IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 10

Chapter 10 


Her arousal was swirling around me, and I was slowly losing all my control.

I wanted to satisfy the hunger I felt for her all these years as I devoured her lips. I wanted all of her. I wanted her to be mine.

And then she started moving her hips, grinding herself against my throbbing erection. I couldn’t suppress the growl from forming in my throat before I grabbed her ass, squeezing them harder while pressing her covered pussy into my thickening dick while I continued to feast on her neck, sucking, lapping, and biting her soft skin.

When holding and squeezing her ass wasn’t enough anymore, I ripped my boxers off of her, leaving her naked and my cock pointed directly at her pussy. I wanted to just plunge it in, but I held on to the little sanity that was left to me.

I tried to breathe slowly as I rested my forehead on hers.

“I want to fuck you, Andrea…” My voice was hoarse, almost pleading. I was desperate. I wanted to fuck her all the way, but I couldn’t do it without asking her permission.

She stopped grinding her body against mine and dropped her head into the nook of my neck, wrapping her arms around my neck tightly.

I could feel her breath against my skin, and it was pleasurable torture as I clenched my jaw, waiting for her response.

It took a while, and the longer I waited, the more my breathing started to hitch. Was she going to reject me?

“Andrea…” My voice sounded desperate. I didn’t know what to say this time.

“Caspian..” She hugged me tighter without moving her head away from my neck, “I don’t know how to have sex…”

My heart fluttered at her innocent confession, and I knew I just couldn’t take this away from her until she was fully ready.

“We don’t have to do it now. I can wait.” I closed my eyes once more, biting my lower lip.

My mouth was saying one thing, but my body was in a fucking rage. My dick just kept getting harder and harder. It was already hurting the fuck out of me.

“But I want to have you, Caspian.” Her voice came out as soft and alluring

“We can take it slow, just up to where you will allow me.” And I meant it. I was willing to give her the rein just so I could have a taste of her, even just a drop of her.

She pulled away from my neck and tilted her head to look at m e. Scarlet tints were on her cheeks as she bit her swollen bottom lip. Her eyes were swirling with lust, but I could see anxiety in them.

“I want the thing pointing at my ass. Can I taste it?” She asked, using that innocent pitch of her voice that sent a shiver of pleasure down to my dick.


I wasn’t the one to back down in a battle, but her words alone were making my knees fucking weak. I let go of her ass, let her stand on her feet, and caged her body between me and the cold tiles of the shower, my hands on the sides of her head as I leaned in closer.

“You can do what you want, little minx. Have you done it before?” I was surprised at how my words came out whole with the excitement I was feeling at the moment.

She continued to bite her lower lip as her cheeks turned redder, shaking her head before she spoke in a soft, voice. “I saw some videos, but you still need to guide me.”

I curled a finger under her chin and lifted her face up to meet m y eyes before I slowly descended my lips into hers, kissing her softly before biting her lower lip gently as I pulled away. She moaned against my mouth as her hands moved to my chest, brushing them gently.

My hand found its way to her big, round breast, my finger brushing against her hard nipple, “Can I?” I asked her, my eyes boring deep into hers.

She nodded as she closed her eyes and my hand started kneading her breast, letting my fingers roll on her nipple as I pinched and pulled while she gasped and moaned in response. Her moans were like music to my ears. I wanted to do more. I wanted to suck and taste her breasts, but I could wait a little while.

“I’m ready whenever you are, and just so you know,” I stopped, took a deep breath, and pecked her lips again. She tipped her toes and tried to kiss me as I pulled away.”…you can always stop at any time if you’re not comfortable.”

She nodded her head, her eyes twinkling with desire as she smiled shyly before she lowered herself onto her knees my palms rested on the walls for support.

She ran her fingers down my chest, trailing them down until she reached the hem of my wet pants, and tugged them slowly until they pooled at my feet.

Her eyes widened as my cock sprung out once she pulled down my boxers.

I saw her gulp before her hand raised up to my inner thigh, slowly making its way up to my hard dick, pointing proudly and almost touching her face.

“It’s too big, and hard…” She spoke in a raspy voice, parting her lips as she wrapped her trembling fingers around my erection.

My muscles clenched and my breathing stopped.

Fuck! Her hand was too small and couldn’t get around my shaft, but it was fucking enough to drive my dick wild. I could see my veins popping out while my mushroom tip was already leaking with my pre-cum.

I leaned my forearm against the wall as my hand snaked around her nape, rubbing them gently as she leaned closer and licked the tip clean.

I growled in pleasure the moment her tongue swiped on my cock a’s my hand grabbed her hair, coiling it around my fingers. She continued to lick every part of my hard cock, her hand gently rolling over my balls and she looked like she was enjoying it as her mouth twitched into a seductive grin.

But I wanted to be inside her mouth already.

“Let me in…” I spoke with gritted teeth. I was having a fucking hard time controlling Zion. He wanted me to take Andrea’s mouth roughly. Not now. Not yet.

She opened her mouth wide as her eyes met mine before she took half of me in. She looked like an innocent goddess kneeling before her god. I could feel my orgasm building up and if I didn’t control it, I would be spewing cum in her wet and warm mouth in no time.

“Fuck! Andrea!” I bucked my hips, thrusting my dick a little deeper as a soft gasp left her mouth.


I moved my hand into her throat, caressing it gently. “Relax your throat, baby…”

I felt her mouth relax around my dick as she began to suck slowly. My hand, leaning against the wall, was now coiled into a fist as I tried to control my hormones.

She started to use both her hand and her mouth to please me, sucking and licking my dick. Her boldness was making my muscles quiver.

I molded my hand to the nape of her neck, holding her in place as I thrust deep enough to hit the back of her throat.

A sultry moan escaped her lips as her eyes watered at my intrusion. I stared at her hazel brown eyes, looking for any signs to stop, but her eyes were swirling with lust so that it ignited more the fire within me. I started bucking my hips into her mouth as I growled out her name.

I was losing my control and a part of me was afraid that she would pull away, but I couldn’t stop fucking her mouth.

I was delirious. I had always imagined fucking her pussy and her mouth, but I had no idea it would bring me this kind of pleasure that I was reeling in right now.

“Andrea…” My hand still coiled around her nape, guiding her but she was moving now on her own.

“Aahhh…” she moaned as drool spilled out from the sides of her mouth down onto her throat, while her hands gripped my

thighs harder as her mouth met my every thrust.

I felt her gag and choke so hard that I immediately withdrew, but my little minx wasn’t stopping. She took me right back in and started fucking my dick at the pace I wanted, and it was enough to build my orgasm, and I couldn’t stop it this time.

I gripped her hair, pressing her mouth deeper into my dick one more time before I loosened my hold on her, “I’m going t o come soon. Let go or it will go down your throat…”

I expected her to pull away, but instead, she continued to let m e fuck the warmth and wetness of her mouth. She was a fucking pro for a beginner, or probably because I was just on a high from being pleasured by the only female I desired.

“Aaargh… Fuck, Andrea!” I let out a guttural growl while my body shuddered as I exploded into the best orgasm I had ever had in my life, firing my cum straight down to her throat.

And she took it all in, gracefully.

The rest of my cum drizzled down the sides of her mouth, down to her neck, and up to the valley of her breast. She was a glorious sight to see. And the triumphant look in her eyes as she licked me clean was something I was sure I would never forget for a long time.

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