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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 3644

Chapter 3644 


Harvey York calmly swung the back of his palm across the expert’s face in front of him

The expert felt a sharp pain before he blacked out as he was sent flying

The expert crashed into the crowd, simultaneously knocking out a few others

Then, Harvey casually slammed his hand on the table. A few plates immediately shattered into pieces before flying everywhere


Screams of pain could be heard, but it was not enough to stop the experts

Whenever someone would fall, others would replace them. Those people were fearless. They were like moths to the flame, swarming Harvey relentlessly

Harvey still remained as calm as a cat. Sometimes, he would throw more utensils. Other times, he would just slap the experts in the face

The mistresses who were hiding in the dark to watch the show could not believe what they 

were seeing

It was their first time seeing someone this calm while going against this many experts

Elanor Stanton, backed up to the door with a horrified look, could not help but cover her mouth, worried that her heart would suddenly jump out

I’ll handle this, Young Master Bauer.” 

When almost a hundred experts were taken down easily, Arya Johnson slowly unsheathed her sword before stepping forward

Careful. Sir York is a tough one,said Jeff Bauer calmly

Even though he said that, he was clearly confident with Arya’s strength

After all, she was the senior of the Longmen Warband

Who else could take down Harvey if not her


Arya wasted no time pouncing toward Harvey at lightning speed with their hands on her sword

The glint of her blade was dazzling

Arya had no intention of holding back

In her eyes, anyone who disrespected Jeff should be cut into pieces

This b*stard should’ve died yesterday. It’s already a blessing for him to live another day.‘ 

Harvey flicked his fingers with a curious look on his face


Harvey’s finger came in contact with the tip of Arya’s blade

A horrible shriek echoed throughout the place. All the experts surrounding Harvey were covering their ears in pain

Arya’s body shuddered before she took a few steps back

She had no intention of giving up though. She instantly suppressed the rage boiling in her body before she fought with all her might while gritting her teeth

Clang clang clang

Arya was pretty strong. Her agility and decisive strikes were not to be underestimated… 

But in Harvey’s eyes, she was still moving too slow

Whenever she thought she landed the killing blow, Harvey would either easily avoid the attacks or simply flick them away

Crisp noises and afterimages blended together, dazzling the people around them. At that moment, everyone thought they were actually watching a Hollywood movie

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