!”

I kept hearing Riley’s words. There was no way around this.

“Did you hear me, Andrea?”

“Yes,” I answered, despite not hearing the other things that h e said. I just wanted to get off the phone. “I have to go now…”

“Andrea, be careful. Okay? I will see you soon.” His voice went back to being soft again.

“Okay. Bye, Riley.” I didn’t wait for him to reply as I put the phone back into its cradle.

I looked at the documents that I was working on before I tidied up the table I was using. I could continue tomorrow. I didn’t think I had the energy left to do more today.

With a heavy heart, I stepped out of Caspian’s office only to find Beta Paul leaning against the wall. His eyes were directed a

t me. Did he hear me on the phone with Riley?

“Who was that on the phone?” He asked, his brows furrowing.

I took a deep breath before I answered. “Riley.”

“I don’t know what’s going on between you and Riley, but if it’s something serious, you better not mix in Caspian in there. ” His voice seemed too cold. Not the one I was used to.

My eyes narrowed at him, more of guilt rather than anger.”

There’s nothing between me and Caspian.”

“I’m not stupid, Andrea. I passed by your room at three in the morning. The door was left open. I was worried something happened to you since you weren’t in your room, so I headed off to Caspian’s room to tell him. Your scent was there. Now tell me there’s nothing going on between the two of you?”

I took a deep breath, lost for words.

“I’m just looking after my Alpha. Stop playing with his heart.”

“You don’t have to worry, whatever happened last night, it will never happen again,” I told him before I slipped past him a s I made my way towards the stairs.

Tears started to stream down my face as the reality of Beta Paul’s words hit me. He was looking after his Alpha.

I wish someone was looking after me too. But I was alone. Like I’ve been since my father died. And I should never drag Caspian into my problems.

I needed to stop whatever it was that I started with him. I couldn’t let him fall for me or he would suffer the consequences.

There was no way out of this blood pact. And the last thing I wanted was for me to break his heart.

It was enough that mine was breaking.


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