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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 3643

Chapter 3643 

We did pretty well together when we collaborated a few times.” 

As long as you give me back my properties and apologize, I’ll at least consider forgiving you, right?” 

Harvey York showed a bitter expression on his face

Why would you bother making a mess out of the whole thing

I gave a thought about your suggestion.” 

Jeff Bauer looked as if he wanted to have a hearttoheart talk with Harvey

It’s a shame that you forgot something… 

I’m also in a tough spot too

Even though I’m the top young master of the Bauer family, even though I’m supported by half of Longmen’s higherups… 

You forget that Grandma Bauer despises me

All she ever wanted is for Harold Bauer to rise to power

Under these circumstances, I can’t just let someone else have the properties of Flutwell’s business alliance now, can I

I’ll be ruining my future by doing this! Grandma Bauer will have an excuse to take me out

People like me are destined to rise! If I lose that chance, I might as well just die

After thinking about the situation, I decided to use your life instead

Don’t worry. When you’re dead, I’ll make sure to find you a good burial spot! You’ll be happy when you get to the afterlife!” 

Jeff showed a tender expression on his face, as if he was talking to his dear friend… 

But the murderous intent in his tone was seeping throughout the place

Harvey heaved a sigh

You’re too kind. Tell me, will you visit my grave next year too?” 

Of course. I’ll even offer you my prayers so you can be on your way without any worry.” 

Harvey nodded with a smile on his face

I understand

Let me ask you something else. What are you planning to do with CEO Stanton here?” 

Jeff curiously looked at Elanor Stanton, whose face had utterly lost all color, with a smile

Since she likes you that much, then I’ll just bury her with 


I’ll make sure she rests right under your coffin

She’ll take care of you for me in the afterlife

We’re good friends, after all.” 

Jeff gulped down his exquisite wine

Then, he threw the wine glass to the ground, shattering it to pieces

This was his signal


A few experts close to Harvey pulled out their axes and charged right toward him

Harvey merely smiled

That’s pretty rude… 

“I’m still eating here.” 

Harvey casually threw his utensils forward in an instant

Swoosh swoosh swoosh

The experts were all completely shocked when they saw the sight. All of them were sent flying before their hands were nailed to the ground with more utensils. Blood splattered all over the place at this moment

Good move

Jeff clapped his hands

Are you people underestimating Sir York or something?! 

Go together

Kill him already!” 

Panels around the place were all kicked down instantly

Dozens of people came forward. Close to a hundred experts were simultaneously charging right toward Harvey

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