I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang Chapter 1970

Chapter 1970
David traveled in the eight-dimensional space at an unmatched speed.
It took him a long time to get to the Central Sacred Continent from the Iridescent Sect.
Now, it took him nearly ten times less time.
After some time, David came out from the space crack and looked at the beautiful
continent floating in the void in the distance.
He could not stop the emotions from flooding his heart.
When he left this place, he was quite embarrassed and battered.
He almost got killed by Nek while Nova was the one who quietly sent him away.
Furthermore, he even had to constantly worry about Nek’s pursuit.
Fortunately, Nek was in a high-spirited stage at that time.
Therefore, he would not pay much attention to a nobody like David.
This also allowed David to grow.
Now that he was back, he was already a partial Pre-Deity.
No one in Star Kingdom was his enemy anymore.
Nek also paid the price of his life for his previous wilfullness. i
After being emotional for a while, David muttered to himself, “Celia, Pearl, Lena… I’m
here to pick you up. Celeste, I’m here to save you too. From now on, no one in Star
Kingdom will be able to hurt any of you.”
Then, he moved slightly and rushed straight to the Iridescent Continent.
The Iridescent Sect.
Inside a small courtyard, Celia and other women were sitting cross-legged on the
ground and practicing seriously.
They had also improved rapidly during this time.
After all, they had sufficient resources since their master was Nova, the head of the
Iridescent Sect.
At the same time, they were also taught by Selena, a genius and also one of the
seven high priestesses.
However, compared to Lorraine, who trained with the four reputable elders of the
Iridescent Sect in the forbidden area, she was still pretty inferior.
Not to mention the gap between her and David.
The speed of David’s improvement was extremely rare even considering the ancient
times of Star Kingdom.
At this point, Selena was sitting at the front.
Once someone among them encountered something they did not understand, they
would come up and ask her about
Then, she would also explain patiently.
It seemed that she had become the second master to these women.
It could be said that she spent more time teaching Celia and the others than Master

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