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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 3647

Chapter 3647 

Harvey stood up. Rachel instinctively took a step backwards; she wouldn’t dare stand next to Harvey

Jeff froze at the sight

Elanor was confused as well

An impossible thought came to their minds right then and there

Harvey calmly smiled

I am the head of Law Enforcement.” 

The disciples of Law Enforcement all saluted with stern expressions and swords in hand


your service, Head York!” 

All hail Head York!” 

The sound echoed throughout the entire place

Jeff froze instantly; his mistresses became completely slack with shock as well

Head York?!” 

Elanor was completely shocked; she figured out from Jeff that Harvey was probably supported by the head of Longmen’s Law Enforcement… 

But she never once thought that Harvey was the head himself

Head York?” 

People have been saying that the newlyappointed head of Law Enforcement is a God of Wara top talent with terrifying strength that the master of Longmen trusts. There’s no way he’s the man, right?” 

How is it possible? He doesn’t look the part at all!” 

But if that’s not the case, why is the vice head being so respectful to him?” 

After seeing the disciplesrespectful looks, the experts of the Bauer family fell in utter disbelief

The Bauer family was extremely close with Longmen; many experts of the Bauer family came from Longmen

If they continued going against the very head of Law Enforcement itself, they would be committing a heavy crime

The mistresses with exquisite makeup were now shooting death glares at Harvey

Arya, who was struggling to get off the ground, froze, her legs shivering uncontrollably. She 

wanted to say something, but she wouldn’t even dare say a word. 

Longmen’s Inner and Outer Halls were governed by none other than Longmen’s Law Enforcement

She was a senior of the Longmen Warband; it would be her own fault if she was actually crippled by the head of Law Enforcement

Simply put, her future was done for

Ha! You’re the head of Law Enforcement?” 

You think I’d believe your lies?‘ 

Jeff came back to his senses and held back his shock

Come, all of you! Take this man down! He’s just trying to scare us!” 

The experts glanced at each other after hearing Jeff’s words; even when they were fully determined, they wouldn’t dare step up

My name is Harvey York. I was a branch leader from Longmen’s Mordu branch, and now I’m the head of Law Enforcement.” 

In Longmen, I execute all the traitors conspiring with outside forces. I take care of the people who take advantage of the people at large. I have permission to act without any sort of approval!” 

The master of Longmen disdained the previous head for abusing his power. That’s why 

I’m here now.” 

It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not; now, I am the head of Law Enforcement.” 

I was only planning to talk to you as an ordinary person, Jeff” 

But what I got in exchange was your endless schemes.” 

Since you like taking advantage of people, I’ll play along.” 

However, I’ll be capturing you tonight! You’ll be sent to Longmen’s Law Enforcement until you get your punishment!” 

Will you comply?!” 

Everyone gasped upon hearing Harvey’s words

Nobody expected Harvey to actually be this dominant

Not only did he want to take Jeff down, but he also wanted Jeff to surrender on his own

The Bauer family wouldn’t have Jeff as the next successor if that were to happen

Jeff was forced into a corner

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