IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 14

Chapter 1


I was so pissed off throughout dinner that I couldnt even taste the food I was eating

I was pissed off that Caspian didnt tell me Tanya was there. And she was obviously trying to get back with him, and although I didnt have any right to be jealous, I couldnt help myself from feeling it

After dinner, Tanya insisted on talking with Caspian privately, so they headed off to his office. I was not in the mood after that and declined Gamma Carlos‘ invitation to hang out in the entertainment room. Instead, I locked myself up in my room, but I kept checking from time to time if Caspian had gone to his bedroom, and by nine o’clock in the evening, I was restless already

I wanted to send him a mind link but I didnt want to sound as i f I was too eager to hear from him. So I went out of my room and headed for his office, but before I could get there, I bumped into Beta Paul. He told me Tanya was still with the Alpha at the office, and I couldnt help the scowl from forming on my face

The Beta just laughed and proceeded to the Alphas office, motioning for me to come with him. I was so pissed off by 

then that I was tempted to go with the Beta and stormed into 

his office just to see what theyd been doing there. But I went against it and just went back to my room

In the end, I gave up and tried to sleep

I reminded myself that Caspian was never meant for me, and I should learn to live with that reality

I didnt know when sleep took over, but I woke up when a breeze of air blew against my face. My eyes fluttered open and I saw that my window was still open. I forgot to close it before I fell asleep

I was about to close it when my eyes caught sight of the window at the far end of the corner. Lights were illuminating from it. Caspian was in his room

I put on my robe and took one quick look at myself in the mirror before I headed off to his room. I had no idea what I was doing, but I just let my feet take me where they wanted to 

  1. go

I softly knocked on his door, taking in a deep breath as I did, and not long after, his door opened

He was leaning his arm on the door pillar as his eyes raked over my whole body while his lips were tugging into a smile. H e only had his sweat pants on, and his perfectly toned abs were tempting me to look at them. He looked and smelled like he had just come out of the shower, and I couldn‘t stop myself from licking my lips

I thought you were sleeping...He said in a soft voice. I went to your room and knocked, but I didnt hear anything from the inside.” 

His words didnt register as my eyes darted behind him, discretely checking if someone was inside his room

He chuckled and opened the door wide, cocking his head to the side. You were looking for something or someone?” 

I swallowed hard before I lifted my gaze back to his face, I just want to ask what I need to do tomorrow with those files I need to archive.I have to think of something to say because coming here to check if Tanya was staying overnight was something I would never admit to him

At midnight?His brow arched up, and he wasnt concealing the smug grin on his face, and I immediately regretted the reason I came up with. I felt so stupid for coming here

Well, I went down at nine tonight and Beta Paul told me Tanya was still in your office, so I didnt bother you.I rolled my eyes at him, crossing my arms over my chest

At nine in the evening?His face warped into a frown. He let g o of the door and pulled my body inside the room, and my body betrayed me again because I didnt stop him and just let him take me wherever he wanted

Tanya left probably ten or twenty minutes after we went to the office. At nine in the evening, I have Carlos and Paul with me. Paul just went out to pick up something from his car. That fucker was trolling you.” 

So you didnt spend the whole night with Tanya?I asked, m y heart hammering as I leaned my back on the wall just beside the door

Caspian went in front of me and leaned his forearm on the top of my head and hovered his body over mine, our foreheads almost touching. Is that why youre here? Youre checking if I took someone in my room?” 

I met his eyes, and it was starting to swirl into black, and I knew there was no sense in denying the truth. I nodded my head before I let my hands crawl up to his chest before snaking them around his neck. I was hoping Id be the one sleeping here tonight, not her.” 

Theres no her or any other female sleeping here tonight or any other night, except you.His smile became wider as he brushed his nose against mine, making me close my eyes and revel in the scent of his peppermint breath running against m y face

It didnt take long before his lips brushed against mine as he captured my lips while his hands traveled to my ass and lifted me off the floor

Everything went into a haze as I let myself get lost in the softness of his lips and the warmth of his body. My own body reacted instinctively to his every touch, like a moth being drawn to the fire. His hands were moving fast and everywhere in my body, and I just found myself spread out in his bed with my robe already gone

He pulled away from our kiss, only to trail his mouth against m y neck

Lowering his hand, he tugged at the hem of my satin pajama top, pulling it out of the way, leaving me naked with just my pajama shorts on. His eyes dilated into full black as he captured my breast in his mouth

A sultry moan escaped my lips at the harsh way he was eating and sucking my breast while his hand played with the other, flicking and pulling my already hard nipple

I arched my body, wanting nothing more than his mouth on m y skin as I felt my own slickness wetting my panties. I tried to clamp my legs, but it registered too late in my mind that Caspian was in between my legs

A low growl erupted from his throat at my attempt, and soon enough, his hand was spreading my legs even wider while his mouth continued to devour my breasts, one after the other, sending a massive shiver of pleasure everywhere in my body u p to my wet core

Caspian,I moaned, as my hands coiled against his hair, tugging it hard as his hand slipped into my shorts and found its way into my wet panties

Youre too wet for me, little minx...His fingers brushed against the wet fabric covering my sex while I whimpered in response.

He tugged my shorts down and started sniffing my pussy against my wet underwear. His actions were driving my pussy wild. I clamped my legs together, trapping his head in between

He growled before he took off my underwear and bent my legs against my chest, opening my pussy wide for him to see. My cheeks burned at the way he positioned my body. This was too intimate but the way a wild smile played on his lips as his fully black eyes stared at me, kept my confidence high

He liked what he was seeing, and it was enough to leave me breathless in anticipation

A part of my mind was telling me to stop this, but I shut off any rational thinking at the moment. I wanted this! Damn the consequences, I will think about it tomorrow

For now, I wanted to feel his mouth on me. And I was hoping that was what he was about to give me

Please...My voice sounded desperate as I bucked my hips higher, but since he was holding my legs against my chest, I wasnt able to move further

Caspian licked his lips before his already black eyes drifted into my soaking, throbbing pussy

Fuck!He grunted as a gush of wetness leaked from my core

I closed my eyes as I saw him dip his head into my pussy, and the moment his tongue swiped over my folds up to my clit, heat rose from my stomach as my toes curled while my hands gripped the sheets tighter

His hands loosened their hold on my legs as he anchored them on his shoulders as his mouth and tongue continuously assaulted my pussy. I never knew having his mouth on my center would bring me this kind of sensation. I kept seeing stars and the whole universe

Oh, Goddess!I gasped and moaned as his fingers spread my pussy folds open and began licking in between before he started tonguefucking me while letting his thumb circle against my clit

I whimpered and wriggled my body against his hold as tingles of pleasure kept erupting all over my body and Caspian just kept on going, driving my body wild in all possible ways

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