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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 3637

Chapter 3637 

Right as the group of people were happily chatting… 

A battery-powered four-wheel-drive drove over before stopping near Jeff Bauer and the others. 

Elanor Stanton, who had exquisite makeup on along with her sportswear and sunhat, walked out of the car. 

Her looks were extremely mesmerizing. Even Jeff, who was familiar with every single part of her body, could not help but be fascinated after seeing her sight. 

Audrey Lopez instantly squinted as soon as she saw her rival show up. 

“Young Master Bauer didn’t even ask you to come today, Elanor. What do you want? 

“Don’t his words matter to you now?” 

Jeff showed a warm smile as he waved his hand. 

“You’re sisters, Audrey. You need to play nice with each other. There’s no need to get jealous.” 

Naturally, Jeff quite enjoyed his women fighting over him. After all, his charm and status would only be shown because of this. 

Audrey coldly scoffed with a disdainful look. 

Elanor completely ignored Audrey and hastily walked toward Jeff. 

“You’re crossing the line, Young Master Bauer! 

“Harvey’s our ally! 

“We only managed to take out Flutwell’s business alliance because of him! 

“It’s only right for him to buy the properties! 

“Instead, we rob him of his spoils and everything else he fought for! 

“This isn’t right, no matter how we look at it! 

“Please think this through, Young Master Bauer!” 

After looking at Elanor’s serious expression, Audrey let out a cold chuckle before Jeff 

could even say anything. 

“Are you insane, Elanor?! 

“What’s with all this nonsense?! 

“What do you mean we robbed him of his spoils?! 

“Number one: if it wasn’t for Young Master Bauer’s protection, how could Harvey even go against Joseph in the first place? 

“Number two: Young Master Bauer was helping behind the scenes in Flutwell’s new district and the chain Budokan incident! How else did you think Harvey managed to get through. that easily? 

“Number three: Young Master Bauer also spent tons of money to help with the stock market! This alone played a vital role in taking out Joseph! 

“It’s even safe to say that Young Master Bauer was the one who did everything! 

“Harvey was only doing as he was told at most! 

“It’s only natural that Young Master Bauer reaps the benefits if Harvey does, right? 

“Besides, Flutwell’s business alliance properties belong to the Bauer family in the first place! 

“Joseph was Young Master Bauer’s enemy, but he can’t just watch as the family’s properties fall into someone else’s hands! 

“Joseph owed Young Master Bauer in the first place! 

“What does any of this have to do with Harvey?!” 

Audrey coldly glared at Elanor. She was speaking on behalf of Jeff’s lofty thoughts deep in 

his heart. 

“He’s just an outsider! He earned quite a lot of benefits in this battle already! 

“What else does he want?! 

“Doesn’t he understand that reaping all of the spoils wouldn’t do him any good?! 

“I think you’re getting a little too close to Harvey as of late, Elanor. You must’ve forgotten. who’s your true master at this point. 

“Not only aren’t you defending Young Master Bauer’s rights, but you’re also siding with a savage like Harvey? 

“Are you dumb or something?” 

Audrey instantly went for the people’s hearts, hinting that Elanor had a relationship with Harvey. 

The other women were glaring at Elanor with hostility after hearing her argument. 

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