Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 3645

Chapter 3645 

Die! Die! Die!” 

Arya Johnson was screaming relentlessly as her movements were getting faster

The sword in her hand was slashing from different angles. She really wanted to rip Harvey York to pieces

Harvey showed a calm look when he evaded Arya’s attacks with ease

The experts from the Bauer family were utterly shocked

After all, everyone knew just how powerful Arya was… 

But even she was not able to lay a scratch on Harvey

Jeff Bauer, who seemed confident the entire time, showed a horrible expression when he saw the sight

He already thought highly of Harvey. He had used almost all of his resources just for this 


There would be a lot of trouble if Harvey managed to leave this place alive

While Jeff was frowning, Arya’s body turned into an afterimage when the gleam of her blade completely surrounded Harvey


Right when everyone thought that Arya was about to win, a resounding slap could be heard

The dazzling gleam was gone. Even the afterimages also disappeared

Arya let out a grunt when her body was sent flying like a kite with a broken string

Blood spurted right out of her mouth as she slammed onto the ground

She’s already done for?!‘ 

The allpowerful senior of the Longmen Warband defeated just like that?!” 

The experts were shocked

The beautiful mistresses were filled with disbelief

Even Elanor could not believe the display before her

It was her first time seeing such a powerful man in Flutwell

Looks like your subordinates are no good, Young Master Bauer

Harvey dusted his hands before wiping them with some tissue

You won’t be able to do anything to me if this is all you can do.” 

What did you say?!” 

Jeff was looking wretched when he saw Harvey slap Arya away with ease

Typically speaking, ordinary young people would not have such skills

Even in a place like Flutwell, the younger generation of the Golden Palace would not be able to get someone as impressive as Harvey

People this strong would need decades of training! 

Even if this b*stard trained from his mother’s womb, he shouldn’t be this strong!’ 

Jealousy and rage were shown in Jeff’s eyes

He believed that he would have been sitting on the throne by then if he had acquired Harvey’s skills

He decided he could not allow someone from the younger generation to be more impressive than him, no matter what

Clap clap clap

Sounds of footsteps could be heard from all over the place as Jeff lightly clapped his hands

Another hundred people swarmed the Eclipse Building before they were fiercely closing in on Harvey

These people were all dead set on killing Harvey. Even though the sight in front of them was extremely terrifying, they would not hesitate to charge forward if Jeff gave the order. After all, in those people’s eyes, constantly going against Jeff’s orders was already considered a cardinal sin

Harvey frowned after seeing the people’s looks. He did not expect that Jeff would bring so many reckless people just to deal with him

Elanor tensed up when she saw the sight. She knew that she would end up horribly if Harvey were to die at that moment

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