I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang Chapter 1969

Chapter 1969
“Grandmaster, this is absolutely true!” Valerio said excitedly when he saw the
expressions of the three grandmasters.
“Vai, you said that the dead Saints are the two True Saints of the Palmore family.
What evidence do you have? Who killed them?” Cedar asked, trying to suppress the
excitement in his heart.
“Grandmaster, we saw with our own eyes that after Master David killed the
powerhouses who were chasing after the Palmore family, he severely wounded
Anders and the two True Saints of the Palmore family with a wave of his sword. After
that, they were killed by Master David’s master while they were escaping. Do you
remember? He’s that mysterious Sacred Saint. That’s why we saw the doomsday
scene just now.”
“David’s mysterious master appeared? He even killed the two True Saints of the
Palmore family?” Cedar raised his voice again.
“Yes!” Valerio replied.
“Did you see it?”
“No! But Master David said that he’s taking care of something with his master this time
and he will come back after he’s done to discuss with us how to deal with the Palmore
“Since you haven’t seen it, how can you be sure that it was
David’s master who hunted and killed the people from the Palmore family?” Cedar
calmed down slowly.
“Grandmaster, think about it! There has been no news from Star Kingdom, so it must
be because the Palmore family is afraid of embarrassment and blocked it. Otherwise,
how could it stay hidden for so long? If it is the Palmore family who killed someone, as
you guessed just now, they will definitely make it known with a big fanfare. Why would
they hide it?”
Cedar fell silent.
He was thinking about what Valerio said.
It did seem to make sense.
If Zenon had done something to make an example for others in order to control the
Saints Association, he would not block the news and hide it for so long.
Conversely, if someone from the Palmore family died, it would be normal for them to
block the news.
If David’s master dared to kill the True Saints of the Palmore family, he must be no
weaker than Zenon.
The two sides were now in a deadlock.
‘Then, will David and his master really help the Fellowes family to deal with the
Palmore family?’
Infinite hope suddenly appeared in Cedar’s eyes.
The same went for the other two True Saints.
If the three of them could achieve True Saint and live for countless years, they were
not fools.
If one mentioned a little detail, they could come up with the key points to the matter.
As Valerio said, there might indeed be hope for the Fellowes family.
“Haha! Okay! Haha! Vai, you guys did a great job! If the Fellowes family can escape
this disaster, you will be credited first.” Cedar laughed suddenly.
“Thank you, Grandmaster! As a member of the Fellowes family, this is what I should
do.” Valerio also smiled.
It seemed that the grandmaster had approved of his approach.
He also took risks in making such a choice.
If David did not come back, his family would be doomed.
Fortunately, he got the approval of the grandmaster, which showed that his choice
was correct.
Cedar smiled for a while. After that, he stopped smiling and turned his gaze to Alba to
say, “Alba, I’m sorry. I was shortsighted and I misunderstood you. I hope you don’t
“Grandmaster, don’t say that. I am not worthy of that. I’m also from the Fellowes
family. It’s my honor and duty to make this little contribution to the family,” Alba said in
fear and trepidation.
That being said, there was still a hint of joy in her heart.
After knowing the truth, even the grandmaster had to apologize to her.
This was the treatment that none of the direct descendants of the Fellowes family ever
It seemed that she was right to choose to believe in Master David.
See? She managed to persuade all of the grandmasters.
“Alright, both you and Vai are the heroes of the Fellowes family, and the family will
never forget you.” Cedar nodded in satisfaction.
“Thank you, Grandmaster!” Alba and Valerio said respectfully at the same time.
“Alba, can you contact David?” Cedar asked next.
“Yes!” Alba replied.
“Then why don’t you contact David and ask him when he can finish his work?” Cedar
said with some embarrassment.
Cedar had no choice but to pay more attention to the Fellowes family’s struggle.
“Grandmaster, Master David just sent us here and he left not long ago. Isn’t it too
early to ask him now? Should we wait a little longer?” Alba wondered.
“Uh… That’s fine… Let’s just wait then! Alba, you must keep in touch with David at all
“Of course, Grandmaster.”
Time passed slowly.

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