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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 3639

Chapter 3639 

“Every big media in Flutwell is saying that the young masters of the Bauer family 

completely hate each other because of their battle for the throne! 

“Joseph Bauer, who had malicious intents toward the public, was actually backed by Jeff Bauer himself! 

“Harold Bauer is probably the kindest one out of the three young masters! 

“To avoid compensation, Joseph transferred every single one of his properties under Jeff’s name! 

“Joseph disappearing with his money without a trace also seems to be because of Jeff!” 

After returning to the family’s manor, Jeff was boiling with anger after looking at the headlines. 

‘This is shameless!” 

‘This is despicable!’ 

Not only was Jeff being forced into a corner, but the things that should have been made public were also exposed all at once! 

All of the rage directed at Joseph also converged toward Jeff. 

Jeff taking over all of Joseph’s properties was all fact. 

Many news platforms were also leaking documents signed by the two! 

Simply put, the people who hated Joseph were also targeting Jeff! 

The only reason Jeff was not surrounded by angry mobs at this moment was that Harvey York did not want to yet. 

There was no way for Jeff to talk his way out of the situation. After all, Jeff taking over all of Joseph’s properties was the truth. 

Nobody would believe whatever Jeff would say in front of solid proof. 

He would turn into the second Joseph if he were not careful. 

Not only would he have a status on par with a street rat, but people would also beat him up for the rest of his life. 

“Harvey, that b*stard! Isn’t he fighting Harold right now?! 

“Why is he spending his time on me?! 

“I might just get Harold on my side to deal with him! How is he not afraid of that?!” 

Jeff gritted his teeth in anger. He wanted to slap Harvey in the face so badly. 

His trusted subordinates would not dare say a single word. 

Audrey Lopez coldly scoffed before she exclaimed, “Yeah! How dare that b*stard 

disrespect you like this?! Does he have a death wish or something? 

“All you did was take some of his property! He’s such a selfish b*stard, already trying to take revenge like this! 

“And he calls himself a man?! 

“Let’s call the cops, Young Master Bauer! We’ll sue that b*stard for slander and make him pay for tarnishing our reputation! 

“We’ll also send some people to tear down those news stations after that! 

“Surely this kind of thing wouldn’t affect us! 

“Everyone will forget about this after a few days!” 

Jeff hesitated for a moment. Audrey’s quick and decisive plan would definitely be of some 


“You can’t, Young Master Bauer!” 

Elanor Stanton stepped up with an anxious look on her face. 

“Number one: let’s not even talk about the government’s involvement in the situation. Everyone will think you’re guilty if you actually sue Harvey right now! 

“Number two: forcing the media down will only cause a bigger uproar! 

“Those people crave chaos! If they manage to take pictures or record our people forcing them down, we’ll be finished! 

“Number three: Harvey köled Harold’s trusted subordinate, but they wouldn’t care about. such a small matter! 

“They might just turn their heads against you if they think it’s beneficial for them to do so! 

“You must think before you act, Young Master Bauer!” 

Audrey let out a cold chuckle. 

“If we can’t do any of this, we might as well just kill Harvey at this point, right?!” 

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