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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 3642

Chapter 3642 

Jeff Bauer’s calm words were jaw-dropping. 

Elanor Stanton, who was standing right beside Harvey York, had her face devoid of all color. 

At that moment, she understood that Jeff had no intention of negotiating with Harvey… 

Rather, he was prepared to frame Harvey and take him out. 

Clearly, he was getting desperate. 

At the same time, dozens of experts from the Bauer family showed up from both sides of the hall. 

Those people showed cold glares with their face masks and axes on their backs. 

Naturally, they would not hesitate to turn Harvey into minced meat if Jeff wanted them to. 

The senior of the Longmen Warband, Arya Johnson, was wearing a white robe while sitting in a corner. 

She glared at Harvey emotionlessly, as if she was looking at a dead man. 

A fight could break out at any time. 

Blood would spill all over the place at any minute. 

“I’ve experienced many things, Young Master Bauer. I knew you were planning to do something like this tonight… 

“That said, you’re a lot dumber than I thought. 

“You want to frame me by killing your mistress, who had a conflict with me? 

“Who even thought of this idea in the first place? 

“At this point, you should just kill her quickly. You might just get screwed without knowing what happened if she miraculously survives this.” 

Harvey calmly sat in front of the table before he wiped the blood off his hands with a napkin. 

The people around him were showing cold glares. 

Under such circumstances, someone as calm as Harvey would either be fearless or prepared. 

Jeff showed a profound look on his face. 

He thought he would be able to scare Harvey with such an arrangement, but he was calm and collected as usual. 

“I must admit, Sir York, you are pretty capable. 

Jeff cracked a faint smile. 

“I should really give you a toast for being this calm right now! 

“How about this? Eat and drink whatever you like here! I’ll order more for you if you don’t have enough! 

“After all, you won’t get another chance to have these.” 

“So, you’re dead set on killing me? 

Harvey casually picked up his utensils and ate a piece of bamboo shoot. 

“You better think before you act, Young Master Bauer. 

“It does look like you have a just cause for framing me… 

“But, are you that sure I won’t get out of this situation? 


you already forget what happened at the Charity Garden already?” 

Jeff let out a cold chuckle. 

“Of course not. 

“That’s why I prepared three hundred experts just for you! 

“These are all elites of the Bauer family! Not only are they competent, but they’re also loyal to the family! 

“I believe that they can at least tire you out with all their might, even if they don’t manage to kill you! 

“After all, you’re just a man, not a machine.” 

“You overestimate me! 

Harvey heaved a sigh before calmly looking at a few high-ground spots on the Eclipse Building. 

People with crossbows and sniper rifles were deployed all over the place. It was truly a terrifying sight. 

“But I don’t understand something. You should know just how hard I am to deal with. Then, why are you still persistently coming at me?” # 

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