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I’m A Quadrillionaire by Xiruo Huang Chapter 1942

Chapter 1942
“We’re wrong for putting all our energy into Treasure Trove and developing it so big
that even the Palmore family became jealous. If Treasure Trove were still a small
business, the Fellowes family wouldn’t end up like this.”
“No! I think our biggest mistake is that we are too weak. If the Fellowes family also
had a Sacred Saint, would the Palmore family dare to treat us like this?”
“Sacred Saint? It’s not that easy! After so many years of development, there are only
a few Sacred Saints in the entire Star Kingdom. Even if some are hidden in secret,
there would not be too many.”
“Grandpa Vai, do you think David’s master could be more powerful than Zenon?” Alba
asked with a hint of expectation.
“Impossible! David and his master have been hiding for so many years. Even if he’s
doing that to recuperate, he might have only just recovered. How can he be more
powerful than Zenon, who drove Lord Sid away?” Valerio shook his head.
Upon hearing this, Alba lost all strength and completely gave up.
She also knew that this was the outcome of their struggle, but she was unwilling so
she wanted to ask.
“So, what should we do now?”
“Let’s just wait. The family will send away the young and potential direct descendants
to maintain the family bloodline, but then you will live incognito. I hope that one day,
you can rebuild the glory of the Fellowes family,” Valerio thought for a while and said.
“Grandpa Vai, I won’t leave. I don’t want to live like that, I would rather perish with the
Fellowes family,” Alba said firmly.
Alba would not be willing to live a life of darkness, fear, and the possibility of being
caught by the Palmore family at any time. She would rather die.
“Alba, where there is life, there is hope. As long as you are alive, there is hope.”
“No! Grandpa Vai, you know me, You know I’m not going to live a life where I’m
struggling whilst at death’s door.”
“You… Gosh…” Valerio sighed, not knowing what to say.
The two remained silent for a while.
Alba also slowly calmed down.
She suddenly said, “Grandpa Vai, let me tell Master David the truth! Otherwise, if his
master comes out and learns that his opponent is the head of the Saints Association,
he will definitely punish Master David. Let’s not implicate Master David.”
“But the grandmaster didn’t even tell Master David just now. Instead, he tried his best
to recruit Master David to join us. If we tell him, won’t it affect the grandmaster’s plan?”
Valerio hesitated.
“Grandpa Vai, do you think there is still hope for our family?” Alba asked.
Valerio shook his head and said with certainty, “No.”
“Then we should tell Master David the real situation. The grandmaster didn’t say
anything because he wanted to get David and his master to side with us. After all, with
more people, we will have more strength. Plus, they just met each other not long ago
and their relationship is just average. However, I don’t want Master David to think that
I’m lying to him.”
After hearing what Alba said, Valerio suddenly had a flash of inspiration.
‘The Fellowes family is definitely hopeless.
‘So why not let Alba leave with David?
‘They have known each other for a long time and have a good relationship.
‘With David’s master, the Palmore family won’t dare to stop them either.
‘Moreover, she won’t have to live incognito.’
The more he thought about it, the more feasible Valerio felt the plan was.
Therefore, he said, “Alba, go and tell Master David! If necessary, you can tell him the
grandmaster’s purpose for hiding this matter and that you informed him of this as soon
as you get the news. You have to increase his affection toward you.”
“I’ll go now!”
After Alba finished speaking, she got up and left quickly.
She did not pay attention to Valerio’s last sentence.
All she knew was that Grandpa Vai agreed to her suggestion.
If so, she had to hurry up and notify Master David.
’I hope Master David hasn’t contacted his master yet.
‘Otherwise, he will definitely be yelled at.
‘Asking his master to deal with the head of the Saints Association?
‘Is he trying to disrespect his master and destroy his sect?’

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