IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 13

Chapter 13 


Are you in the dining room already?’ I sent Andrea a mindlink as I stood up from my desk, ready to proceed to the dining area. I just wanted to make sure she was awake and would eat dinner with us. I spent the last few hours in my office buried in work, and now, I am more than ready to see her.

‘Not yet. But I’m heading there now. Are you done with work?’ She replied, and my body started to feel alive.

‘Not yet, but I’ll see you for dinner. I’ll continue working after we eat.’

‘You’re overworked.’

‘It comes with being an Alpha.’

‘Can I help you with something? I don’t have anything to do here.’

‘We can discuss it later. I’m sure you can help me with something.’ I couldn’t contain the excitement in my voice. I knew she meant well, but my fucking horny self was getting in the way.

She didn’t reply back, but it was enough that I knew she was o n her way down as well.

I still had a smile on my lips as I walked to the dining room, only to have it wiped away the instant I smelled her. I totally forgot that she was coming over for dinner.

I entered the room and saw Tanya sitting beside Beta Paul, taking my sister’s spot on the table. My forehead creased because I wanted Andrea to sit there, but I didn’t say anything.

All eyes snapped in any direction as I made my way to my seat.

“Caspian!” Tanya rose from her chair and blocked my way, wrapping her arms around me, and I couldn’t help the sigh from coming out of my throat.

What the fuck was she doing? I was hoping Andrea would delay her arrival and didn’t see this.

I pried her arms around me and smiled at her before proceeding to my place at the head of the table. “When did you arrive?”

“Last night,” she answered, smiling widely as she sat down without taking her eyes off of me. “But you weren’t around. So where have you been?”.

“Oh! The princess is back!” Gamma Carlos exclaimed as Andrea set foot in the dining room.

All eyes were on her as she stood frozen by the entrance. Her eyes were fixed on Tanya before she shifted them to Gamma Carlos and smiled at him.

She appeared like an innocent goddess in her plain gray colored short dress and with her loosely curled hair. And again, I was mesmerized.

“Hi!” She greeted meekly, her eyes darting around the dining table, and I assumed she was looking where she could sit.

Gamma Carlos stood up, pulled the chair beside him, and motioned for her to come over. I was already getting annoyed b y his attentiveness to her, but I tried my best not to scowl at him. He might just be welcoming her.

I watched as Andrea took her seat before Tanya’s voice snapped me back to the present.

“So, it was Andrea you picked up yesterday?

“Uh-hmm…” I answered as I tried to put my focus on my plate. I was torn between taking Andrea away from here and throwing Tanya out of the packhouse. I have a bad feeling this dinner would turn out badly.

“Such a privilege to be picked up by an Alpha, right?” She scoffed, and it didn’t slip my eyes when Andrea’s eyes squinted, but the Gamma immediately took her attention by pushing a serving dish nearer her.

“So what brought you here?” I asked, my eyes looking at Tanya, but my side peripheral view was observing my fucking Gamma as he paid too much attention to Andrea.

“Well, I’m a nurse now. And I think I want to work at the infirmary, so I was hoping you’ll put a word for me.”

:”I don’t really mix myself with how they choose their staff at the infirmary, so I’m not sure how you think I can help you.”

“Vouch for me so I’ll get the job?”

“Don’t you trust your own capability as a nurse that you needed a back-up?” It was too late when I realized my voice was too cold and it was because my fucking Gamma couldn’t mind his own plate and was busy giving Andrea every food item on the table.

“Why so sour? Aren’t you glad I’m back here for good? By the way, while waiting for a job, Beta Paul told me you needed someone to fix the archives in your office, and I took the offer. “She said proudly, and I nearly choked as my gaze was drawn t o my Beta.

I saw him suppress the grin twitching in his mouth as he looked at me, “What? We needed help, right?”

I cast my eyes on everyone at the table, and all eyes were on m e except Andrea. She was gripping her fork tightly, and her forehead was creased.

“The job has been taken,” I turned my gaze back to Paul, and then to Tanya. “Andrea is doing the re-filing, so… thanks for the interest.”

“Sorry, Alpha. I didn’t know you got Andrea for it,” Beta Paul said politely, but his eyes were smiling mischievously.

Tanya’s mouth opened before she composed herself and shrugged her shoulder, “Well, if the princess can’t do it well, you know where to call me.”

“I’m sure I can do it.” Andrea butted in almost immediately without taking her eyes off her plate, and I saw Paul’s face watching Andrea’s reaction.

He probably intentionally brought Tanya here to piss off Andrea. So this was the fucking idea he came up with?

“If you say so…” I saw Tanya roll her eyes at Andrea before looking at me again. “Beta Paul told me you never had a girlfriend after me? May I know why?” A triumphant smile curved on her lips as my eyes darted to my Beta.

“I wonder what else my Beta told you.” I was slowly losing my patience with both my Beta and Gamma. Why the fuck did I have these fuckers as my second and third in command?

“That you needed a Luna…” Tanya added.

I took a deep breath. I was controlling myself from kicking my Beta. All the while, he was smiling like a fucker beside me. He was clearly enjoying this.

“So maybe we should try again? Now that you’ve established yourself as an Alpha, and I’m done with school. Nothing stands in our way now. I think I would make a good Luna.” Tanya was talking non-stop, and I regretted not throwing her out before this discussion even started.

“I don’t want to discuss…” I wasn’t done talking when she cut ime off. “Come on, Caspian. It’s inevitable. Sooner or later, we will arrive at this topic about us.” She giggled, before opening her mouth to speak again. “So, did you think no one was good enough to take my place in your heart? Am I that special?”

The fuck! I was about to open my mouth to put an end to the conversation, but Andrea beat me to it.

“Don’t you think you should be discussing this in private? What are we here? Spectators? Judges? Do we get to decide if you should get back together or not?” She was obviously pissed off, and I couldn’t deny the amusement brewing inside me.

My little spitfire. Andrea might be the youngest here, but she surely knew how to put people in their place.

Gamma Carlos chuckled at her words, amusement on his face a s well.

“Well, you’re right. It should be handled by Caspian and me, privately. Where no one can bother us.” Tanya replied to her, her voice full of sarcasm.

“Wonderful! Let me know what you both decide then! But just keep the gory details between yourselves.” She snapped back, rolling her eyes as she sliced the meat on her plate with too much vigor.

“Gory details…” Carlos was laughing without a care in the world as he poured ketchup on her plate, and my eyes narrowed as I stared at them.

I was stopping myself from gritting my teeth. Why the fuck was he being attentive to her all of a sudden when he basically ignored her when she was here three years ago?

“You got spunk kid! Did you learn that from boarding school?”. It was still Carlos who talked and looked at Andrea as if she was the only person in this fucking room, and he was fucking annoying me now.

“Oh, you have no idea about the things I’ve learned, especially after graduation,” Andrea emphasized the last three words as her gaze shifted to me for a split second. Her eyes were sending daggers my way before she returned her focus to her plate, forking his meat hard before pushing it into her mouth.

I wasn’t sure if the others understood what she said, but her statement did something to me. I swallowed hard while my dick twitched inside my pants.

My little minx. She could make my body react just with her words. I just hope I won’t be pushed into a rabbit hole tonight because of Tanya.


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