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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 3641

Chapter 3641 

At seven o’clock in the evening, Harvey York was sitting inside Elanor Stanton’s car and entered the Bauer family’s manor without a hitch. 

Harvey glanced around him as he got out of the car. 

The manor was located on the outskirts of Flutwell. The buildings were fascinating, and the scenery was breathtaking. The Holy Lake was also quite close to the place. 

Legends said Jeff Bauer would always take baths in the Holy Lake as part of his training. 

“Young Master Bauer and Mrs. Lopez are waiting for you, Sir York.” 

A few guards respectfully ushered Harvey into the buildings when Elanor disclosed who he 


“Sir York, Young Master held the banquet ahead of time to show you an apology and also to give you an explanation,” whispered Elanor while walking beside Harvey. 

“He said that Joseph Bauer was the one who tricked him into taking the properties of Flutwell’s business alliance. 

“I do hope that you’ll pay him some respect. Please lighten up when you talk to him later. 

“After all, he already told me to transfer every single property under 

Harvey calmly smiled. 

“If I didn’t respect him, I wouldn’t be here right this moment. 

your name.” 

“Of course, I’ll have to hear Young Master Bauer’s explanation to see if all this was just a big misunderstanding. 

Elanor showed a beautiful smile. 

“I understand. This way, Sir York. We’ll be heading to the Eclipse Building.” 

Harvey nodded before he followed suit. 

When the two came to the top of the building, nobody was there. 

Elanor pushed the door open with a confused look on her face, but she was unable to put much force onto it. 

Harvey went up to help her push the door open. 


A slender and beautiful woman fell right toward Harvey when the door was almost open. 

The smell of blood seeped out…… 

Harvey instinctively held the woman before he saw a knife stuck inside her chest. 

The woman was gorgeous. Her makeup was exquisite, but an expression of disbelief could also be seen on her face. The woman was already dead at this point. 

Judging from the warm blood that stained Harvey’s clothes, the woman died less than three minutes ago. 

And from the look on her face, the woman was none other than Audrey Lopez. 


Elanor screamed in fear. Panic was showing all over her face. She was clearly shocked by the sight. 

One of Jeff’s mistresses died in the Bauer family’s manor! 

No matter how anyone looked at it, this was a huge deal! 

“Tch! I must admit, Sir York, you really are a brave man!” 

The lights of the Eclipse Building instantly lit up. 

A round table with two seats could be seen right before Harvey. 

Jeff was cutting his steak at the moment. 

The seat that was reserved for Harvey seemed a little messed up. At the same time, there was no knife on his side of the table. It was most likely stuck right in Audrey’s heart. 

Jeff raised his head while he lightly chewed on his marbled streak. He squinted at Harvey with a surprised look on his face. 

“I sincerely invited you here to a meal. 

“Even the ingredients were shipped here all the way from the Island Nations. 

“Why would you kill my mistress right in front of my face?! 

“Even if she offended you because of Flutwell’s business alliance’s properties… 

“You can’t just kill her like that! 

“This is illegal!” 

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