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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 3640

Chapter 3640 

“Enough with your stupid ideas, Audrey Lopez!” Elanor Stanton exclaimed while frowning. 

“Don’t you know that Harvey York’s also an expert martial artist?! Using brute force against him won’t work! 

“How did you think he managed to deal with Frankie Garcia and disrespect Clyde Osborne in a place like Flutwell?! 

“Ordinary people would’ve died a thousand times over doing this!” 

“Then, what else are we supposed to do?!” exclaimed Audrey. 

“Young Master Bauer will become a joke if we keep letting Harvey run free! 

“When that happens, it’d be good enough if the family’s elders don’t start calling him out, let alone him rising to power!” 

“Harvey only did this because Young Master crossed the line,” Elanor replied with a bitter look after taking a deep breath. 

“Young Master Bauer, Harvey will always treat others how they treat him.” 

“At this point, I do hope you put enough thought into the properties of Flutwell’s business alliance! 

“Those are really good properties to have… 

“But, are they worth going against Harvey to the bitter end? 

“In the end, Harold would be the one reaping the spoils if this continues. 

“He’d be the one who’d win the war. 

“We should be focusing on the important matters here, Young Master Bauer!” 


Jeff immediately slapped Elanor in the face. 

“Are you teaching me how to do things right now, woman?!” exclaimed Jeff with a cold expression. 

“Do you think Harvey can make me kneel with something like this?! 


“Even if I can endure this embarrassment, the Bauer family will surely not!” 

“Young Master Bauer! Joseph Bauer treated you the same way before, but he…” replied Elanor while covering her face. 

“Young Master Bauer, someone sent over a USB flash drive. 

“You’re asked to open the box.” 

A subordinate quickly trotted over. 

Still boiling with anger, Jeff swiftly opened the box when his heart skipped a beat. 

“Charity Garden” was labeled on the USB drive. 

Jeff’s expression instantly darkened. 

He knew exactly what was inside the USB drive without even opening it. It was probably the entire process of him being slapped around during the charity event. 

If this were to be released to the public, Jeff would not have the face to stay in Flutwell! 

At this very moment, resentment, fear, anger, and other emotions surfaced simultaneously. 

Jeff managed to regain his composure by taking a deep breath. 

He waved his hand to quiet the people around him. 

“Looks like I was being reckless this time! 

“Audrey! Return every single property of Flutwell’s business alliance to Sir York! 

“Inform them to take over tomorrow. 

“Elanor, we’ll be holding the banquet tonight. 

“I’ll apologize to Sir York myself! 

“Tell him I’ll see him as my friend for the rest of my life! 

“I can guarantee that this won’t happen the second time!” 

The crowd looked at each other after seeing Jeff instantly change his attitude. 

Nobody dared to say anything about it, though. All of them left quickly to execute Jeff’s 


Elanor called Harvey right in front of Jeff. After ensuring that Harvey would attend the evening banquet, Jeff’s gaze became fiercer by the second… 

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