IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA By Cassandra M Chapter 1

Chapter 1



My name is Andrea Milton. I am just 17 years old and yet I am left alone to fend for myself.


For almost three years, I’ve been locked up in a boarding school dominated by humans, but the good thing was, most of the workers here, including the headmaster, were the same species as me.


My parents were both shifters, making me one as well. But they were both gone now, and I was left under the guardianship of the Alpha of the Blue Meadows Pack, Alpha Caspian.


On the other hand, Alpha Caspian didn’t want anything to do with me, so I was sent to a boarding school. But I was about to graduate, and I had no choice but to return to his territory. And I’m not sure I was ready to see him again, let alone live in the same house with him.


Despite my hatred for him for sending me away, I couldn’t deny that I was attracted to him. I was smitten by him from the moment I first met him when I was 10 years old. And it just kept getting stronger over the years.


Growing up, he never really spoke to me. I would just see him staring at me all the time, and I would always wonder what was on his mind. He has always been mysterious, so I was drawn to the mystery that surrounds him.


I made my way down the dormitory corridor to the receiving room, where a standard phone was mounted. Despite the fact that cell phones are allowed here, I never owned one.


Alpha Caspian sent one for me to use, but I didn’t accept it. In fact, I didn’t accept any of the things he sent for me. All of his gifts, things, and gadgets remained untouched.


The only thing I used was the allowance he placed on my bank account so I could buy things I needed, such as clothes and personal necessities, but even then, I didn’t use too much of it. I planned to return his card to him as soon as I was able to find a job and pay my own expenses.


I waited until the girl was done using the common phone before I took her place.


My heart was thudding loudly since this would be the first time I would be calling him and I honestly don’t know how I would handle our conversation.


But I wanted to talk with him.






Another ordinary day was about to come to an end, and I had done nothing but attend to pack matters. The same cycle will begin again tomorrow.


Sometimes, I felt like I was only existing so the pack would survive. Not that I was complaining. I always wanted to be an Alpha. I had been preparing for this since the moment I could walk, but lately, all the motivation I felt was slowly slipping away.


I wanted more from life.


My sister recently got mated, and regardless of how many times I denied it, I envy her. She was younger, and yet she was living her life with the man she loved.


I wished I had someone to share this life with.


And not just anybody, I wanted her. I wanted Andrea.


But I don’t know how I would start to pull her back into my life after I sent her away after her father’s death. I knew she hadn’t forgiven me yet.


She has never answered any of my letters or even bothered to see me when I visited her at her boarding school. She always refused to meet up with me.


And then, a few months ago, she showed up at Alia’s Union, in the arms of Alpha Riley.


Even when we were kids, Riley had his sights set on Andrea. And it looked like they were a couple now.


Maybe I was already too late.




The sound of the phone ringing brought me back to the present. I glanced at the clock hanging on the wall and saw that it was almost nine o’clock in the evening.


Who the fuck calls at this time of night?


I wanted to ignore the call, but then I remembered Alia, my sister. She might be the one calling.


I cleared my throat before picking up the receiver, “Blue Meadows Pack, this is Alpha Caspian.” I answered in a very cold voice.


And there was no response. I waited for a few seconds, but there was nothing.


I was about to drop the call when a faint, soft voice came in, “Alpha?”


I closed my eyes and leaned my back against the seat. I knew this voice even if I hadn’t heard it in a long time.


My heart thudded loudly as many thoughts ran through my mind. Why was she calling? She never called me even once.


“Andrea?” My voice came out hoarsely, and I wanted to hit myself because it sounded so desperate.


“Did I disturb you?” Her voice was so soft, it was soothing. I could listen to this all day and not get tired of it.


“No. I was done for the day. Is there something wrong? Are you okay?”


“Yes, I’m fine. I was just wondering…” She stopped and let out a deep breath.


“You’re wondering?” I could hear my own breathing. I needed to control myself.


It was amazing how I could control myself in almost everything, but when it came to her, I always struggled.


“I’m just wondering if you know that I will be graduating and we have a ceremony in a few days from now.”


“Yes, your headmaster informed me already.”


“Are you coming?” She asked in an almost inaudible voice.


“Yes.” I wanted to say more, like how I would not miss it for the world. Or how I looked forward to taking her back with me. But all the words got stuck in my throat.


“Okay. I just want to make sure.”


“I’ll be there. I’ll see you there.”






Silence. I know the call should end here, but I didn’t want to drop the phone yet. Instead, I listened to her breathing.


“Alpha?” She finally broke the silence between us.




“Would you take me home with you, or are you going to place me somewhere else? I can’t stay here anymore after graduation.”


“I’m taking you home with me.” I bit my bottom lip and waited for her to go against my decision.






But this time it was a comfortable one. She’s coming home with me, and she didn’t reject me this time.


“Uhmm, Alpha… Can you wear a suit when you come here?” I could sense hesitation in her voice as my brow hiked up at her question. Not that I minded wearing a suit.


“A suit? Is that the dress code? Your headmaster didn’t inform me of that. But thank you for telling me.”


“Hmmm… No, there’s no dress code for the graduation ceremony… but after that, we have a Graduation Ball.”


“Yes, that one, I was informed. I booked a hotel nearby. I could stay there while waiting for you, and then we could go home after your ball.”


“Okay… But I was wondering if you’d like to accompany me to the graduation ball? We are allowed to bring one guest…”


A smile tugged on my lips at her words. Was she inviting me as her date for her Graduation Ball?


“But… but… If you can’t, then Riley said he can…” She stammered over her words.


I didn’t let her finish her words. “I’ll be there in a suit and I’ll take you to your Graduation Ball.” There’s no fucking way Riley would win this one.


I was her first choice.I felt my body starting to come alive.


“Okay. I’ll see you then.” Her voice sounded chirpier this time.


“Yes, I’ll see you there.”


“Thank you, Alpha.”


“Caspian. It’s Caspian, Andrea.”


Just when I thought the night couldn’t get any better, she started giggling and I could imagine the wide smile on her beautiful face. “Thank you, Caspian. Goodnight…”


“Goodnight, Andrea…”


“Can I call you again tomorrow or the next day?” She asked in a hurry. She might have thought I was dropping the call already. But I had no plans to hang up just yet.


“Of course, call me anytime.”


“Can I call you later then?” Her tone was teasing.


“Later?” I let out a hearty laugh, and I couldn’t fucking erase the grin on my face. “Don’t you have classes tomorrow? You should be sleeping.”


“I have. Fine, I’ll sleep.” She was probably pouting.


“Stay on the phone. You can skip your morning class tomorrow…”


“Don’t you have to work tomorrow? You should be sleeping…” She mimicked my words.


I’m a fucking Alpha, but I felt like a teenager talking to the woman he was crushing on on the phone. But damn this, this felt so good!


“I have, but I’m the Alpha here. I can skip my morning work too…”


“You’re abusing your power.” She chuckled, and it warmed my heart that I could hear her happiness.


“I know. But it’s not every day I get to receive a call from you.”






“I know. But it’s not every day I get to receive a call from you.” His voice was so smooth that I couldn’t help but smile every time he talked.


I leaned my back against the wall as I sat on the floor of the receiving area in my dormitory. I didn’t know that talking with him would light up the fire I had inside for him.


I missed him. And I couldn’t wait to see him.


I know I should be angry with him, but the moment I saw him at Alia’s union ceremony a few months back, every hatred I felt for him just vanished into thin air. I was still hurt by his abandonment, but I couldn’t stop myself from falling more for him.


I guessed old habits die hard.


“I didn’t know I was allowed to call you,” I told him, but it was a lie. He would always leave a message for me to call him, but I never did. And I wish I had.






“I can’t wait to see you.” His voice came out raspy and it sent tingles all over my body.


Despite the distance, Caspian could make me weak in my knees. Good thing I was already sitting down, or I would have fallen on my butt.


“Me too…” I closed my eyes, a smile curving on my lips.


No one said anything after that, but we remained on the phone, just listening to each other’s breathing. It might be boring for others, but I could stay here all night and listen to him.


Until my fairy tale moment was cut off.


“Andrea? Do you need more time on the phone? I need to call home too…” A girl’s voice reached my ears, snapping me out of my reverie.


My eyes fluttered open and I could feel my cheeks starting to burn from the embarrassment of being caught in this position.


I shook my head before I whispered softly into the receiver. “Caspian…”


“It’s okay,” he answered back. “I heard what she said. We can talk some other time. Call me tomorrow?”


“Yes, I’ll call tomorrow. Goodnight, Caspian.” A smile tugged on my lips, excited about the possibility of hearing his voice again.


“Goodnight, Andrea. Sweetdreams…”

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