IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 11

Chapter 11 


My entire body tingled as I felt his release shoot all over my mouth and straight into my throat, while the rest drizzled at the sides of my mouth, down to my neck, and up to the valley o f my breast

I never felt so sexy as I felt right now as I popped his dick out o f my mouth and licked it clean. His taste was a mixture of salt and manly goodness I couldn’t get enough of. His hard, big dick was a tough dick to suck and fuck but I was satisfied and I could feel my own wetness gushing out of my pussy, but thankfully the slow, cascading water was enough to conceal it.

I kept licking Caspian clean as I tilted my head to look at him. He had his forearm pressed against the tiled walls and his head leaning to it, with his eyes fixed on mine. His breathing was heavy with his mouth still parted. He was probably still riding out his orgasm and his dick was still rod hard.

I let go of his cock after placing a soft kiss on the tip, earning a low growl from him that sent tingles direct to my core as I stood up to his level.

“Hi!” I smiled as he peered from his arm before slowly moving his body back to look at me completely. His eyes were still black but it was slowly swirling back to their original blue color.

A smile crept on his lips and it made him more irresistible.

Goddess, could I keep him? Please.

“Hi!” I said again, licking my lips, taking in all of what was remained from his release.

“Hi!” He said softly before capturing my lips into an earth shattering kiss. My mind was in a haze, his hands were moving down, his fingers trailing my skin sending rushed pleasures all over my body. I was hell-spent and I didn’t think I could do so more but I let his hands all over me.

He was creating fire everywhere he touched me. He let go of m y lips and spun me around so my naked back was pressed against his front, with his cock still very much alive pointing a t my ass.

“You did well, little minx. I think I just had the best orgasm of my life…” His lips were brushing against the skin of my neck, creating goosebumps everywhere he trailed them.

I giggled in response before closing my eyes, pressing my back closer to his. “My knees are giving up already. I want to rest, Caspian…”

He chuckled, pulling his head off my neck only to transfer her mouth to my ear while his hand was gently caressing my belly. “Did you just cock-blocked me? I was hoping I can do something for you too… Hmmm…” He was nibbling my ear and it was intoxicating, having his naked body wrapped

around me.

“Hmmm…” I didn’t know what to say, I wanted him so badly but a part of me was scared of the consequences.

I have always been a safe girl. Never violated anything in my life and had always gone by the rules.

But with Caspian, he was making me feel like I could do everything I want. But Riley’s words kept ringing in my head. I should not let Caspian touch me. Even if I wanted to, even if I was dying to feel how it is to be in his arms.

“It’s okay. We have other time.” He took a deep breath before he pulled away and spun me around again. His voice sounded disappointed and it pained me.

I peeked with one eye open and saw him staring at me, a warm smile on his lip. I was thinking he would be angry but all I saw was a gentleness in his eyes.

“I’ll wash you.” His voice came out soft and warm that I finally let out the breath I was holding and smiled at him, nodding m y head

Caspian was so gentle with my body. His hands roam freely on my nakedness as he soaped and washed me. The grunts and growls escaping his lips from time to time were fascinating to hear. He was trying to control himself and I couldn’t be more thankful because I didn’t know if I could control myself if he took the initiative.


But he respected my boundaries like the gentleman that he was. That night, I slept peacefully in the arms of my Alpha, something I never thought I would get to experience.

And if by tomorrow, Riley would come and take me, I would forever cherish the time that Caspian put all his attention on me.



I woke up with Andrea’s body tangled up with mine and a fucking erection. She was purring in her sleep, her head resting on my chest while her arms were hugging my body tightly as if she was scared to let me go.

I didn’t dare move for a moment, just letting myself bask in her warmth and the sound of her breathing. I only wished for this moment in the past. But she’s finally here in my arms.

I only have one problem – how to finally eliminate Riley from her life. I needed to talk with her and ask where I stood in her


Her birthday is in two weeks. And the full moon a few days before that. I was hoping the Goddess would mate me with her so it would be easy to just throw Riley away, but I knew better. Although Omegas being mated to Alphas was not impossible, i it was a rare occurrence.

I seldom encountered an Omega Luna, or I think I haven’t met one, but probably because of the Claiming, where Alphas could claim an Alpha Female. They might be mated to Omegas but rejected them to claim a Chosen. So there were possibilities, and I was holding on to the small possibility of being mated to her.

I would believe anything just to end up with Andrea.

The drive back to the territory was like a dream. She was like a breath of fresh air.

She was letting herself loose as she sang and danced beside me in the car, choosing her own songs from the radio and singing her heart out. I never knew off-tune singing would be so fucking attractive, but I found myself smiling the whole time listening to her murder every song she played.

And the kisses. She never stopped giving me one from time to time. If I wasn’t itching to be back in the territory, I would make a stop and devour her mouth again. But I had things to d o and waking up late today was not part of the plan. For the time being, stolen kisses would suffice.

I stopped the car as we entered the border. The men patrolling bowed their heads as I rolled off the window.

“Welcome back, Alpha,” Agustin, one of our warriors who was probably leading the patrol for the day, greeted me.


“Thank you. How was security? Anything strange overnight or

today?” I asked him, my eyes shifting from him to the other warriors huddled on the other side. I could hear them talking about their patrol schedule for the following week.

“All was good last night. And today too. But a few hours earlier, we had a man from Silver Moon Pack come here and asked if you were around. Beta Paul went here and talked with him, so I think the Beta knows the full details.”

My jaw tightened as he spoke, and I could feel anxiety rising from Andrea as well.

The Silver Moon Pack is Riley’s pack.

My pack, Blue Meadows, and Silver Moon, were just neighboring territories, with a small neutral territory in between us. It wasn’t strange to bump into them from time to time, but they never intentionally visited our pack or vice


Riley probably asked his men to check if Andrea had arrived in my territory already.

“Okay, I’ll just check with Paul then. If there’s nothing more, I will go ahead. Continue with your duty. Have a good day, Agustin.”

“Thank you, Alpha. Have a good day, too.” He smiled before h e lowered his head and looked at Andrea beside me, and waved at her. “Welcome back, Andrea.”

“Thank you! It’s nice to see you, Agustin.” Andrea replied with

her sweet voice, and I saw Agustin’s cheek tinge with a red tint as he smiled widely at Andrea. I arched my brow, wanting to drive the car away already.

“We’ll go now.” I didn’t wait for his response as I rolled the window up. I couldn’t fight the jealousy creeping into my chest. I haven’t fixed Riley yet, and another admirer coming into the picture was definitely not welcome.

“Do you think Riley was looking for me?” Her sweet voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“I don’t know. Do you miss him?” My jaw clenched as I waited for her response.

“No.” She answered, her head tilted to the window beside her, and I couldn’t help a smug smirk from tugging at my mouth.

I ejected her seatbelt and coiled an arm around her waist, pulling her to my side. Come here, sit on me.” I let go of her waist and patted my lap as her head snapped to look at me, her hazel brown eyes growing rounder. 1

“Are you serious? On your lap? It’s not allowed and it’s dangerous.” She answered, her brows furrowing. But byy the way, she bit her bottom lip, I could see she was suppressing a smile to come out.

“Who’s the Alpha here again?” I leaned my head against her side for a while before turning my attention back to the road.” Besides, the car is tinted, and I know this road well enough that I can drive it with my eyes closed. And I’ll drive slower, I promise. Hop in now.”

“No… You’re abusing your power.” She was giggling.

“Don’t make me wait. I’m your Alpha.” I teased her.

“No. I could defy you.”

“Not when I put in Alpha command. Don’t make me use it.”

“You think I can’t defy that?” She huffed and rolled her eyes at me.

“We can try. Ready?” I teased her.

She let out a sigh, and rested her forehead on the glass window. “Don’t.”

“I was just kidding, I will never use that on you.” I regret joking about it now.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound like I was ordering you.”

She looked back at me before a mischievous smile crept onto her lips as she wiggled her brow. “Gotcha!”

She giggled before she made her way and climbed into my lap, straddling me as one arm snaked around my neck. “Now, eyes on the road, Alpha.”

Her fingers were trailing my nose so that it was fucking hardt o concentrate on the road.

“I don’t like it when people keep telling me what to do. I’ve been following order and rules my whole life. Sometimes I just want to decide for myself.” She was talking in a soft voice while her fingers were trailing, tapping on everything in my face.

“So, you straddling me is a decision you made for yourself?” Amusement was evident in my voice.

“Yes. After you decided you don’t want to push me into doing this. I decided I wanted to do this. I want to know how to be in control sometimes.”

I could sense the bitterness in her voice. There must be something she was keeping inside. I wanted to find out, but I would have to do it slowly so as not to force her to tell me when she’s not yet ready.

“Well, you can boss me around. I don’t mind.” I told her, chuckling as I turned the steering wheel to head straight to the pack house.

Her scent and her soft body against mine were driving me wild in ways I couldn’t explain. She fucking fit perfectly everywhere around me.

“I’d like that. I wish I could… but I’m just an omega. We are worth nothing.”

“Shh… stop saying that. I don’t fucking care about ranks.”

“Easy for you to say, Alpha.” She leaned down and rested her

head on my neck while her hands clutched the shirt in front of my chest.

“You’re my omega, Andrea. And I’m allowing you to boss me around. No boundaries.”

“It sounds so nice, Caspian.”

I chuckled, wrapping an arm around her back, brushing it softly with my palm. “That you can boss me around?”

“No. Not that one. When you said that I am your omega…”

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