I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang Chapter 1971

Chapter 1971
The courtyard was very quiet.
No one made a sound since everyone was cultivating independently.
At this time, Sandy suddenly opened her eyes and looked around.
Seeing that everyone was cultivating hard, she stood up with a bitter look on her face.
It was because she encountered something she did not understand that she could not
She could only go and ask Selena.
Only after she understood the problem could she continue.
Sandy was one of the two weakest women.
Aside from her, it would be Celia.
Fortunately, she was young and smart, so she could barely keep up with the progress.
However, she was still one of the worst.
Celia was a little stronger, but not by much.
Among these people, Astrid and Mia were the strongest apart from Selena.
After all, the two of them came from the Milky Way, a level 3 civilization.
Thus, they had a solid foundation.
And as one of the four fairies in the Milky Way, the two were also quite talented.
When Selena was too busy, they would also occasionally act as teachers to resolve
everyone’s doubts.
Sandy tiptoed and approached Selena cautiously.
She wanted to speak, but she was afraid of disturbing the others.
Hence, she just stood there, not knowing what to do.
Fortunately, Selena opened her eyes at this time and asked in a low voice, “Sandy, if
you have any questions, just ask.”
“Thank you, Selena!”
Sandy immediately smiled and said happily, “I’m a little confused about this.”
Then. Selena began to explain patiently.
Soon, Sandy returned to her position, satisfied.
After a while, Celia got up again and walked over.
Selena still took the trouble to continue explaining.
Not long after Celia returned to her position, someone came up again.
Just like that, one after another, women went up to Selena.
Even so, Selena never showed an impatient look or gaze.
When they saw that Selena was getting too busy, Mia and Astrid also joined in and
started to solve the confusion for others.

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