IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 12

Chapter 12 


No. Not that one. When you said that I am your omega...” 

And I mean it. I wanted to revel in the way he said that I was his omega. I had rarely heard of an Alpha being proud to claim an Omega, and whatever Caspian meant by that, I wanted to believe he wanted me as badly as I wanted him

Andrea...His voice came out hoarse and I felt movement just below my ass. I closed my eyes and pressed my body closer against his hard chest

Hmmm...I hummed my response, not knowing how to react to his erection while trying to stop my own arousal

I can smell your arousal.He was trying to control himself as he gritted his teeth

I feel you too...I replied to him as I felt my cheeks burning i n embarrassment. How could I stop this? I couldnt even clamp my legs together because I was straddling him

I felt his lip touching the side of my temples as he left me a soft kiss. Were at the pack house now.” 

The car stopped and he turned off the engine. I didnt look around, just at his face, pecking his lips before I scrambled out of his lap while he opened the door. I stepped out and turned 

around to see Beta Paul with his eyes wide and mouth slightly open as his gaze shifted from me to Caspian

Great. Why didnt I look before stepping out of his car?

should have gone out from the other side

Caspian chuckled behind me as he snaked an arm around my waist, pulling me closer to his

Good afternoon, Paul. Anything you want to say?” 

Paul shook his head and snapped himself back to reality, a wide grin spreading across his mouth. Welcome back, Alpha, Andrea.” 

I nodded and smiled at him before dropping my gaze down, m y cheeks burning from the way Caspian was holding me close t o his side

Was the room for Andrea prepared?Caspian asked

Yes,Beta Paul answered as we all walked to the entrance of the packhouse

We all walked in silence until we reached the staircase leading up to the rooms of the packhouse. Caspian stopped and turned to face me while Beta Paul just nodded at us and went ahead towards the Alphas office

Can you find your way up? Its still the same room you had before you left. I didnt change anything, but we can discuss it i f you want to change something in there.He tucked a loose strand of my hair behind my ear, and his touch was sending tingles up my spine

Yes. I can find my way, and I dont think I needed anything in the room. It was more than enough for me.I smiled at him, pain crossing my chest at the thought of leaving this place when I turned eighteen

Okay, so Ill see you at dinner then. I have a lot to do at the moment. But Ill have someone bring your things up.” 

I nodded my head, about to turn around when he grabbed my wrist and spun me back to face him. My chest collided with his before he snaked an arm around my waist and dipped his mouth into mine, kissing me passionately hard as his hand cupped the back of my head, holding me in place

I was frozen in my spot, eyes widening at his aggressiveness before I slowly closed my eyes and savored his lips, kissing him back with the same intensity while my hands held on to his chest, clutching his shirt

He was the first to pull away, and a soft whimper left my lips a this action. He chuckled as he cupped my cheek. His thumb brushed against my lips. Later, little minx. I can give you more of that.” 

His voice sounded too excited, but he was teasing me. I rolled my eyes at him. I suppressed a grin from curving on my lips as I turned around and walked up to the stairs

Why was he making it sound like I wanted to kiss him when it was him who kissed me first

See you at dinner, Alpha...” I told him without looking back, but I could feel a stare boring in my back as I walked up to the houses third floor


I watched as she walked up the stairs until she disappeared from my sight. I had been with her for almost twenty hours, and I was already starting to miss her, even though she would just be three floors up

Enough with ogling Andrea. We have things to discuss, Alpha. Beta Pauls teasing voice snapped me out of my thoughts. M y head swung in the direction of my office and I saw him leaning on the side against the wall with his arms crossed against his chest

I let out a deep sigh before walking towards my office with my hands in my pocket. If there was anyone who knew what I felt for Andrea from day one, it was my Beta

Beta Paul has always done things for me that I couldnt do for Andrea. When Andrea refused to see me during the time that she was at the boarding school, I would send for him. Andrea would meet him, and he would always tell me news about her how she colored or cut her hair, how she was fairing at her school, and that Riley was visiting her often. He would tell me things that were coming directly from Andrea, and I would always be grateful for that. So, you and Andrea are together now?He asked as he closed the door behind us

I don’t know. We still haven‘t talked about anything. Riley is still in between us.I told him as I sank into my chair and started checking the papers on my desk

Oh! She was sitting on your lap while you were driving, and o n the way, you were kissing each other I thought we had a Luna already.” 

I wished,I chuckled before my forehead creased as my head snapped to look at him. What the fuck do you think youre doing watching us?” 

I didnt mean to. I went back out because youre taking too fucking long to come in. And then I saw you both kissing, so I think I should watch. I dont get to see any action often.He snickered as he walked towards the table with boxes piled up one after the other

Go get your own female, man.I teased him

After you, Alpha, I dont think I can have a daily dose of fuck while I see you grumping around, fuckless.” 

I threw a pen at him as peals of laughter erupted in the air

Whats that?My eyes darted to the boxes he was leaning his arm against 

:Files. Tons of files we need to archive. And I dont think I have time to do this. You need to find someone to work on it.” 

Yes, boss.I shook my head and leaned my back against my chair, my legs crossing over one another. What does the man from Silver Moon want from us?” 

Andrea. They wanted to know if Andrea was here. When I said not yet, he asked if you were not around either. Thats all. Riley was most likely checking to see if she had arrived in the territory. Are they together?” 


Youre in a fucking mess getting in between. You know, his pack is one of the oldest and strongest around here.” 

I know. Im not afraid. We both wanted the same girl. May the best man win.” 

Well, it seems you have the advantage.” 

I dont think so. She told me Riley would claim here once she turns eighteen.” 

Fuck, man. You need to make your move.” 

What do you think I‘m doing?” 

I think I just know what to do to help you.He bobbed his head, a smile tugging at his mouth

I just raised my eyebrows as I looked at him. I was waiting for him to elaborate, but he didnt continue and changed the topic instead

By the way, Tanya is back.He said, lips pursing as his fingers tapped the boxes he was leaning on

Tanya?My forehead creased. Not that it bothered me, but I just wanted to make sure I heard him right

Tanya was my exgirlfriend. I ended things with her after the attack on our pack that massacred most of our people, including my father and Andreas father. But truth be told, I just got on with her so I could stay away from Andrea

Andrea and her father transferred to our pack when she was fourteen. My father was the Alpha. And I was a hormonal teenager. And she was too young by then and I wanted to stay away from her, so I hooked up with Tanya just to divert my attention. Tanya was hopeful that we were mates, and I was thankful we werent

Yes, the one and only Tanya. Shes a nurse now and planning to work at the infirmary.” 

Hmmm. Okay.What else could I say

Shes coming over for dinner. She wanted to see you.My head snapped up and I looked at him with my brows furrowing. This didnt sound good at all.

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