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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 3638

Chapter 3638 

Out of all seventy-two mistresses, not many women had hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets. 

Elanor Stanton was the one who had control of most of the assets, so she was usually excluded from the rest of the mistresses. 

If it were not for Jeff Bauer having such a big ego, the mistresses would have started ridiculing Elanor for cucking Jeff at this point. 

Elanor shuddered as soon as she realized what Audrey Lopez was actually doing. She instinctively shook her head when she said, “Don’t misunderstand me, Young Master Bauer. 

“I was just worried about you. 

“After all, that b*stard is extremely dangerous. If he gets angry because of this, there’ll be dire consequences…” 

Audrey coldly chuckled. 

“Get angry? What right does he even have? 

“Even if he did get angry, do you really think he can go against Young Master Bauer? 

“How ignorant and naive can you get?! You’re obviously being spiteful right now!” 

“Alright. That’s enough. There’s no need to argue about such a small matter.” 

Jeff’s eyes lit up before he waved his hand to stop Audrey from speaking. 

Then, he tenderly wrapped his arm around Elanor’s shoulders with a warm smile. 

“I do have to give you an explanation, Elanor. 

“After all, I know you put more effort into this than anyone else. 

“I didn’t ask you to buy those properties because of your previous loss against Harvey. 

“I thought that you’d be afraid of him. I thought you’d get sloppy if you got overly cautious. 

“That was why I asked Audrey to take over instead. After all, she’s a talented woman. 

“Of course, I’ll compensate you. 

“Surely you know of the Hearthstone Corporation, right? It belonged to the Bauer family… 

“I’ll reclaim it soon enough. It’ll be yours to control after that. 

“You also don’t have to worry about Harvey… 

“Even if he’s God, he wouldn’t be able to get out of this situation alive. 

“I know him well enough. 

“He made quite a lot of money buying shorted stocks in the stock market… 

“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me taking advantage of the situation either. 

“If he’s planning to go against me because of this, then it can only mean that he’s just selfish. A shortsighted man at best. 

“I’ve been protecting him for so long! He wouldn’t just make me work for him for nothing, right? 

Jeff showed an expression as cold as ice. 

“Of course, if you think you’re having a hard time being the middleman… 

“Then, go tell Harvey something for me. 

“Tell him I don’t blame him for not coming to the banquet. 

“I’ll treat him again tomorrow night to show my sincere apology. 

“I’ll explain the situation to him myself. 

“After all, we’ll be working together again soon enough. There’s no need for us to go against each other for such a trivial matter.” 

Elanor let out a sigh after hearing Jeff’s words. 

“I’m relieved,” she said with a slightly less tense look on her face. 

“I’ll contact Sir York now. I’ll try to get him to understand.” 


Jeff smirked after hearing that word. 


Right at this moment, Audrey’s phone suddenly rang. 

Her expression instantly changed after she took the call. 

“This is bad, Young Master Bauer! 

“This is really bad!” 4 

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