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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 3646

Chapter 3646 

What? Are you going to give up? Or are you planning to see how far you can go?” 

Jeff’s face was gloomy

You should know, I have enough people to deal with you! They’ll tire you out if they hav to!” 

Not bad. You have a lot of strong people with you.” 

Harvey smiled calmly

But since I knew you were planning to do this to me in the first place, why would you assume I’d come here alone?” 

Jeff froze. Then, he glared furiously at Elanor

You useless wench!” 


Almost at the same time, the door of Eclipse Building was kicked open. A hundred people 

in robes and face masks swarmed in immediately

They were all holding swords, looking very calm

Rachel was standing in the middle of them

They quickly scattered around Harvey, ready to confront the experts of the Bauer family

“Longmen’s Law Enforcement?” 


Jeff chuckled coldly

Are you all insane?!” 

“Did you forget who I am?” 

How dare you cause trouble with your men here! Who do you think you are?” 

I didn’t want to come in the first place” 

Rachel flashed Jeff a faint smile

But since you’re using Longmen’s men to do your bidding” 

I’d let down the head of Law Enforcement if I didn’t appear!” 

The head of Law Enforcement?” 

Jeff laughed

I don’t know who that person is, but you did remind me of something!” 

There’s something that I forgot about.” 

I’m sure it’ll have some use right now!” 

Jeff took out a badge from his pocket, and slammed it on the table

The words Longmen’s Law Enforcementwere etched on the shiny golden badge

You see that? Do you?!” 

Jeff burst out laughing maniacally

This is the Law Enforcement Badge! The holder of the badge has the same authority as the head of Law Enforcement!” 

I order you people to kill Harvey right now!” 

Jeff was filled with absolute confidence

Clearly, he already knew Harvey was planning to get Rachel to support him

That was why he kept this trump card until the most crucial moment.

According to Longmen’s Law Enforcement’s principles, they would have no choice but to obey the badge itself, no matter right or wrong

Yet, not only Rachel did not do anything, but she had a mocking expression when she saw the badge

Her subordinates behind her were showing the same look as well

What’s this? Are you all trying to revolt?” 

Did you forget your own rules?” 

Kill Harvey! Do you understand me?!” 

I’ll report this to the elders if you don’t! I’ll make sure that you all get punished for this!Harvey smiled

Enough nonsense, Young Master Bauer.” 

No amount of screaming will make these people budge.” 

It doesn’t matter if your badge is real or not!” 

Compared to an inanimate object like that, it’d be better if they listened to their head, right?” 

What do you mean by that?” 

Jeff chuckled coldly once more.

Well, where’s the head? I don’t even see him!” 

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  1. Where’s the Head?
    Right in front of your damn stupid eyes, you are totally blind, jeff…
    So much fun to read, thank you for the upgraded plot in this story… Good luck god bless you

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